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Good Neighbor Madge III
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Ruth was taking the pink nylon chiffon nightgown out of the closet as Madge unzipped my dress. “Maybe a nice little nap will help Marissa” she said as she helped me undress. Then, once I was undressed she put me into the tight panty briefer and I noticed once again how small my manhood looked as she tucked me in. She then took out the little paper bag and the pink box. She added some of the solvent to a washcloth and began working to get my breast forms off. Finally she peeled them off and after cleaning them she put them back in the little pink box. My chest was sensitive as she use the solvent to remove any traces of the medical adhesive and it was then that I noticed the swelling for the first time. I figured it was from wearing the breast forms for so long but there was something different. My chest was tender and my areolae were much larger now! I then noticed how much larger and pinker my nipples were as well then noticed the swelling and realized that real breasts were now forming on my chest!

I felt a wave of panic once again as Ruth swished the pink gown over my head. “I’ll be right back,” Madge said as she left. I heard her in the kitchen and as Ruth was putting me into Madge’s bed she returned with another bag and loaded a syringe. She laid me on my side and quickly lifted my gown and lowered the tight briefer. I felt the needle stick then felt the liquid as she pushed the plunger. I immediately relaxed and started feeling groggy. “There darling, just a little sedative to help you sleep,” Madge said as she then took out two more little bottles of liquid and I noticed the bottle she held that was labeled “Estrogen”! She filled the syringe and quickly injected my hip once again.

“We’ve had you on female hormones for months now. I’ve been putting the pills into your food and your juice every morning,” she said as she loaded another syringe with the liquid from the third bottle. “It’s going to be so exciting now to watch you change Marissa. With these injections to supplement the hormone pills you’ll start to really blossom now. The first injection was the female hormone estrogen, this one,” she said as she injected me yet again, “is progesterone, it’ll shut down your testicles. But don’t worry, in a week or two we’re having you ‘clipped’ so you won’t need that anymore!” she said as she finished my injection then after swabbing the area with cotton and alcohol she pulled my panties back up and swished my night gown back down. Then as she covered me with the sheets and blankets I laid there groggily, trying to stay awake. Madge then finished spelling out her plans.

“The doctors say he should make the changeover very easily and make a perfectly normal woman undetectable as to ever having been a boy,” she said as she smiled with satisfaction to Ruth and then returned to me. “Once we get you ‘clipped’ sweetie, and over time have a few more procedures done on you to further feminize your face and raise your voice into a pleasant feminine sounding one and get you laser electrolysis to get rid of any body hair that should survive the hormone therapy you’ll be coming right along Marissa. Then in a couple years we’ll have your sex reassignment surgery completed to give you a real vagina and we’ll have breast augmentation surgery performed too to finish your new look. But by then you’ll be so used to being a girl that you’ll hardly notice the change!” she said still smiling as I looked up at her and Ruth glassy eyed and groggy as I tried to mumble. Madge continued laying out her plan.

“Penny Lane”
I realized it was all over now. There was no escape. No matter where I went, no matter what I did I would never find work or a place to hide from the Hathaway’s influence.

After my floral scented bath and body shave Mrs. Hathaway combed and curled my hair.

“We’ll have to let your hair grow out dear, it’s a shame you cut it,” she said as she pulled me back into my feminine personae. But now it wasn’t my choice and I could tell as she adjusted the straps on my lace trimmed full slip and zipped me into the short floral patterned dress. She giggled slightly at her accomplishment and seemed pleased and satisfied as she smoothed the dress then handed me a purse as I teetered on the heels once again feeling out of place at not having worn ladies clothes in so long. She took notice.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head Penny, you’ll get accustomed to wearing ladies clothes again in no time. Shall we go now dear?” she said as she led me out of the little apartment to the waiting limo. Soon we were on our way leaving everything behind.

After the two hour flight we landed at the airport and taxied up in front of the Hathaway hangar. Then after a short limo ride we were once again back at the Hathaway estate. It was early in the evening and after being escorted to my new bedroom and in meeting the middle aged man waiting there I soon learned was Dr. Gratin I realized Mrs. Hathaway had already gotten a good start on her plans for me. I disrobed and after a complete physical the doctor injected me with a large dose of a testosterone blocker and the female hormone estrogen!

“All the dresses in the closets should fit you dear and all the lingerie in the dressers too. But if there’s a problem with sizes we’ll work it out dear. We’ll be altering most of your clothing and outfits over time as your body changes anyway so it won’t be a problem. All you have to do is look feminine and pretty. Have a nice night Penny dear. Put on a pretty nightgown now and get a good nights sleep,” she said as she left the room closing the door behind her.

I tried the door and found it opened and then watched as Mrs. Hathaway continued down the long hallway and then turned the corner and descended the large staircase onto the main floor. I closed the bedroom door and decided to turn in early.

The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months as time flew by. I had thought about leaving more than once but leave to where? She’d find me once again and I would end up back in a shabby apartment with a wobbly kitchen table and creaky chairs that were lit by the dim glow of the light from a naked bulb. I knew I would have to put up with the present situation but now, as fast as I was changing I knew it might very well be a one way trip! I hadn’t seen Lane at all since I came back. He had been sent to Europe on an extended vacation.

That was the story anyway. And Penny had gone with him. Nobody knew I was upstairs in my room at the Hathaway estate under Mrs. Hathaway’s and doctor Gratin’s expert care. And time continued to pass.

My budding breasts began to widen and take on weight and I began to notice their jiggle even though I constantly wore a brassiere now. The areolae grew and turned a darker pink as did the nipples now evident even under a blouse and brassiere. My hips began to widen out as well and I could feel my skin softening and my hair getting finer and more luxurious and soon it was grown fully out past my shoulders all to Mrs. Hathaway’s delight. The bimonthly hormone shots continued as did my daily maintenance dosage of the female hormone estrogen. And soon I noticed my penis had shrunk and my little testicles now dangling in their hairless scrotum were now atrophied and useless. But it didn’t matter because Mrs. Hathaway soon had me checked into the hospital and after I awoke I found that I had been clipped, my testicles were gone. In addition to that surprise I soon learned that under the bandages and the sturdy sports bra I now had a set of saline implants to augment my already growing bust line. Within a week the doctor removed the stitches and within another week to allow healing I was back dressing in my bedroom with Mrs. Hathaway fitting me for larger sized brassieres. She clipped me into a lace trimmed cup affair with a plunging front to expose my now womanly cleavage. She noticed the matching lace trimmed satin panties and although my testicles were now gone she chafed a bit at the little protrusion in the front. She then gathered a small corset, wrapped it around my slender feminine waist then began lacing me into it.

“Don’t worry dear, you won’t have to tuck into your panties for much longer, we’re almost through sweetie, and you’ll have a nice smooth feminine look for real,” she said as I heard her begin pulling at the corset laces.

Adventures With Aunt Madge VI
“And in a few more years Melissa darling, you will have completely forgotten what it even felt like to wear pants!” she said with a lilt in her voice but with conviction as the lecture continued. The little sissy cross dressing Tim was now undergoing his “cure”!

Madge went on about having me “clipped” and about my doctors appointment at the clinic where my unfortunate “condition” was well documented and would be corrected once I became Melissa for real! A week later I underwent the procedure and after getting the stitches out and then healing up for another week it was business as usual with my lady-of-the-house lessons continuing under Madge’s watchful eye. My atrophied little penis and a now hairless little shriveled little ball sack was all that remained under the tight lacy panties I wore every day under the dresses and skirts! And without a trace of testosterone in my system the daily hormone tablets and the supplemental bi-monthly estrogen injections continued and began shaping me more and more into a woman and with Madge starting me off so early there wasn’t a trace, or even a hint of masculinity about me!

Milk Maid
I decided this was too much and to leave and told Carol I didn’t want to continue. I became unruly and became lax in my duties and in my making proper meals at dinner over the next several days. Then one night Carol became angry and summoned Bob. Together they pulled me to my room and threw me down on the bed. Carol then took out a syringe and a small vial of liquid; as Bob held me down she loaded the needle then quickly raised my skirt, pulled my girdle and panties down, then after swabbing a small area on my hip with alcohol I felt the needle stick then felt her push the plunger down!

“I didn’t waste this much time with you to stop now Priscilla dear.” Carol said. She finished the injection then commented that she was now giving me a much higher dose of the female hormone estrogen and that after my visit to the clinic I would really begin to “blossom!”

She had also given me a progesterone type drug that had shut down my testicles but after my trip to the clinic a week later I didn’t have to worry about that anymore. Carol had had them removed and now all I had was an empty sack! The months continued on and without testicles and the addition of hormone injections my bust really grew in size! I went from a 34 “B” to a 34 “C” and then continued on to a 36 “D!” By the time she had turned me into a 36 “DD” it didn’t really matter anymore because a month before the rest of my plumbing had been reworked. Instead of a flaccid penis and an empty hairless scrotum, I now had a pair of sleek, pouty vaginal lips and a sexually functional vagina!

Bob didn’t take long before I was performing my new “wifely” duties! Carol had moved into my room and transferred me into the master bedroom where I would be available for Bob’s every whim. She seemed to enjoy not having to worry about sex anymore and at her age of middle 40’s she was content to just live a pampered life and not have to put up with the day to day demands of being a housewife.

So now things were complete. I slept with Bob in my nightgown on satin sheets, then every day arose and fully dressed and made myself up to be presentable as a perfect old fashioned housewife. The cooking and cleaning continued along with my services to Bob and even Carol at times when she would have me under her skirt to service her orally! They seemed more than pleased with their little Priscilla and over time I eventually got used to my new situation. But my bust continued to grow!

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