story text

“Elective” by ADMIN

Characters: Lady surgeon, her assistant and a male patient.


Surgeon: What have we got today? An orchi? What’s the reason?

Assistant: Elective. Notes say he always wanted a strong woman to do it to him but was too shy. So his wife got the referral.

S: Been a while since I did an orchi. Used to do a lot of them when I was younger.

A: Electives?

S: Yes, as a matter of fact. I used to search them out. I had a kind of radar, similar to that ‘gay-dar’ the gays have. I could sense the potential in a guy. They seldom were aware of it themselves. I would befriend them and slowly work to bring it out.

A: It must have been a surprise when they realized it.

S: Oh, sure. But I always timed it so that the moment of realization didn’t really come until I had them naked and tied down on my surgical table.

A: Did they beg you to stop?

S: Oh, no, quite the contrary. Sure, they were scared but they were also overwhelmed by the sudden revelation of their subconscious need. Many of them begged me to do it with tears of love and gratitude streaming from their eyes.

A: That’s pretty intense. Why did you stop?

S: Oh, I got greedy and did a couple that were kind of forced and things got ugly. I do miss it, though. It was kind of intoxicating. But let’s get started on this guy.

The two women turn to the patient who had been waiting and listening. He lay naked and tied down on a surgical table.

The surgeon to the patient: So you want mommy to take your little family jewels, hmmm?

Patient: “Oh, yes, yes please!”

The two women laugh light-heartedly.

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