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Milestones: Online Existence

That’s it, baby. No more fuckin’ milestones.

I’ve just turned 68. I still enjoy jerking off occasionally.


At 57 I had just emerged from a Luddite phase where I hadn’t had personal access to the Internet for a few years. Then I bought my first laptop and proceeded to disappear down the tumblr rabbit hole for eight years. Even though I only had access via Wi-Fi in coffee shops and fast food restaurants I still managed to collect tens of thousands of, primarily hand-drawn, erotic images in the following categories: femdom castration, general femdom, femboi, futa-on-male and yaoi.

Only rarely did I find an image that was hot enough to be really arousing. Most of them were merely sexy and entertaining.

The consistently hottest images were the castration fantasies presented as captioned photos, particularly those created by a user called NeuteringCaps.


It was during this time I directed and paid for three commissions by Sorenutz.

I found Sorenutz difficult and expensive to work with. The problem was I was too fussy about details. Sorenutz doesn’t like a lot of client-specified details.

Still, he did an excellent job and he was the right man for it since he has always had a strong interest in drawing femdom castration.

The titles for these commissions are: “Amazon Vet”, “Castratrix Office” and “Farm Castratrix”. They’re all posted on this blog.


Discovering futanari porn really broadened my fetish life. Futa-on-male is still pretty arousing for me.

The HungAngels forum had a great futanari thread and it is also where I first discovered the wonderful wordless Sheanimale 10-part stories.

I love many futa-on-male artists but nobody-in-particular and Anasheya are two of the hottest.

Notable eBooks:

Some notable eBooks have been published on Amazon. Three of them are by a small team of British writers supposedly led by a Chinese lesbian:

“Neutered by the Vet” by Martha Z. Kleine: this is the hottest femdom castration novella I’ve ever read. I’ve masturbated and ejaculated to it so many times.

“Human Dog: Puppy Play Erotica” by Maia Anne Fisher: this only has a few brief castration-related scenes but I found them very arousing and have gotten a ton of mileage from them.

“Harem Slave” by Sabrina Jen Mountford: this has some good parts but the quality is generally pretty rough. Also, the castrations are full/nullo ones that don’t appeal to me.

Also, I published my own little eBook, “Thirty-five Castration Fantasies”. Haven’t made much from royalties but publishing a book has been a real hoot.

castration-is-love blog

I started my femdom castration blog when I was 59 and it ran for seven years and had four million page views. Then I was forced to relocate to its present incarnation as a WordPress blog hosted on Vice Temple. I’ve been very happy with Vice Temple’s service.

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Thanks for the detailed porn odyssey. The links to all the best stuff you’ve seen over the years is appreciated!

I’m really enjoying these milestones you’ve been sharing. Amazing journey. It’s been lovely following along. Keep up the great work.

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