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“Partner Conversion” by ADMIN

In the future, women will be able to choose to convert their partners into eunuch property that they own. Once converted, they are given a deed of ownership to the new eunuch.

Classified ad: Eunuch: for sale by first owner. Obedient worker and affectionate companion.

Classified ad: Woman looking for partner to marry and eventually convert to eunuch property.

Woman: I’ve had five husbands so far and I’ve converted each one. They knew when I married them I intended to convert them. You can judge a male’s readiness for it, when he gets to be needing it. My favorite time in a relationship is the first two months after conversion. A new eunuch is just so affectionate and devoted and grateful. I call it the ‘Eunuch Honeymoon’. But after a while the relationship gets stale and humdrum, that’s when I sell them off and go hunting for a new mate *laughs*.

Eunuch: It’s true, I do miss the activity and excitement of being a male but I much prefer being owned. I feel so much more calm and secure. And I had secretly wanted to be converted ever since I first heard of it when I was younger. I’m so glad I was able to find a woman who wanted to marry me and have me converted. I love being my owner’s soft and sweet little eunuch pet.

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