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“Hospital Dream” by ADMIN

He is bewildered to find himself in the reception area of a small hospital.

The atmosphere is quiet and soft.

Warm, smiling female staff seem to know who he is and why he is there.

He feels nagging doubts and unease.

He lets them guide him down corridors and around corners.

Finally they stop at a small clinic with no markings or sign.

The female staff there act like they’ve been expecting him.

Three young women take him into a changing room.

They undress him with gentle caresses.

Once he is naked their caresses focus on his genitals until he is erect and dripping.

They put him in a hospital johnny.

His doubts and unease are still with him.

They take him through to a small operating room.

He becomes frightened.

They coax him up onto the table and his feet into the stirrups.

A sexy older female surgeon enters.

Just like the other staff she is very warm and friendly.

She tells him she’s going to do something that will be good for him and that he needs.

She goes to work between his legs.

After half an hour she straightens up and smiles broadly with a twinkle.

She passes a shiny silver bowl to an assistant. The assistant shows it to him. In it are two small, round, pinkish-white things. He doesn’t comprehend so she says, “They’re testicles!”

He sags back onto the table and faints.

When he awakens he’s in bed.

Relief washes over him that it was all just a dream.

He reaches down between his legs to check.


He rolls over and sobs quietly.

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It is every male’s dream to be castrated by his wife after having their kids…i really dream about such wife every second. Unfortunately, it is just dream. Unfortunately, we cant make it true because of our sick society tradition.

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