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“Good Little Piggy – version 2” by ADMIN

[Note: This is an alternate version of the “Good Little Piggy” story included in my eBook.]

Aunt Abigail gives young David a tour of her farm. She takes him in the barn and shows him her gelding stocks. He is fascinated and develops a big tent in the front of his shorts. Aunt Abigail notices and pretends to be shocked. Then she tells him since he is so interested maybe he’d like to try the stocks, to see how they’d fit, to see how they’d feel. “Why don’t you pull off your shorts and climb into the stocks?” She is smiling but David is scared and doesn’t move. He still has a raging hard-on. She becomes stern and orders him to take off his shorts. He pulls off his shorts and displays his hard-on sticking straight up and oozing.

“Just look at your penis, David!” she exclaims.

Then she orders him to get into the stocks. He gingerly climbs into the stocks. She circles around the stocks, strapping his arms and legs securely into them so he can’t move.

She tells him she didn’t have to adjust the stocks because she had another boy in the stocks just the week before. David stammers as he asks if she really did it to him. “Yes,” she says with smile, “I did”. She tells how the boy had been misbehaving and exposing himself to the girls in the area, brazenly masturbating right in front of them and ejaculating. He had been given warnings. He had been told what would happen if he didn’t stop. So, finally Aunt Abigail had to do what was needed to help him to become a good boy. David will meet him later on when they go into town.

David’s cock is still very stiff and dripping. Aunt Abigail asks him if he would like her to help him become a good boy too. She says he is in the perect position and she has all the tools right nearby. “Would you like that, David? Would you like me to do it to you?” He moans and writhes in his bonds. She reaches between his legs and caresses his ball sac and purrs. “C’mon, David, let me do it to you. You really want me to, don’t you? Your sac is so tight. It aches, doesn’t it? I know what it aches for. I know what it needs, what you need. You need me to relieve the tightness, the pressure, the aching. You need me to gently open that tight, aching sac and take what’s inside, those little glands, your manhood. I love doing it to boys. I’d love to do it to you. It’s so simple, so easy. Just say the word”.

Suddenly, David tenses, jerks and starts spurting. Aunt Abigail watches and laughs. After he finishes he sags in his bonds, exhausted. “What a naughty boy. Maybe I should geld you after all.”

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