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“Castratrix Quarterly: Amazing Injectables” by Cait B

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Thanks! I can’t wait. I’ve been looking for a fit to post this niche story and recently have been enjoying your site.

There are a lot of men getting castrated with Calcium Chloride. Ms Green on fetlife used to talk about this, using alcohol as a solvent for CaCl2. One injection per nut, wait about 2-4 weeks for full castration. There is a risk of this salty stuff causing a wound if you don’t inject carefully and fully within the testicle.

The testicles swell up a lot after injection for a set of paradoxically huge and very sore and tender nuts for a week. Then they shrink away to nothing and the usual eunuch transition starts.

Castrates aren’t utterly sexless. Most eunuchs can still get erect even years later, but achieving orgasm is progressively more difficult.

This article mentions that Neutersol, a patented veterinary sterilizer, might stop fertility but not testosterone. Calcium Chloride injections definitely stops both.

CaCl2 kills nuts dead, essentially by filling with a form of salt. Once salted, the testicle starts the process of shutting down. Salted nuts can not be unsalted. You might not feel castrated after injection, but they are doomed and you will be neutered within a month. Food grade CaCl2 is available on Amazon and castration is done with a 20% concentration in ethanol. Use a thin needle, all the way to the far end of the ball, slow withdrawal, slowly injecting all the way, injecting it all before you are outside of the testicle.

They use it for cheap castration at some pet shelters and they say it would be common practice but since CaCl2 is not a patentable compound, as it is basically road salt, there’s no money in making it a vet medicine. But it’s cheap, reliable and low risk, if done by a skilled injector who avoids those leaks that cause wounds. It’s safer than surgical if done correctly. An Oklahoma pet shelter got in some trouble over it:

Thank you, doctor.
I would just like to add that this information is for entertainment purposes only and we strongly warn readers against playing around with these dangerous chemicals and needles.

Yes, Admin, ABSOLUTELY it is a bad idea to experiment with CaCl2 injections! No one needs to do any home or amateur medicine for castration, because you can easily request castration now. Places like the Cosmetic Concierge will expertly remove your balls surgically for a reasonable fee. All you need is one letter from any mental health professional. The surgery center will have you sign a document to assert that you want it and you know what will happen. And you will awaken with an empty sack.

Castration used to be very difficult to get for those that wanted or needed it. Now there is a strong pro-transgender feeling and castration is a central part of that. M2F need to take anti-androgens which are hard on liver and other organs, and may be expensive, so you see frequent “orchie” stories on trans forums. And M2E seems more understood too, maybe as a non-binary, so there is little delay or complication in moving forward if you aren’t asking your insurance to pay.

M2Es usually take a little estrogen or testosterone afterwards for bone density, mood, etc. And some M2Es go back to full or even overload on testosterone, getting muscles and big erections but with an empty or removed scrotum.

Thanks for the story compliment. I’d be honored if you posted ‘One Ball Betty’. I have recently spent hours on your site and can see your subject expertise, so your approval is highly validating. My stock in trade is extreme male sexual humiliation.

I wish I had known this a long time ago; I finally got my PSA down to 0.103 and feel a lot better without that aggressive behavior. Money is a big problem today. Need I say more!

i have killed my eggs with alc-injections, about 8 times in each one 2 ml. Then both were hard , numb and dead. Now i went to the ER and layed the next day strapped down and was castrated….

I know. But it was my life-long fantasy – as like the others here. And now im so a proud eunuch, that i have my fantasy make true and can play with my empty little baggy each day!!!

There are legitimate medical ways to go about getting castrated if that is necessary for your gender choice.
No one should ever get themselves castrated in a fevered rush. It is an extremely important decision and
should not be taken lightly or impulsively.

I have studied this site and one more near it. I believe they are very good. I did find this statement, but do not know if they can write the letter of approval or not. Cosmetic Concierge, web site. ORCHIECTOMY (TESTICLE REMOVA). Quote, ” In accordance with WPATH standards, a letter from a licensed provider is required”. My reason for this is my PSA is 0.103. I thank you for the information.

I have no idea how to get the letter you are looking for. You should talk to a real medical doctor, your GP if you have one.
This question is ridiculous.

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