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PSB is quite an unusual person in that she is an actual woman that is into femdom castration fantasies. She comes to it from a very strong lesbian perspective. It’s quite refreshing.

Her art has matured quite a bit over the years. My main quibbles are that the compositions tend to be too static and samey and she always depicts penectomies, which don’t appeal to me as I prefer testicle-only castration

She’s had a bit of back luck recently. The Admin gods at Twitter suspended her account. Typical humorless, prudish jerks. Here are her other online locations:

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“Two Amazons caught another man intruding their territory. As per custom, every male who dares enter the holy Sapphic land must pay a heavy toll with their manhoods, as it forbidden for their kind to enter their realm.”

story text

“Double Jeopardy” by Abelard, edited by ADMIN

[Note: This fantasy takes place in an imaginary Florida where the age of consent is 19. When Stephen, the narrator of the story, has sex with an 18-year old girl it is therefore underage sex. But in reality it is not underage. OK?]

Summary: Finding a safe hideaway proves to have unforeseen consequences which result in a new gelding in the stable


You know how it is, a little trouble here, a little trouble there. The next thing you know it is best to leave town. This happened to me about six months ago. If I had been able to see into the future, I expect I would have stayed where I was, or would I?

Anyway, I ended up in Florida, pretty well broke and not in any position to be picky about a job. The first thing that came up was at a very upmarket girls school well out of town. I didn’t think much of the job, and I certainly didn’t think much of the headmistress of the school Mrs Williams. She was a sharp woman, just the wrong side of 40, not unattractive but clearly very used to having her own way. Like I said, I was in no position to be choosy and the place was rather out of the way which suited me just then. The money was poor but I got all my food free and I had a little room at the back of the kitchens.

Everything went fine for a while, I can’t say I took to Mrs. Williams any more than I had at first sight, but I got on with the job and kept my head down. Mostly I had to work in the stables, like I said, this was a very upmarket school and they had quite a few ponies and horses. By and large, I didn’t have two interact with the students, who were mostly stuck up bitches anyway. I had to watch out for Mrs. Williams as she was always snooping around checking up on what I did. I learnt not to backchat her as she had a sharp tongue in her head, anyway I couldn’t afford to upset her, so mostly I just bit my tongue and did as I was told.

Like I said, mostly I kept out of the way of the students, I’m not completely stupid and I could see that there could be trouble. Mostly they treated me like dirt anyway, so it wasn’t too difficult keeping my distance. However, the odd one or two could be pleasant and it’s difficult not to respond when somebody talks to you nicely. I remember one girl, Sabine, seem to like talking to me while I was saddling her horse for her. Her father was the CEO of some huge company and best buddies with the state governor, leastways that’s how she told it.

It was the day of some stupid hockey match, in the afternoon, when the shit really hit the fan. I didn’t take a great deal of notice, but I think it was some kind of grudge match, so everyone was on the sports field. Except me of course, I was in the stables shoveling shit.

It was a really hot day and I was surprised when Sabine showed up. She was dressed in jodhpurs and a polo shirt. She was a fine looking girl with long dark hair and those jodhpurs really were a snug fit. The polo shirt wasn’t exactly oversize either and her breasts were straining to get out. She told me to saddle her horse and I started getting the tack ready for her. I asked her why she wasn’t at the match and she replied, “too boring, I can think of so many better things to do”. I replied, “such as riding”. She said “well yes, I do like riding, and being ridden, don’t you?” Now that kind of question just leads to trouble and I suppose I should have known better, but hell, it was a hot day and this girl was coming on strong and I hadn’t had a woman in six months. “Yeah, but not horses,” I replied.

Well, one thing lead to another and within five minutes she had her back to the saddle horse, on which the saddles were kept, with her jodhpurs round her knees, and me licking on that sweet sweet pussy. Boy, did it taste good. I started licking and sucking and she started moaning and coming. If I had any sense it should have ended there, of course, but my dick hasn’t got any sense, so when she turned round and poked her rump out at me what was I to do but to pile on in. You could say we were both pretty distracted by then, so neither of us noticed Mrs. Williams come quietly into the stables and stand behind us. I nearly had a heart attack when she chimed in with:

“Well Sabine, I don’t expect your father will be too pleased when you’re sent home in disgrace for rutting with the stable boy. And as for you, Stephen, I don’t suppose you are familiar with the statutory rape laws in Florida. You see, under state law 794.05, if the male is 24 years old or more and the female 18 years or under, the penalty is 15 years.”

“When you run a girls boarding school you need to know these things,” she said as an aside.

She went on, “However, there may just be another way to deal with this incident. You, Sabine, are going to be our first student who obtains a place in the Sorbonne, and it would be a great shame if that didn’t happen. As for you, Stephen, finding help out here is not so easy and you have been very good at your job up to now. But, and this is a big but, Stephen, I can’t have you covering the fillies like this, it just won’t do.”

We had stayed transfixed when we heard her voice, Sabine in front of me with my cum starting to drip out of her pussy and my dick getting decidedly soft.

“Now, the first thing you need to do Stephen is to lick that poor girl clean, and while you’re doing that I’ll explain what’s going to happen”. I didn’t need telling twice and got on with the job as directed.

However, Mrs. Williams went on to say, ”since help is so hard to find, I propose to castrate you with the Burdizzo clamp we keep in the tack room for the animals. I have seen it used on countless occasions and think I can deal with you. You, Sabine, will assist me and that will be the end of the matter as far as you are concerned. Stephen, I think we’ll take the view that he really can’t leave this job after I have dealt with him and the matter will be settled satisfactorily for all concerned.”

As you can imagine, I nearly choked. But I went cold when I heard her next words and thought about what she was saying.

“Of course, you may get the idea that you might take your chances and make a run for it. I would have to call the police, Sabine’s career would be ruined and I expect you would be picked up fairly soon. You’re running would not do anything to shorten your sentence. As Sabine is just 18 and you are 25, at least that’s what it says on your employment record, you might end up with the full 15 years. How does that sound?”

Well, it sounded pretty terrible to me, but the more I thought about it I realized she was right. I expect that the realization of the situation I was in showed on my face as Mrs. Williams then said, “Right, if you will just change places with Sabine, I’ll make you secure, and we can get started.”

With this she motioned Sabine out of the way and sent her off to the tack room to get the clamp. As if in a dream I shuffled forward, with my pants still down around my ankles and put my hands on the saddle horse in front of me. Mrs. Williams used the rope from a lead rein to tie my hands to the saddle horse. I couldn’t believe I was letting this happen but my mind was numb with thinking on those 15 years.

When Sabine returned with the Burdizzo they both stood behind me and Mrs. Williams had Sabine massage my balls to extend the cords. She then placed the clamp on the right cord and without any warning pressed the handle shut. The pain was intense and I cried out and sank down on to my knees. She had Sabine help me up and then repeated the process on the other side. The pain was just as bad, my balls felt on fire and the pain moved up into my abdomen. My mind was reeling from dealing with the pain and the realization that I had just been emasculated.

“Now then, that wasn’t so bad was it? Sabine will help you back to your room and in a few days the swelling will go down and you’ll be right as rain, but hopefully without any tendency to interfere with my girls. You can then settle down to your job and be a good and useful eunuch. Just to be on the safe side I’ll have the doctor come out and check you in a few days.”

I staggered back to my room with Sabine’s help and, with the aid of ice packs and bed rest, she was right, the swelling had gone down after a couple of days but the marks on my sac were clear to see and my balls were numb.

The doctor who attended school regularly was a very good friend of Mrs. Williams and about the same age. So after a few days I was told by Mrs. Williams to go to the sick bay to be checked out by the doctor. Both women were in the room when I entered and I was told to take my clothes off which I did and lay down on the examination table with my legs in the stirrups (this was a girl’s school after all).

The doctor proceeded to examine me and announced that it would probably be advisable to remove the testicles even though they were already dead. This would avoid the risk of later complications. I heard all this without any real reaction, I had resigned myself to my new state and saw no reason for useless protests. I just looked on while the doctor put me through the operation with the assistance of Mrs Williams.

She injected me with a local. I was a bit surprised when I felt the needle going in to my balls but thought it must just be the skin of my sac which was still alive.

They had propped my head up so I could see the whole process and I looked on in fascination as first one and then the other of my testicles was removed. The two women chatted while they did this and seemed to find it all vaguely amusing.

When they had finished, and I had been sewn up, the doctor calmly said to Mrs. Williams, “the next time, my dear, you need to do a better job with the clamp. You had damaged his chords but not completed the job, he would have been back covering your young fillies in no time at all.” I gasped at the realization that I had now let myself be neutered twice. Needless to say, the two women found my consternation highly amusing.

Once again I had to be helped back to my little room. I was still astonished that I had now been, effectively, a willing participant in my own castration. Over the following days my emotions varied tremendously. For a while I was incredibly angry with Mrs. Williams and Sabine and with myself. Obviously, I tried masturbating to see if I still could, and for a week or so I was successful. After that my ability to get an erection dwindled. By this time I had calmed down a great deal and I think I slowly began to realize that my situation was now permanent and I would have to make the best of it.

So, when about a month had passed and I had healed (although my sac still looked as if it had something in it at that stage) I was visited by Sabine. She said, “Look, firstly, I want to thank you for what you did and secondly, Mrs. Williams has sent me to tell you that she wants to see you in her room. By the way, she told me to give you this. I think you have to present it to her.” She held out a clear acrylic dome in which I could see my testicles were encased. I felt very strange when I saw them but somehow it all started to make sense.

I went straight to Mrs. Williams’s room, knocked on the door and went in. She stood up as I came in and told me to remove my clothes. She then said, “Well, do you have something for me?”

I stood before her totally naked, although my sac had not yet shrunk, as it later would. We both knew that I was a eunuch and that this had happened at her will. I walked up to her, knelt down and presented her with my testicles. I said, “Thank you mistress for making me your slave and gelding me. I know now that you were right. I hope I can serve you from now on as a good eunuch.”

I was a little surprised to hear myself say this, but as I said it I knew it was true, from now on I would be proud to serve her. She seemed pleased with my little speech and from that day onwards I have surrendered myself to her wishes.

A fair amount of time has passed since then. I still perform my tasks in the stable and every now and then Mrs. Williams calls me before her to strip and show her my altered body. In due course my sac shrank away to nothing. I now gain no sexual pleasure, even when I’m called upon by Mrs. Williams to use my tongue. I do the best job I can.

My real pleasure now is the humiliation of serving my mistress, and, of course, the knowledge that all the girls in the school have come to know all about my little operation. They take great delight in teasing me, they don’t realize the pleasure I take in being humiliated. Mrs. Williams even knows that from time to time some of the senior girls make me show them how ‘safe’ I am.

There’s certainly no chance now of my repeating my indiscretion with Sabine. I neither have the equipment nor the inclination. Perhaps it is better that way.




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