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Clinical orchiectomy video – REPOST

I am sooooo sorry I screwed up on posting this. I apologize to everyone that went to that stupid “No Crying at the Dinner Table” video.

Here it is again and it’s the correct one this time.

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Actually, there is a fantasy story about this video i like to share. (I am the one who sent this video and i am the one who requesting openeing animal castration category)

Once upon a time, in males prison, there was a convicted male who cant control himself and doing alot of masturbation. The cameras of the prison was recording him repeatedly and this causes a great embarrassment to the prison’s manager because alot of health faculties visit the prison for a routine check and see the recordings. The prison director decided to put an end for this prisoner acts so he consulted the prison’s clinic doctor. She was a beautiful sexy doctor but she focus in her work treating the prisoners and give them medical treatment. She had a staff of three female nurses. The prison director explained to the doctor the situation and showed her the recordings asking her to put an end to this situation. The doctor met her staff and decided to do a chemical castration with CaCl2 injections so the outside appearance of the prisoner’s genitals would stay the same but his balls will be disabled. This procedure is safe in case of any external committees decided to check the prisoners so no body will know and this surgery was highly classified.
They decided to do the surgery at 12:00 a.m. so all the prisoners are sleep and no one will pay attention. At 12:00 a.m., the guards went to the prisoner’s cabinet and tricked him to go with them to let him free. Unfortunately, the fact was they are deceiving him to drag him silently to the doctor’s office. At the mean time, the doctor and her staff were preparing the castration chair and the aesthetic injections and the CaCl2 injections.
All injections were prepared and the doctor put them in her white clothes pockets.
The prisoner agreed to go with guards but the guards ask him to cover his face with a black mask so no one can recognise him in case of anybody see them. The prisoner agreedand the guards handcuff him and quickly and silently drag him to the doctor’s clinic.
The prisoner cant see anything but he heard a sexy voice of the doctor asking the guards to put him in the table and tie him well.
What?? What table?? What is this voice?? What is happening? (The prisoner asking and shaking), the nurses helped the guards to strap the prisoner on the table. One nurse spreading the prisoner legs widely while the other tried to clam him with her soft voice. She whispered in his ears (sssshhhhhhhhh darling, we will do a simple procedure and you need to be calm. This is for your best).
The other nurse get a scissor and began to cut the prisoner’s clothes between his legs.
The doctor asked the guards to exit the room while they are doing their job. She asked them to wait outside and she will call them once she finishes with the prisoner.
The prisoner tried to yell but the nurse silenced him with a plastic ball in his mouth and strapped his head well with the castration table. The other two nurses strapped his legs well to the castration table metal stands so he cant move anymore.
The doctor began to wear her gloves after the guards are out and she felt hot because this is the first time doing this surgery.
The prisoner was stubborn and starts shaking trying to free himself but the nurse with her nice voice says (if you keep doing this, you will suffer from a great pain. Try to be cool. We will done in a few minutes).
The prisoner again was stubborn and peed over the table to prevent them from doing anything. The nurses were calm because they feel petty for this prisoner. They cleaned the area and started to clean the prisoner’s genitals with a surgical spirit. The nurse with sexy voice whispered to him ((shhh shhh shhh, the doctor came. You will feel great after this ten minutes. Just relax))
She touched his face with her soft hand. The prisoner calms down feeling the hands of the nurse. At the meantime, the other nurse fixed the prisoner’s penis to his belly with a tape and the testicles appeared to the doctor.
The doctor fixed the light to the area and began to touch the testicles looking for the scrotum to inject it with aesthetic injections. She injects the first testicle’s scrotum with the aesthetic and whispered to the patient ( ashhh asshh nothing to be afraid of). They were angels not doctors.
She completed the aesthetic stage by injecting the second testicle scrotum.
The doctor asked the prisoner to let her know if he feels his balls after ten minutes.
She said we will wait ten minutes…try to will feel much better and happier after this.
The prisoner tells them please i cant feel them.
The doctor says assshhh, let us see.
She checked the testicle and grabbed one of them trying to find the place for the injection. She asked the prisoner not to move because this is a very accurate stage of the procedure.
She slowly injects the testicle while the nurses watching and smiling. She moved to the second testicle and do the same thing.
Now we finished tuff guy, the doctor whispered to him. Relax for 15 minutes before i call the guards.
The prisoner says why you did this?? Why??
The doctor reponds for your best. You have to control yourself. You embarrass yourself and us.
The nurses began to untie the prisoner and dress him while the doctor called the guards (we done with him).
The prisoner keeped the surgery secret and didnt talk to anyone because of the embarrassment.
The doctor and her team were happy that the surgery went well and decided to do it for every male that cant control himself.

I was castrated and my nurse/niece said I ejaculated several times as my female Dr. pulled my 1st testicle from my scrotum and sutured the cord just above the nut as She cut the cord I ejaculated. The Dr. said that this is sometimes the reaction to being castrated while the man is awake. I did volunteer to be castrated and liked the erotic feeling of being castrated.

I didn’t like the story so I’m not going to post it. I deleted the comment with the end portion of it as well.
You should go to the Eunuch Archive and post it there.

I read your recent post. What unfortunate! You fired me alot. So bye..this is my last comment here.

All the posts here are mine and see the counter of the readings…
Why you prevent me posting my own category here?????????
I am sharing the same interest and policy…let me post here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because you are an eunuch asshole son of a bitch stealing others ideas…wish u death son of abitch

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