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“Delivery – Prequel” by ADMIN

Castration request form:

“My husband is:

* Lazy
* Disobedient
* Disagreeable
* A masturbator”

Emily Driver checked off the above four items and then smiled to herself as she checked the box that asked if she wanted to have her husband’s testicles preserved in a specimen jar.

A few weeks later at the clinic:

“Hi, I’m Emily Driver. I have a three o’clock appointment to have my husband castrated.”

“Yes, please have a seat,” replies the receptionist.

When her name is called she brings her husband up to the front desk. She says to him, “Now be good boy and do what the nice ladies tell you.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Jones, we’ll take good care of him”, says, Claire, the prep nurse with a smile.

She returns to her seat and waits anxiously for the expected delivery.

Prep nurse Claire:

“There’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed Mr. Driver. Lots of women bring their husbands in to be snipped. Don’t worry, Dr. Beth is very good at helping men become better husbands.”

He’s lying on the special-purpose castration table.

“I love shaving a man’s scrotum. Especially when it’s nice and plump like yours.”

As she’s shaving him she daydreams about the following:

Nurse Claire lies in bed and tells her husband about her job while caressing and squeezing his scrotum. She likes to shave a man’s scrotum and think about what’s going to be done to him. She tells her husband that someday he’ll be on her table with his legs spread so she can shave him.

She thinks, “It’s so cute and funny how men are worried and frightened about being snipped.”

Claire, returning to the present:

She leaves to tell the doctor the patient is now ready.

“He’s all ready, doctor. His scrotum is shaved. He’s got a nice plump one.”

Coming back in she says, “Now spread you legs nice and wide for the doctor so she can have full access.”

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