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Milestones: Too Good To Be True

Here’s a little mini-milestone in my castration fetish.

The idea for the following story came to me when I was 34 and still married. I described the outline to my wife and she said it sounded good. It wasn’t until I was 44 that I got around to writing it down and posting it to the Eunuch Archive. It’s the first one I’d ever written. About 10 years later I gave it a fairly modest rewrite and changed the title to, “Castration Farm”.

Summary: Two vixens lure a young man up to their aunt’s farm to be castrated.

Here is the story:

Too Good To Be True

One day, as I was doing my laundry in my apartment building laundry room, two hot young vixens came in. They were both wearing cut-offs and tight t-shirts and no bras. They giggled when they saw me and then one of them, Sharon, asked me if I could drive them up to Alison’s aunt’s farm. They giggled as I stuttered out that I would love to.

We all sat in the front seat and, since it was a hot summer day, the girls
decided to take their t-shirts off. They giggled when they saw the bulge in my crotch made by the big erection I got looking at their cute young titties.

Alison told me I’d better do something to relieve the swelling between my legs or I was going to have an accident. The girls told me to turn off onto a deserted dirt road and stop the car. Sharon said they knew what dirty men like me liked to do when they got big erections. Alison said, “Why don’t you take off your shorts, spread your legs and put on a show for us.” They giggled as I hurried to comply. Soon, I was urgently stroking my stiff, bursting manhood right in front of them. It was intensely embarrassing, but I couldn’t help myself.

Sharon said she thought I was being very dirty and that I should be ashamed of myself for playing with myself in front of them. Alison said she agreed and certainly hoped I wasn’t planning on playing with myself until I finished. Sharon agreed and added that she thought that only a very bad and dirty man would do such a thing. Alison said her aunt knew what to do with dirty men who squirted in front of sweet young girls.

Alison said that the last time they had visited her aunt’s farm they had asked a local teenage farm boy to join them in the hay loft for a playful chat. It had been hot in the hay loft, so the girls had taken off their t-shirts. Well, before you know it, that dirty farm boy had yanked off his shorts and was openly pumping his fist in his crotch. Sharon and Alison were surprised and delighted by this, but they sternly warned the boy not to finish in front of them. Well, that naughty boy didn’t listen and went right ahead and squirted right in front of them. The girls scolded him and told him he must be punished. They ordered him to remove the rest of his clothes and to climb down out of the hay loft, and to get down on all fours in the gelding stocks and let himself be strapped into them. The farm boy did as he was told, thinking that they only planned to whip his bare butt a few times with a switch.

Alison left the barn and returned in a few minutes with her aunt. When her aunt saw the naked and helpless farm boy strapped into the gelding stocks she laughed and said it had been over a month since the last time she had had to show a man what the stocks were built for. The girls told Alison’s aunt about how the farm boy had exposed his hard penis to them and had shot his load right in front of them. Alison’s aunt was outraged. She told Alison to get her special instruments.

Alison returned with her aunt’s gelding instruments and she and Sharon stood behind the farm boy and giggled as they watched Alison’s aunt begin working between the helpless farm boy’s legs. The girls giggled hysterically as the farm boy started squealing in terror while Alison’s aunt carried out the gelding. After Alison’s aunt had sewn up the farm boy’s empty scrotum, he was released from the stocks and Alison’s aunt told him she hoped he realized that she had had to geld him for his own good. She told the farm boy that she was going to add his family jewels to her large collection.

I couldn’t believe the story I was hearing and I was also distracted by how hot and bursting my cock felt. I was soon shooting spurt after spurt of thick hot come in front of the giggling excited girls. After I was finished milking my oozing prick in front of the girls, they told me to clean up and drive a little further down the road. We pulled into a farmyard and were met by a voluptuous, bare breasted woman. I was embarrassed because I was still naked from the waist down. The woman was Alison’s aunt, and when she leaned in the passenger side window to say hello, she immediately noticed my glistening, half-hard prick. Alison’s aunt lost no time in ordering me to get out of the car and follow her into the barn. Soon, I was naked and helpless, strapped into the gelding stocks. A few minutes later, Alison’s aunt starting working, I started squealing, and the girls started giggling.

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I was actually castrated in this same manner but my young wife and her lover used my own Burdizzo on me. We lived on our old family nudist farm in a very rural secluded area. After they castrated me I became very subservient to them and our Family and guest on our farm, I now enjoy being a castrated Eunuch giving sexual oral, and anal pleasure to my family and their guest.

Jerrie was a very lucky man. I once knew a handsome young stud who had a beautiful blonde girlfriend. They lived on a ranch and i was always dreaming of them castrating me and making me their oral slave.

I still remember the feeling of my nuts being stretched so my sac hung halfway to my knees, this made for an easy Burdizzo castration on me. My niece said I ejaculated several times during my castration. I still masturbate thinking about how it felt as my young wife and her lover castrated me. Just a dry cum now with my limp dick.

pleasant storytelling giving me time to ejaculate and fall asleep.
awaking to find my dear wife reading from my tablet. a wry smile on her face.
Does this stuff excite you?
she had always know how I enjoyed her sharp teeth sinking into my cock and ball sack as I begged her to bleed them.
Now the truth is out…. we’ll see what happens.
she has made an appointment with her dentist…. she tells me he said he could sharpen her front teeth but warned her she might chip them if she wasn’t carefull….. I can’t help but think he has some idea why she wants to have a very sharp bite.

I’m looking forward to finding out her intentions… shaving my “package” to present well.

so….off to the second hand shoppe with my good wife just back from the dentist.
I’d seen it before and hoped it was still there. she was curious but not particularly involved as we looked at the new stuff piled in no particular order.

turning the corner….there it was, still available. it was a older but a very nice “gyno” exam/operating table. the finish was pink glossy enamel with polished fittings. it looked ready to work.
my wife asked where we’d put it if we owned it and what would we tell visitors it’s purpose…. our friends are pretty traditional types. The kind that wouldn’t think of my fantasy.
anyway, the delivery men were just here and giving me a “knowing wink” placed it in our unused third bedroom and were GONE.

I hope tonight will be special.

I just caught site of her running her tongue over her freshly cleaned and (I assume) well sharpened teeth. hmmmm.

I moved the toy chest close to the foot of the examination table and am thinking of a really hot shower. Just for me. I preferred her a bit “soiled” for our fun.
The “toy chest” has some new additions she doesn’t yet know about.
My personal toys that I’ve had in my bottom drawer, my elastator, vise grips, long knitting (say sounds) needles and after reading your posts a brandy new burdizzo!

I’ve covered these under the collection of needles, paddles, gags and accessories. I wonder what she’ll do when she sees them.
Enough for now….it’s off to the shower and shave for me and my RAGING HARD ON.

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