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“A New Puppy-Boy” by ADMIN

Summary: The fabulously wealthy Beatrice decides to have her new puppy-boy altered for her idle convenience.


Beatrice returns home to her North London mansion after a hard day’s shopping at Harrods and the like.

“Ah, it’s so lovely being posh,” she thinks to herself. “I’m so glad I married Max. I knew he was loaded when I married him, but I really had no idea, until after his unfortunate death, that he was so fabulously wealthy.” She lets out a contented purr. “I almost feel guilty at having encouraged him to use those amyl-nitrate poppers during sex. I mean, I knew he had a heart murmur, and everything, but how I was to know how acute it was? It was really a completely innocent mistake, one that anyone in my exact same position could have made.”

Just then, her PA, Jane, interrupts her thoughts and informs her that the new puppy-boy she ordered has arrived.

Beatrice inspects the puppy-boy, named Billy, who kneels naked on the floor in front of them.

Being naked and humiliated in front of the powerful and sexy Beatrice causes Billy to become erect and his erection strains for attention.

Beatrice snorts with disgust. “Just look at him”, she says to Jane. “Males and their everlasting erections, begging for attention. Well I suppose we may as well humor him and let him get a little relief.”

Beatrice commands Billy to jerk off for their amusement.

“That’s right, little puppy-boy”, coos Beatrice, as Billy vigorously strokes himself, “show off for your mummy, show her what you can do.”

When Billy cums, Beatrice coos, “that’s a good boy, good boy, well done. What a lovely big mess you’ve made for your loving mummy. What a generous tribute to my feminine charms. That’s right, pump it all out, every drop. Very good, very nice.”

Then she casually turns to Jane and asks her to call Sarah, her personal Vet, and to tell her she’s got a little job for her.

Jane protests, “But Beatrice, surely you don’t mean to have him…???”

“Oh, but yes, my dear Jane,” Beatrice dryly intones, “that is exactly what I mean.”

Jane shrugs and says, “Ok, you’re the boss.”

Beatrice greets Sarah warmly when she arrives.

Billy has already been made ready for her. He is securely bound, bent over a special purpose bench.

Sarah smiles as she sees Billy stretched out and ready for her.

Beatrice and Jane relax in large overstuffed chairs and sip champagne as they watch Sarah perform the requested alteration on the helpless puppy-boy.

When Sarah is finished, Beatrice says, “Take him away to the kennels until he’s healed.”

Two weeks later she asks Jane how the new puppy-boy’s doing.

“You mean, Billy?” asks Jane.

“Yes, I believe that was his name,” Beatrice replies.

“He’s doing fine. Better than fine, really. He’s even made friends with some of your non-neutered puppy-boys. It’s amusing to watch him offer his sexual favors, his submissive mouth and butt, to them.”

“Yes,” drawls Beatrice, “I can just imagine. But please have him thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed and bring him to my bed chamber, I feel the need for some rest and relaxation.”

Billy can’t believe his good luck as being allowed into the presence of his sexy and totally naked mistress.

Beatrice inspects his empty scrotum and chuckles. “How I love the sight of an empty sac,” she says to herself, “especially if it’s been done at my command. It gives me such a feeling of power to know I can do that to a male. It’s really got my clit throbbing now and I’m aching to be licked.”

Beatrice leans back on her enormous bed and spreads her legs revealing her beautiful, pouting, pink shaven pussy to Billy’s adoring, worshipful eyes.

“C’mon, little puppy-boy, your mummy needs a good licking.”

As she feels Billy’s warm, eager tongue going to work on her pussy, she sighs and leans back on her satin pillows. “Ahhhh, ummmmm, it’s true what they say,” she murmurs contentedly, “neutered puppy-boys do make the best pussy lickers.”

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