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“The Queen’s New Toy” by ADMIN

[Note: the young prince in this story is 18 and undergoing late-onset puperty.]

The queen was bored and lonely. Her husband, the king, was always away on wars or diplomatic missions. And when he came home he seemed to prefer the company of his drinking buddies and harem girls. And she had long since ceased to derive any pleasure from court gossip.

The only bright spot in her life was her sweet, nubile son who was just then going through puberty. He was a constant source of delight and a ray of sunshine and warmth in her otherwise dull life. She loved to cuddle with him and they often slept together. But she noticed that he was beginning to have erections, often with some slick slime at the end. She knew that if their closeness continued that people would begin to suspect an improper relationship and forbidden acts.

Only one solution presented itself, one that would allow her to continue their sweet closeness and retain the appearance of complete propriety: castration. But she knew that if she imposed it on him that he would resent it and she would lose his love. She mentally shelved the idea but she knew something would have to be done soon.

Luckily, one day while she was absent-mindedly talking to her son about this problem she sighed and said she wished he could be more like her attendants so that he could stay close to her forever. She was reclining on a divan while he sat at her feet. She noticed that he had become very attentive. “But of course,” she said with a wan smile, “you know what that would require, don’t you?” He gulped and looked up at her and his loose robe tented out in front showing his arousal.

“Oh my, just look at you!” she exclaimed. “Could it be that you actually have a special interest in becoming like my attendants?!”

In this kingdom, the castration of servants was an exclusive royal prerogative. And there was no lack of candidates for these positions. Many young men actively sought it in order to raise their social status. Others wished to have it done to serve the queen they adored. And then were those that merely dreamt of it because it is a common secret desire.

Not long after, the queen boldly asked the king’s permission. He thought it over for a moment and said that although it was quite irregular he really didn’t see why not. After all, he had plenty of sons by his harem girls to choose from for an heir.

“But it’s bound to get around and tongues will wag”, the king said with a rueful smile. “Ha! Let the ignorant peasants talk”, said the queen haughtily, “I don’t care”.

The queen didn’t accept attendants that came to her already castrated. They had to come to her intact and be castrated specially just to serve her. It was one of her favorite royal prerogatives and she loved exercising it. She would inspect the candidates one by one. She would have each one raise his loin cloth so she could see what he had between his legs.

“You have such a nice big pair, are you sure you want to lose them?”

“Oh yes, my queen! Please accept them, I beg you!”

She always stood by and watched the castrations as they were carried out. And it was well known what she did with the testicles. She had her cook prepare a special stir fry. The queen believed that such a meal would help her keep her youth and beauty. And she also relished the idea that her she was eating a male’s precious manhood. She found that it gave her a strong sexual appetite and she satisfied it by having her favorite eunuch give her a long session of oral tribute.

As a eunuch would obediently lick her to orgasm the queen exulted in her power and dominance she thought, “It’s true what they say, eunuchs do make the best pussy lickers!”

Her son, the prince, would often give her neck and back rubs to ease her after a stressful day. One day he spied on her receiving oral tribute from one of her eunuchs. Later, when they were alone he asked her to explain it to him. She told him it was a special form of massage and she enjoyed very much. When she realized that he was curious she asked him if he wanted to try it. He was scared at first but he was also eager to give his mother such special pleasure. She guided him and he soon began to enjoy it and to lick her pussy and clit with gusto.

Afterwards, they lay together in bed. She decided it was time to move forward with what she had planned.

“Do you want to be mother’s little toy forever?” she whispered.

“Oh yes!” he sighed.

“Do you want to give me your little male-marbles?” And she gently rolled them under the palm of her hand.

“Oh yes! Please, dear mother, please! Take them!”

She quickly called for the lady surgeon whom she had ordered to wait nearby. The willowy young lady got out her anesthetizing herbs and salves and quickly got to work.

The queen looked on while the surgeon worked and told her son how much she loved him and how proud she was of him. Soon, his little male-marbles were resting in a shallow bowl beside the bed. (Don’t worry, dear reader, she didn’t eat them, she had them bronzed.)

Later they cuddled and the queen kissed his forehead and tousled his hair. “You’re my sweet, soft, warm, cuddly toy forever.” He shivered and squeaked with joy and gave her a quick, squeezing hug.

Unfortunately, this idyllic situation didn’t last very long. The queen grew tired of the prince after a couple years and sent him to the slave market to be sold to a new owner. But that’s another story.

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