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“Hide and Go Castrate” by ADMIN

A tribe of Amazons keep a herd of sissy-men for their amusement. One of their favorite sports is to play hide-and-go-castrate. Five sissy-men are selected and told to go hide. the last one to be found gets to keep his balls, the other four lose theirs.

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I scrounged around online and didn’t really find any castration/dick-eating by you.
I found a quantity of vore but virtually no castration/dick-eating.
It would be nice if you supply a sample, post it to imgur, for example.

Thats not a fair game, as sissies always wearing pink maid dresses ….. Now try to hide, hahahaha how ??? …… And as the dress is padlocked so the heels are, again how to run and hide in the amazonas area ???

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