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I was nearly 50, when I notice that I could not get an erection. My wife was spreading her legs for me, so she could open her lips and capture and hold me with her thighs, to begin the dance of life. She was very kind and said, ” I think you should get fixed and let me be on top”. I felt so good as she explained,”FEMALE LEAD RELATIONSHIP”, to me. The next day. She took me to the doctor for Harmon drugs. For feminizing, we went to the herb store. It was really a turned on as she put the Chastity cage on and locked it until I was ready to serve her. We loved the arrangement so much. She brought an Elastrator tool and 100 green bands. It was very Easy for her to put the green band onto the prongs and spread the band open. I could feel her fingers pull the skin and balls thru the open band as my penis gets really hard as she gently closed the band tight around my manhood. After pulling the tool lose, she looked me in the eye as her mouth received my penis. It swelled and exploded my sperm into her for the last time. I was ecstatic as the sexual emotion of Pleasure made me moan in ecstasy until my balls turn a dark color. My wife gave me pain pills. She took me to ER to get the useless balls cut off. I could not believe how simply and almost painless it was. I really love it. I am hers. I spread my legs around her, as she pegs me until I look into her eyes, and we French kiss with pleasure. We are one as I feel her in my mind, and she feels me in her mind.

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