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Milestones: The Wife

Here’s another milestone in my castration fetish.

This is quite a long one since it covers my 10-year marriage.

I met my wife-to-be when both our lives had train-wrecked. We both desperately needed structure and direction and we clung to each other. My wife was three years older, half-Italian and very bossy which was just what I needed.

We met when I was 23, married at 25 and divorced at 34. And the end of my marriage also marked the end of my real-world sexual relationships. Just as well, too messy, really.

I list the hot bits of my marriage below. I occasionally still find their memory arousing.

Farnham’s Freehold

My wife was quite a fan of science fiction. One day she was reading Robert Heinlein’s “Farnham’s Freehold”, at the end of which one of the characters submits to castration. So just for fun she asked me to get naked and tuck my balls up in-between my legs so she could see what I looked like castrated. I jumped to do as she asked. I found it very arousing.

She made no mention of my castration fetish during this scene.

I was 26.

Bisexual Tease

Before we were married my wife had recently shacked up with a tough street punk. One day her boyfriend’s younger brother came to stay over at their place. Her boyfriend and his brother were both bi and had had sex with each other before so they decided to get it on that night while my wife lay beside them and watched. The younger brother squealed with pain and pleasure and came just from being fucked.

After I told my wife about the little gay fling I’d had she teased me a few times about how much I would love taking it up the ass like the younger brother had and that I’d squeal and cum like he did. I found both the idea of being sodomized and the emasculation of being teased about it arousing.

I was 26.

Castration Roleplay

My wife started giving me handjobs fairly early on. And on two occasions she gave me a special treat by doing some castration roleplay.

The set up was that I belonged to a small herd of ‘studs’ kept in a barn by some dominant women that milked them for their sperm. My wife told me she had come to do my milking. As she stroked my cock she informed me that my sperm production had fallen too low and that this was my last chance to meet my quota. If I didn’t produce enough I would lose everything, my cock and my balls. I begged her to give me another chance but she told me it was too late, no more chances. I asked her what would happen after I was castrated and she said my cock and balls would be hung around my neck and I would have to milk the other studs.

When I came she laughed and said, “It’s not enough! It’ll all have to come off!”

Of course I loved this but the miserable bitch refused to do it again. She said she didn’t think it was healthy.

I was 28.

Handjob Queen

I guess neither of us really liked having regular sex with each other. So giving me handjobs became our main form of sex. She gave great handjobs, slow and teasing to begin with and then faster and more urgent when I got near cumming.

She would be fully dressed and I would be naked. I would lay back on the couch while she lubed me up. She sat cross-legged between my legs. I loved it. I loved being pampered and I loved the embarrassment and humiliation of being so totally open and exposed while I was experiencing my most private and intense sensations.

She surprised me by finger fucking me on one occasion while she was jerking me off and it was heavenly. But she refused to do it again. I should have been more insistent and proactive. I’m so bovine.

This phase of our sex life started when I was 30 and continued for the rest of our marriage.


She was a fuckin’ Hellbeast.

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My wife of 13 hears started feminizing me early on. At first it was just demanding I do housework, laundry etc and soon it led to my having to wear her panties. She stopped letting me have intercourse and started jerking me off. She laughed when I came & had me cum in a jar & make me eat it. Then she told me she had a black boyfriend who was going to give her a baby for me to take care of. That’s when I began to feel strangely different. My nipples began to be very sensitive and I told her & she laughed. Yes, she had me on estrogen. I was to become her wife. Her black friend was now her husband. I am now 40, feeling very feminine and accepting my like.

Let me be the second person to say : Thank you for all the
stories and images you collected and made available to the public.
Absolutely Amazing !

As a corporate executive at work I am extremely happy to be my wife’s wife at home. I am totally feminized at home. She has a lover for sex.

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