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“To Open a Scrotum” by ADMIN

I am the founder and general manager of the international chain of Empty Scrotum Clinics. They are very popular, successful and respected clinics.

I’ve been fascinated by scrotums and their mysterious contents ever since I played doctor with the other kids in my neighborhood.

At our clinics, we help with that aching need to be relieved of the tight, full feeling in the scrotum that so many men have. That need to be free of it and to give themselves totally to a strong, maternal woman.

I love to see them as they squirm and whimper lying on the special table, begging for it. They need to be penetrated, opened and plucked of their ripe fruits of masculinity.

I was first made aware of this need one day while working as a dominatrix. My client drew his legs up and spread himself open and asked me to do it to him. I discovered there were so many men like him, masturbating alone in their bedrooms fantasizing about giving themselves like this.

I decided to seek the necessary medical training. My first castration was intense.

Nowadays I only do older men in their fifties and early sixties. I love how shy and hesitant they are. I quickly take charge and sternly order them to strip so I can examine their scrotum. It takes their breath away.

“Why… why do you need… need to examine… my… my…?”

“You know why. Now do it!”

“What… what are you going to do… to me?”

“You know very well what I’m going to do.”

“I’m… I’m not sure I want… I want…”

“I’ve made that decision for you. Just relax and I’ll soon have your scrotum open.”

“Oh my goodness!!!”

They’ve carried that heavy weight between their legs for so many years. I’m happy to lighten their load at last. They leave my clinic sweet, and meek and boyish.

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