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“Delivery” by ADMIN

Emily Driver sat anxiously in the clinic waiting room. Her husband, Bill, was in an examination room.

Bill was naked, lying on his back on an examination table, his heels were in stirrups amd his legs were raised up and splayed apart, leaving his genitals totally exposed and easily accessible.

Dr. Beth and her young assistant, Julie, were both naked as well except for their surgical booties and latex gloves. Dr. Beth was an attractive woman in her thirties with a nicely fleshy figure. Julie was a sweet, nubile teen. Julie stood to one side of Bill and Dr. Beth stood directly between his legs.

Julie was just finishing shaving Bill’s pubes while Dr. Beth watched approvingly. Bill’s penis was very erect and straining for attention.

After Julie finished the shaving, Dr. Beth instructed her to start milking him. “I like to milk my patients. I find it relaxes them and makes them more… receptive.” Julie’s fingers curled around Bill’s erection and started stroking. “Usually I milk patients myself but I wanted to give Julie some experience. I hope you don’t mind if she’s a little awkward since your erection is the first one she’s ever seen or touched.” Bill groaned with arousal and Dr. Beth chuckled.

“Your wife is in the waiting room, anxious for the outcome of this procedure so I’m going to go over it with you while you’re being milked.”

Dr. Beth bent forward and cupped Bill’s scrotum with one hand and began to caress it as she spoke. “After Julie finishes milking your semen I’m going to numb you up with some anesthetic. Then I’m going to gently open your scrotum, or manhood pouch as I like to call it, and remove your family jewels, your manhood.” She smiled warmly down on him.

This made Bill groan and shudder and start spurting thickly. He thrust his hips up, pushing his tight scrotum into Dr. Beth’s hand, moaning and gasping, “Oh yes, yes, oh oh, please, oh oh, yes, please!”

Dr. Beth and Julie laughed lightly as Bill continued his helpless orgasmic display.

After Bill finished spurting Dr. Beth picked up a hypo full of anesthetic. “After I take your manhood it will be placed in a small jar of preservative that Julie will go and deliver to your wife.” Bill whimpered and squirmed. A few minutes later it was all over and Dr. Beth started sewing Bill’s scrotum back up.

Julie came out into the waiting room with a big smile and handed the jar to Mrs. Driver. “Here are Bill’s testicles, Mrs. Driver. He’s all nice and castrated.” Emily smiled and thanked her.

Dr. Beth came out a few minutes later to talk to Mrs. Driver. “How is he?” asked Mrs. Driver.

“He’s doing fine, he’s resting quietly now,” said Dr. Beth. “It went very well. He was very cooperative and gave me complete access.” Mrs. Driver was very grateful and thanked her.

After Bill had rested he was able to put his clothes back on and come out to join his wife. She gave him a little kiss and led him out to their car.

As Mrs. Driver drove she glanced over at her husband sitting quietly beside her. She smiled to herself, thinking of the small jar in her purse and what it contained. She also thought of the small but important change that had been made to her husband down in between his legs. She looked forward to sharing her husband’s change of status with her friends.

One evening, a few weeks later, Mrs. Driver invited over a few of her closest girl friends. After they had had a couple drinks she told her husband to go and fetch the jar from their bedroom. He meekly obeyed. She told him to go around to each of her friends and show the jar to them.

The first one he showed it to was Millie. “What do you have there, Bill?” asked Millie coyly. “What are those two round things floating in that jar?”

“It’s, it’s, my, my manhood!” stammered Bill.

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Millie. “Your manhood? You mean you lost your manhood?”

“Um, oh, yes,” whimpered Bill while the ladies laughed.

“Oh my goodness!’ exclaimed Millie again.” I never met a man who lost his manhood. How did it happen?”

“Oh! Oh! Emily, Emily took me to, to a special lady doctor. Oh! Um, um oh!” Bill said, emotionally.

All the ladies were quietly listening. “And what did the lady doctor do, Bill?” asked Millie quietly.

“Oh! Oh! She, she, she castrated me!!” exclaimed Bill, almost on the verge of tears. The women laughed.

“You mean,” said Millie archly, “your wife took you to be fixed like a naughty little doggy??”

Bill just gasped and whined while the ladies laughed.

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On the bright side, he his retains a penis, a symbol of still being male, for his wife to fondle without him wanting sex, as nature progressively reduces its size to a one-inch nub over time.

Yes just like a dog ….. Cutting those useless balls prevents such simple minds from permanent masturbation and keeping the mind on tasks …… For sissies it should be mandatory or law enforced , so those beta faggots like me, are not able anymore to impregnating women ….. I would prefer my little cocklette tight caged into a nub chastity cage, after being castrated, so it will shrink into a little nothing …… I love such pics, cocklettes not bigger then 1/2 inch , sooooooo cute

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