PressingSomeButtons suspended from Twitter

PSB is quite an unusual person in that she is an actual woman that is into femdom castration fantasies. She comes to it from a very strong lesbian perspective. It’s quite refreshing.

Her art has matured quite a bit over the years. My main quibbles are that the compositions tend to be too static and samey and she always depicts penectomies, which don’t appeal to me as I prefer testicle-only castration

She’s had a bit of back luck recently. The Admin gods at Twitter suspended her account. Typical humorless, prudish jerks. Here are her other online locations:

XNXX Forum

“Two Amazons caught another man intruding their territory. As per custom, every male who dares enter the holy Sapphic land must pay a heavy toll with their manhoods, as it forbidden for their kind to enter their realm.”

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