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“Howie Learns His Place” by ADMIN

Andrea: I’m tired of your disobedience and misbehavior, Howie. I think it’s time you got some real help with learning your place in our marriage. I have a good friend who is a doctor and she knows the perfect treatment for your kind of problems. I’ve already spoken to her and made an appointment.

Howie: What’s she going to do to me?

Andrea: Don’t worry about it. She’ll explain it when we get there.

Later, at the doctor’s office.

Dr. Laurie: I’m glad to meet you, Howie. I’ve heard a lot about you. Andrea tells me you’ve been having some behavior problems at home related to your wife’s leadership in your marriage. Don’t worry, after today you’ll find things a lot easier.

What I’m going to do today is a very simple procedure. We’ll have you in and out in a jiff. So, let’s get started. Howie, take off your pants and underpants and hop up onto my exam table. Andrea will sit next to you and hold your hand to comfort you will I’m working.

Howie begins to do as he’s told and then asks, “Uh, what, what is it,” he stammers, “what are you going…”

Dr. Laurie cuts him off, “It’s only a minor adjustment to your little sex glands. It’s similar to a vasectomy”. Then she gives his naked bottom a sharp but playful swat, “Come on, hop up onto the table!”

Once on the table, Dr. Laurie tells him to spread his legs nice and wide. Then she instructs her assistant, Maryann, to shave his private area to get him ready.

Dr. Laurie: “I do this procedure all the time. It’s my specialty and I love my work. It’s becoming quite common. More and more women are having it done these days. You’re the fourth one today.

Maryann finishes prepping Howie.

Dr. Laurie: I just love the sight of a pink, pouting scrotum! Ready for me to open it! Now, you’ll feel a little prick while I get you numbed up with an injection.

A few minutes later.

Dr. Laurie: OK, looks like you’re ready. I’m going to begin getting you opened up.

A few minutes later, Dr. Laurie asks Maryann for her surgical scissors and says, “Here’s the first little snip”, and then she hands something to Maryann. After a few minutes more she says, “OK, and here’s the second snip”, and then hands something to Maryann.

Dr. Laurie to Maryann: “Put those in a jar, his wife wants to keep them for display”.

Dr. Laurie to Howie: “OK, Howie, we’re all done. I’m just going to close you up with a few stitches and put some bandages on and you’ll be good to go. Also, I’ll be giving you some pain killer pills for when the anesthetic wears off.”

Howie, somewhat shaken: “What, what’s the name of the procedure, what do you call it?”

Dr. Laurie: “The medical term for it is orchiectomy but the more common word is castration. You are now castrated, Howie”.

Dr. Laurie to Andrea: “I think you’ll find that Howie will be much better behaved from now on. I’m sure that now he has really learned his place”.

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This should happen to more men. Domestic violence, cheating, will all be cured. Perhaps, start with Chemical Castration Injections, and if he does not lick her shoes from then on-wards, give him this treatment.

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