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“They All Laughed” by ADMIN

[Note: This contains a lot of the same material as the story, “Only Sissies Masturbate”, included in my eBook.]

Whenever she had female friends over to visit my wife made me wait on them. One day, while I was getting some things ready in the kitchen I overheard her talking to her friends.

“What do you think of hubby? Isn’t he coming along nicely?” said my wife.

“Oh yes, what a nice big bottom!” said one of her friends and they all laughed.

My wife said, “Thanks. It was really pretty easy. The first step was to train him to take care of his own sex needs. I could tell when I met him he was a sissy that masturbated a lot. So when I caught him jerking off it was a simple matter to make him do it all the time.” They all laughed.

“You’re right!” added one of her friends. “I trained all my boyfriends to do that. Men are such little boys, they love showing off for mommy!” They all laughed.

“Oh, I know,” said another woman. “I love making a guy perform, especially when he’s saved up a nice big load. It’s such fun watching him milk it! It makes him so embarrassed!” They all laughed.

I entered the room with a tray of drinks and snacks.

“Oh, hi dear,” said my wife, “I was just telling everybody how much you like jerking off!” I blushed and stammered and they all laughed. Then she turned to one of her friends and said, “Oh, and Bernice, thanks for lending me that issue of “Sissy Care”, it gave me great ideas for transforming hubby. I’m going to subscribe.”

“Oh, no problem,” said Bernice, “I use it with my hubby too. But I have to admit some of the ideas are a little extreme. Like having sex with another man while hubby watches. Or making hubby service another man. It is kind of exciting but, gee, I don’t know.”

“Oh yeah, and how about the idea of ‘fixing’ his little masturbation problem,” snickered my wife mimicking scissor snips with her index and middle finger, “like a naughty little doggy.” The women gasped with shock and started tittering.

“Don’t laugh,” said Audrey, “I know a woman who had her husband ‘fixed’ and she’s quite happy with the results.” There was a mixed reaction of shock, amusement and curiosity.

My wife noticed the big bulge in my shorts and ordered me to expose myself to each of her friends. Each one took advantage and touched and squeezed and stroked me. It was intensely humiliating to have my most private and sensitive flesh handled and toyed with in such a casual and familiar way. My wife warned me: ‘no accidents’, but as the 5th woman squeezed and caressed me I lost it and cried, “No, please mommy! Oh! Oh!” and started spurting. It was so devastating to have my most private sex function displayed so terribly openly and exposed. They all watched and giggled.

As I was cleaning up the gooey mess my wife warned darkly that my little bottom hole was really going to be sorry tonight. I whimpered and they all laughed. Then she laughed and announced, “Don’t worry, my little sissy actually loves being penetrated, isn’t that right, honey?” I blushed and hung my head and they all laughed.

My wife peeled off her panties, leaned back on the sofa where she sat and spread her legs, baring her hairy, wet pussy. She ordered me to get down on my hands and knees and lick her while she continued talking to her friends.

With my cheeks burning with shame and humiliation I did as I was told. She turned to one of her friends and said, “Audrey, what were you saying about the woman that had her husband castrated?”

“Oh yes,” said Audrey, “she’s my neighbor. I was over visiting and somehow the subject came up. When she saw how interested I was she had her husband drop his pants so I could see what it looked like. His peepee was small and childish and there was nothing underneath except two small scars.”

“You’re lucky!” said my wife, “I’ve never known a man that’s been castrated.”

“Oh, it’s more common than you think,” said Bernice. “More and more women are choosing it. I’ve even discussed it with Arnold.”

“Excuse me,” my wife said as she leaned back and let my fluttering tongue bring her to a noisy orgasm. “Ummmm, that was nice,” said my wife. “Is there anyone else interested in receiving some oral pleasure?”

Several of the women were quite eager to take advantage of the offer. They all laughed as I crawled across the floor on all fours to Bernice, my face slick and glistening with my wife’s juices. My cock was throbbing and dribbling inside my shorts but I didn’t dare ask for relief. As I started to lick her pussy Bernice said, “Ummmm, that’s good, but ya know, once you have him castrated he’ll be even better at it.” I whimpered and they all laughed.

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