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Timmy And The Hendersons
The next day went as planned. A quiet ladies lunch with Gladys and a fresh vintage ladies hair set, complete with a small pink satin bow pinned to the side. Gladys also supervised a new set of long gloss red salon nails. But then she stopped at the DMV and finally at the clinic. Timmy didn’t have an appointment but that didn’t matter. Gladys had made plans. Some papers were filled out and signed, she handed Timmy his new drivers license stating he was now Mrs. Joyce Henderson, Female. The picture on the license was one Gladys had taken earlier and had affixed to the new document. And then another procedure.

Timmy’s heavy paneled white long leg panty girdle was folded now and in his purse for the trip home. He was now only in ladies panties under his dress. But for the moment there were the stitches and bandages. It had happened so quickly but now it was finished. Timmy had been “clipped!” His little hormone shriveled testes now totally removed. The papers signed to allow the procedure and to go ahead with the transition turning his paperwork and his history to female and to set up the eventual, now approved reassignment procedure.

The Fitting
The hormone therapy had worked better than expected but Gladys had added breast augmentation complete with large saline implants. That procedure had been completed nearly a month earlier. Timmy had no choice but to wear a brassiere now, every day. Nothing fancy but sturdy and full coverage to insure the breasts would heal properly. And they were now fully healed. The slender faint scars from the surgery faded and were barely visible. But the breasts were large, almost abnormally large due to Timmy’s short and slightly built frame. But it was just what Gladys wanted. A full set of large women’s breasts. Large, heavy pendulous breasts that would jiggle and swing with every movement always there to remind Timmy that he was no longer a real man.

Of course under the lace trimmed pink panties he now wore, the ones that matched his pink baby doll nightgown there was little traces of Timmy’s manhood left. He was totally smooth now from his plucked eyebrows down, the female hormones and laser electrolysis ensured he would stay that way. He had a woman’s curves now with a trim waist and wide womanly hips. The breast augmentation had made him complete. He had a little triangle shaped trim below but little resembled a man anymore. His smooth hairless sack was now empty, Gladys had seen to it that his little testes had been clipped and were now gone. The little flaccid manhood now much smaller, barely making even a bulge at the front of his silky pink panties now.

Timmy’s First Dinner Out
Timmy’s head spun, he squirmed across the back seat until he was leaning up against the door of the limo. Ned was still excited though. He gently put Timmy’s hand over the bulge in his tuxedo pants making him feel the large erection, the feminine hand held against the front of the slacks, the long gloss red nails shining in the light, flashing as Timmy pulled away. Ned then simply unbuckled, unbuttoned then unzipped his pants releasing the throbbing, vein engorged erection.

“Oh my!” Gladys exclaimed. “Look what you’ve done Timmy dear. Such a feminine ‘lady’ to get a man that excited,” she exclaimed as she watched, looking on as Ned held his erection in one hand then pulled Timmy close once again with his other!

Timmy’s wife Cindy looked on momentarily giggling at what was about to happen but she didn’t care now. She was with a man now who was a “real man,” In her mind Timmy was already gone.

Ned pulled Timmy close, the vein engorged erection standing straight up now, the bulbous pink head now gleaming with a drop of pre-come! Timmy’s gown rustled the vintage layered blue nylon chiffon swished and fluttered, the lingerie and his nylon stockings zipped as Ned pulled him ever closer as Timmy gasped and grimaced.

“N…n…no!” he gasped as he tried to push away but Ned was much stronger and much larger than the short and slightly built Timmy. Gladys already knowing the score then helped by quickly pulling out a nylon stocking from her purse once again. She smiled as she quickly tied Timmy’s wrists behind his back. Holding the back of Timmy’s head Ned pulled Timmy’s face closer still as the swishing, zipping tussle continued in the back of the limo, the blue high stiletto heels kicking now only glancing off the carpeted floor. Gladys then leaned in and grabbed a handful of permed and tightly curled hair at the top of Timmy’s head. Timmy grimaced but as she yanked his hair and his head back he gasped, yelped in surprise as his gloss red lipsticked lips opened to gasp. She quickly pushed his head closer to the bulbous head of Ned’s erection as he held it straight up and pulled at Timmy’s neck with his other hand. And then after another frothy swishing nylon rustle of the dress and slips and a whispering zip from his nylons Timmy gasped as he strained and then Gladys heard the “glub” as she leaned over his shoulders to see, the pink bulbous head pushing past Timmy’s gloss red lips forcing them wide as the head entered his waiting mouth!

Ned gasped as he adjusted himself in his seat. He pushed his hips up and forward and sunk deeper inside Timmy’s mouth, two more inches sliding inside, the bulbous head bulging Timmy’s cheeks now as Gladys held him tight and ground his head further and further down. “That’s it, you take it prissy!” she beamed as she pushed further until Ned’s entire seven- inches filled Timmy’s mouth. And then still holding Timmy’s head and hair she began pulling up and pushing down, pulling up and pushing down as Ned began to moan with pleasure.

“Come on princess, that’s it, suck it, roll your tongue around the head. You like dressing like a woman and acting like a lady, how do you like it now!?” Gladys cooed with pleasure at giving Timmy an even more feminine end to the evening. She noticed him blushing red faced in writhing panic now as he “mmffed” and “glubbed,” “Why so embarrassed prissy?” Gladys continued. “Anyone seeing this would just see a pretty ‘lady’ doing her feminine duties after a lovely evening out. You’re all dolled up nice and feminine, you’ve always been a mincing, swishing, preening, limp wristed cross dressing sissy anyway so what’s wrong with satisfying a man with oral sex,” she reasoned as she clutched the handful of hair tightly and worked Timmy’s head up and down.

“That’s it, suck it, suck it princess!” Gladys giggled with pleasure at hearing the slight choking sounds and the slobbering “glubs as Ned began to issue his pleasured moans. “Keep sucking prissy!” she said as Ned became more and more excited at the sensation.

“Now that I’ve had your marriage to my daughter annulled we’ll get you started on female hormones right away, we’ll get your nuts clipped right away too,” she assured as she continued to work Timmy’s head up and down, up and down on Ned’s vein engorged shaft. Until finally, Ned began to squirm himself and to gasp. Gladys knew what was happening.

Timmy felt the head grow even larger in his mouth but Gladys kept up the pace. “That’s it precious. Yes, so nice and ladylike. Keep sucking! Don’t make a mess now,” she ordered as Ned continued his urgent moans as Timmy flailed. And then Gladys heard the guttural grunt from Ned and the pleasured moan as he laid back, his eyes closed. Gladys knew Ned was beginning to spurt, she held Timmy tight a he squirmed. “Keep sucking sweetie,” She ordered as she watched Timmy’s mouth fill and his cheeks brim with the ejaculate. “Don’t make a mess now dear, swallow it all princess,” Gladys cooed in her feminine lilt as she watched Timmy choke on the load, his gloss red lips wide and tight around Ned’s large shaft. “Swallow it you sissy priss!” she ordered then watched with pleasure as Timmy choked slightly and coughed but then begin to swallow as she’d ordered. “That’s it prissy!” she beamed. “Suck him good and swallow it all down now.”

Life In The Country (Part II)
Timmy then entered the house to start the final portion of Madge’s charm school lessons. Of course it wasn’t a certainty that Timmy wouldn’t rebel yet again, but Madge had another card to play. There would soon be a scheduled annual physical to see doctor Judith Lovelli.

It was a complete and thorough physical. But when she checked Timmy’s breasts she informed him that Madge wanted the final size fixed. Timmy was now scheduled for saline breast implants to augment his ample but only “C” cup breasts. He awoke after the procedure, his chest feeling different, larger and heavier now. He no longer would need any silicone forms, special bras or any padding now because Madge had seen to it that he was now a full size 40″DD!” But as he laid there he felt something else that was different and was shocked to learn that when the breast augmentation was performed it had been no trouble at all to perform a quick, snip-snip castration! And now, without testes he would no longer need the testosterone blocking agents and would only have to continue on with his full maintenance dosage of the female hormone estrogen. Once Madge got Timmy home to recover he seemed a bit remote and listless but a few days of a mild tranquilizer in addition to his daily estrogen dose soon had him calmed down during his recovery.

An Exquisitely Ordered Lifestyle
She could see the wheels turning, the gears turning, well grinding now actually. The window of escape quickly closing right in front of his eyes. She continued on. “Look at you now? You can shave off the curls, scrub off the makeup and remove the salon nails but haven’t you noticed your new and feminine demeanor and mannerisms, how you move? Certainly not manly, not anymore. Your waist is smaller, your hips now two inches wider than before, and your bust line, well, I’d say that you’re a full “B” cup now, at least. I really doubt you could find any men’s clothes to fit your new shape. Tell me, where will you go? Where will you work? A waitress maybe? A hotel maid? But oh, there’s that pesky money problem again. Your Mercedes is long gone and that thousand I offered to give you won’t last long. And overall, your look? Well Tiffany dear, you’re very feminine, very ladylike now. You’ve done so well but truthfully, if someone looked close enough, even after all the female hormones and the laser electrolysis they’d still see a hint of Timothy. That would be so tragic if you were to be caught in a bad neighborhood, wouldn’t it?” she said with a knowing smirk. She then returned to the vanity.

“I’m still not finished with you Timothy. You’re coming along, quite well actually. But there’s still more work to do, still more I have in mind for you dear. And I admit, you’ve become a very efficient housekeeper. I’d much enjoy if you stayed on here with me. You’d be much more fulfilled here and much safer, don’t you agree?” She finished then waited for an answer she didn’t need to hear.

Tim got up stunned and walked almost in a staggering trance back to his feminine four poster bed for the evening. She’d beaten him, she’d won. He knew he was too far gone now, no useable education, broke, without a house, or car, or job or any employment prospects. But, he was safe as long as he stayed under Madge’s kindly influence.

“In the morning why don’t you go ahead and put that cute ladies suit I put out. We need to get a few things done in the morning,” she said with a smile as she left the bedroom, switching off the light as she closed the door behind her.

The next day Tim was given another physical another round of injections and was taken to out-patient surgery. The doctor also gave Madge a new pill prescription. Tim’s ‘vitamins’ were stronger this time. The remainder of the old pink pills would be discarded, the new pills were the same estrogen combination but now at full feminine strength!

The ride home in the back of Madge’s limousine was both uneventful and silent. Tim sat in his mauve ladies skirt suit, clutching the purse in his lap with his white gloved hands as he looked out the window still feeling the numbing effects of the medication and the tingle of the stitches in his still hairless but now very empty scrotum! Madge felt the sense of satisfaction as the driver continued back to her estate. The paperwork Tim had signed for surgery was completed, as was the paperwork from the lady doctor stating that Tim was indeed undergoing “therapy” for his transgendered condition. His records would be amended now to show him as a female with the new name of Tiffany Benson. Madge’s ongoing work was continuing splendidly!

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