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Near nightfall on a lonely country road a traveling salesman pulls into a cozy-looking bed-and-breakfast that’s part of a larger farm. He’s had a tough week. His muscles are stiff from a long drive, he’s got a headache and he hasn’t gotten laid since forever.

As he’s coming up the walk to the front door he sees two sexy mature women putting up a sign advertising a big annual barbecue to be given the following day. He glances at the photo of a large platter of barbecued meat before he goes up the front stairs.

The ladies join him at the reception desk inside. He finds out they run the farm and the bed-and-breakfast. He thinks to himself, “Too bad those old traveling salesman stories are hooey ’cause I’d sure like to get it on with these two honeys!”

As he’s checking in, the ladies tell him they love traveling salesmen and they get quite a few at their little bed-and-breakfast.

The next morning after a restful night he chats with the ladies while checking out. They mention that they’re going to be harvesting male eggs. They invite him to help out.

He’s intrigued but he’s also anxious to get in his car and get going. “How many eggs?” he asks with a little frown.

“Just a couple,” one of them says with a sly wink to the other. “It won’t take long.” They give him sly looks and warm smiles and he blushes and starts to get a hard on.

He follows them out to the barn.

They grin when they notice his hard on and tell him they always milk the bull before they harvest the eggs. “We use the bull milk for a special barbecue sauce. With brown sugar and spices it’s quite tasty.

He looks around the barn and doesn’t see any bulls so he’s a little mystified.

“You’re the bull!,” they laugh. Then they ask him to take his pants and underpants off and get down into a livestock restraining frame.

He’s stunned at first when he realizes what they’re asking but then he exclaims, “Hot damn! This must be my lucky day!”

The two women silently looked at each other and smile. “You’re quite right,” says one of the ladies, “this is going to be a very special day for you.”

They strap him tightly into the frame and he gets a little worried because it’s rendered him totally immobile. His erection begins to droop a little. Somewhat shakily he asks them why this is necessary.

“Oh, don’t worry,” they tell him soothingly. “Big ‘bulls’ like you can get pretty excited during milking and we don’t want to spill a single drop.” Then they place a big flat pan underneath to catch the bull milk.

One of them caresses his bottom and stimulates his bottom hole while the other grasps his stiff member. Together, they milk him to a shuddering climax and he spurts a half pint of thick, creamy bull milk.

Totally spent he sags in his bonds. Suddenly, he feels a sharp pain near his scrotal sac. “Ouch!”

“Just a little prick,” one of them says.

Quite irritated, he says, “Well, cut it out and let me up!”

“Not just yet. Hold on a minute. We still have to harvest those eggs.”

He feels them working behind him. “Wait, wait… you, you don’t mean… you don’t…” he starts to panic. “Please, please, don’t, don’t do this to me!” he bleats like a frightened sheep.

They just laugh and tell him to relax, there’s nothing he can do about it. “Sorry, honey, we need them eggs for our barbecue. And you got a nice plump, juicy pair. Yours’ll be added to a big mess of ’em thawin’ out for tonight.”

They go ahead with harvesting his ‘eggs’. Then they turn him loose from the frame and tell him it’s time for him to go. They go in the house to work on preparations for the barbecue.

As he puts on his clothes and leaves the barn his face burns with shame and humiliation.

On the way to his car he looks more closely at the poster advertising the barbecue. In smaller print it says, “LADIES ONLY”. And now he realizes what the round objects are that are piled up on the platter in the photo.

A few women are arriving to help with the preparations. They look at him and smile. The manager ladies call out to him from the front door, “Y’all come back, now… when you grow a new pair!” Everyone laughs.

Hot tears of impotent anger sting his eyes as he drives away. “Those bitches! They had no right! It’s so unfair!”

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What a wonderful treat it is to find your tale here! For years, I have longed to have my severed testicles “appreciated” enough to be prepared for Ladies to enjoy, and this really was a joy to read. Twice! Thank you!

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