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Milestones: Career Masturbator

Here’s another milestone in my castration fetish.

Club Magazine

When I was 21 I found a copy of “Club” magazine in the employee’s toilet in the bus station diner where I worked. It had a long letter from a reader in it that really blew my mind. It was an intense masturbation humiliation story. Masturbation humiliation is my strongest fetish other than castration. And published instances of it are rare. And I actually believed the story in the letter was true for quite a while. Silly me.

But the point I want to make is that this really marked the beginning of my life as a career masturbator. And it showed my strong preference for the textual narrative porn I was to find in magazines and, later, online.

I squandered a fair amount of loose change on those little “Penthouse Letters/Variations” half-size mags in the ’80s and ’90s. I’d get them home and tear through them in 15 minutes and only rarely find anything hot. My latest hot femdom/bisexual find is some postings by CuckoldGuy over on Literotica.

Here’s the link for the story.


At this same time I happened to notice a copy of the “LA Free Press” lying on the floor of my crazy older sister’s apartment. What it was doing there I don’t know since we didn’t live on the West Coast.

It had an article about what an obnoxious, verbally abusive, drunken asshole Bukowski was. This piqued my interest and I read all his short stories and novels. And while I’ve never been an avid fan he did inspire me to be an anti-social loner and to try my own hand at writing little stories.

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