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Milestones: Cavalcade

Here’s another milestone in my castration fetish.

This is basically just a chronological list of the high points of my porn-consumption between the ages of 41 and 53.

Titian Beresford

Titian Beresford is god. His novel, “Nina Foxton”, is the best femdom porn novel ever. And it refers to castration in three places.

Here’s a link for the whole thing.

Below are links for excerpts from some other things he wrote. Only the one for “Cinderella” mentions castration:

* The Rubber Sanitarium

* Payday

* Black Velvet Farm

* Cinderella

Cruella Magazine

The first “Cruella” I bought had a super hot castration fantasy in it. I bought a few other magazines from the same publisher but only one other issue (“Riding Cult”) had anything worthwhile. Here are the links:

* Lady Charlotte and the Groom

* Just Dandy’s Just Desserts

Whap! Magazine

Only a few issues of this were published which is a shame because it was so good at doing femdom with a light, teasing touch.

Chris Bellows

Most people in the femdom castration milieu will be familiar with this author. I was so excited when I ordered his first little porn novella, “A Gift From James”, and I initially found it highly arousing. But after reading his subsequent books and after re-reading “Gift” I realized Bellows has very little respect for his readers.

Lady Carole

Her cartoons were the first hand-drawn depictions I had seen of femdom castration. What she lacked in polish she made up for in composition. The first ones I found of hers were super hot. She’s very prolific but most of her drawings only depict torture.

Here’s the link.


Samuel R. Delany’s porn novel, “Hogg”, is incredible, a true work of literature. But there’s nothing femdom or castration related in it. And I found a couple of the scenes in it hard to stomach. But it’s been a real inspiration to me to just let go and be myself in my own writings.

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Thanks! There were three pieces I would love to read again. “My Strap-on Solution”, “Sweet Chastity” and
“Golf For Gals”.
They put out a few audio tapes. “A Visit to the Pentauk Adult Pediatric Clinic” was pretty hot. “The Babysitter, the Sissy and the Strap-on” was OK.
I don’t care for the present Humiliatrix incarnation although some of the hand-drawn art is cool.

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