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Milestones: Dominant Mystique

Here’s another tawdry milestone in my castration fetish.

Dominant Mystique

I was 37, out of work and the country in the grips of recession which gave me plenty of time to drive into the city to visit adult bookstores.

I picked up a copy of a sleazy newsprint porn mag called “Dominant Mystique”. When I got it home I read the letters section and one of the letters caused me to tear off my pants and jerk off wildly.

It was a short letter supposedly from a dominant lady who was considering castrating her male sex slave. In her letter she asked whether any of the letters about castration were genuine. The editor, Sandy York, replied by saying that on page 32 there was a photo of a castrated man. The small, black and white photo showed a naked seated man from the neck down. His penis was held up out of the way with a belt. His scrotum looked empty. Unfortunately, I no longer possess a scan of the photo.

This is the first time I had ever encountered femdom castration being presented as a real-life thing. I immediately subscribed to the magazine. I was very disappointed in the following months that only one other letter mentioned castration. In retrospect these letters feel phony. To this day I have yet to encounter a credible account of a real femdom castration.

Here is the link for the two letters.

Executive Imports

One advertisement that regularly appeared in “Dominant Mystique” caught my eye. It was for “Executive Imports” and they offered a big selection of erotic stories. I sent away for their catalog. It was a real cheap-ass piece of work, just a multi-page list of titles and summaries typed on an old manual typewriter, reproduced with a copier and stapled together at one corner. The stories themselves were printed in the same way.

I ordered from them a few times. The few castration stories they offered were all too gross and sadistic except one, “Husbands – Wives – Castration”. Since it was the first specifically femdom castration story I’d ever read I initially found it very hot. Unfortunately, it soon lost its ability to arouse due to the clumsy way it was written.

Here’s the summary: a suburban housewife decides to castrate her abusive husband. She shares her success with her female friends and neighbors and they follow her example.

Here’s the link.

Happily, two non-castration femdom stories turned out to provide a ton more jerk off mileage. Here are the links:

* Modeling School Slave

* Male Model

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