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Misc. maledom

Here’s some more maledom I had laying around that was left over from the previous incarnation of this blog. I was less choosy back then so the ones below are a selection based on special merit.

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Perhaps you should run the odd caption competition. The picture of the blonde watching the medics has so many possibilities:
“Their balls come off so easily—but for the fuss they make!”
“But how will cutting off his balls stop him staring at my tits?”
“You squeeze his nuts so very hard; it is almost cruel. I’m sure he will feel great relief once they are severed.”
“The last time I saw that penis, it stood hard and proud—but as soon as you crushed his testicles, it withered away.”
“Are you sure it’s safe to let him keep the penis?”
“It is vital that the entire tribe knows that their leader has been disarmed. So, arrange for the testicles to be pickled, for him to sit beside them on a pope’s chair, and for all the villagers to examine his empty scrotum and flaccid penis.”

I know what you mean. While she appears to be in charge, or at least to enjoy high status, it would be much better if the surgeon was a woman.

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