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“Castration World” by ADMIN

The whole world’s gone castration crazy!

Castration had become so openly accepted, so prevalent and commonplace that the power dynamics between the sexes was greatly reversed.

Due to clothing and behavioral differences, the difference between an intact male and a castrated one was glaringly obvious, making an intact male feel exposed and vulnerable, an object of pursuit by predatory females, each wishing to be the one that would get to castrate him.

All women were suspect. Femme fatales, mousy girls, motherly older ones. You could never be sure if a female was being nice to you because they really felt friendly or because they had an ulterior motive.

Inexpensive DIY castration kits became available in department stores, drugstores and supermarkets. Many tattoo and piercing parlors also offered castration services. Many strip clubs, night clubs and singles bars offered a quickie-castration room in the back.

Many one-night-stand dates often ended with a trusting male losing his testicles to a cunning young lady.

Simple, routine medical and dental appointments ofen ended with the patient being castrated.

While most males were shy and apprehensive some men loved the attention and flaunted their intact status and teased predatory women with the possibility of their submitting to ‘the snip’. These were called ‘Super Studs’. They also loved to play hard-to-get. They really made the women work hard to get what they wanted. A woman was always proudest when she had managed to bag a trophy from a prominent Super Stud.

Women used many cunning tricks.

Female-led governments institute systematic castrations as a form of ‘social hygiene’.

Castration themed jewelry and accessories became popular. Many women flaunted scrotum change purses. ‘Trophy’ necklaces showing one faux testicle per male castrated by the wearer were popular.

Special clinic/dungeon clubs for castration fetishists and their female partners sprang up. “C’mon, honey, let me take you to the club.”

Sex workers and brothels add castration as a standard service.

Tacky (from intact) and Keeper became slang for the intact.

Bachelorette parties hire intact male strippers that they can castrate at the end of the evening.

Best selling porn DVD features a male spying on amazons castrating adult pigs who is then caught and castrated too.

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Vasectomy is mini castration surgery.
95% of males doing it to control birth. It is natural that the female has the right to control her hubby’s genitals. Thats the true love.

I agree, my Wife wanted my testicles removed and so we arranged the operation at a private clinic, she was allowed to watch and allowed to make the “final cut” when they came off, she held them up to show me and now keeps them preserved in a jar.

There is a new type of castration methods using hot water applied to scrotum. It is effective, reversible and safe.
An alternative male contraceptive method involves heating the testicles so that they cannot produce sperm. Sperm are best produced at a temperature slightly below body temperature. The muscles around a male’s scrotum involuntarily tighten if the man’s body temperature drops, and they loosen, allowing the testes to hang, if the body temperature rises. This is the body’s way of keeping the sperm at an ideal temperature. This means that sperm production can be disrupted with increased temperature. Some suggest exposure to high temperatures (116 °F equal to 47 °C) can affect infertility for months.

Male thermal contraceptive methods (MTC) derive their effectiveness from the alteration of the thermoregulatory function of the scrotum. When this function is altered – by wearing tight underwear, being exposed to a high outside temperature, or by suffering from a fever –, fertility may be impaired.

Methods used include hot water applied to the scrotum, heat generated by ultrasound, and artificial cryptorchidism (holding the testicles inside the abdomen) using specialized briefs. One of the initial experiments resulted in partial infertility lasting more than four years. Initial experiments suggest it is effective and safe, though there have not been long-term studies to determine if it has any side effects on the body after reversal.

With so many castrations going on, there will be a growth in Empty Sack clubs. There they only let in women and men who have an empty sack, after proper checking.

Please admin post this:;:
For any female interested in castrating a male, talk to
Sissy male
On “blah blah blah”

Hello all,
i spent so many years before finding your happy blog! I hope my balls will now quickly join all old books on my wife bedroom shelves. She has already castrated me in mind for a long time. I suffer from desiring her arousing shapes. Such physical soft cut will offert her a so sweet présent. In your mind, would she apreciate my gift?

Please tell me about the three Castrations you performed or have seen….
I’m being advised by my Mistress (HotWife) on getting such information, on where I could go to get it done? [ contact info deleted ], thanks

Naughty, naughty. This is not a meet-up site. Also, if you want an orchiectomy you need to go through legitimate medical channels. Please consult your GP and get a referral. You will have to prove that you need it for trans reasons, not to satisfy a kinky D/S fetish.

Castrated at a party while wearing a pink satin locking sissy maid dress. Please somebody make a movie of it. Take a voice vote, once the majority says castrate it’s out of my hands, the elastrator is used.

I just saw your comment. A story would be fun. I would love to join a woman even on line and write it. I would even go with pics

Like the story of Mrs. Emily and the castration of her husband by Dr. Beth and Nurse Julie.
The story of castration of men by women.
The story of the castration of the husband by the doctor with the details of the procedure
The story of castrating young women
The story of castrating a young man at a ladies’ party

If possible, post more stories about castration.
Of course, the sexier and more sensual and insect-inducing it is, the better.
I like that while reading stories, my loose and hanging testicles become hot and swollen and I am forced to masturbate.
thank you

If possible, create conditions so that we can upload the photo of our penis and testicles in that part. I love the fantasy of being castrated.

This an inappropriate comment. This site is not presented to help people meet up for any activity whatsoever.
If you continue to post these comments you will be banned.

hi paul this is faith kilcollins if that is what you want me to do to you i will be more than happy to see that 4 elastic bands are put on you. then ill have the chance of making a girl out of you to be just like me.

This is retarded. If you want to write a fantasy and submit it for posting then do so. Don’t clutter up the comments with this silliness.
If you make another comment like this you will be banned.

I concur that a woman can “own” my balls. But not rip them off of me!!! Holy crap, that would be the ultimate end!!! How many willing women did it take to hold you down? Thank God I can run! “FAST”!!!!

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