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Milestones: “Blow by Blow”

Here’s another milestone in my castration fetish.

When I was 18 I spotted some paperback books on display on the bottom shelf of a bookstore in a small college town. The covers were very eye-catching, just solid light-yellow with no graphics, just titles and authors. There were five or six titles. They were all gay porn. I bought one out of curiosity. It was “Blow by Blow” by Jay Greene.

When I got it home it turned out to be pretty arousing. There were five stories but I can only remember three of them, which I re-tell below.

I’d love to read it again but no one has seen fit to make it available online.

Title Story

This one was about two college freshmen, a bold one and a shy one. At one point in the story the bold one says he’s going to overcome the shy one’s shyness “blow by blow”. Here’s what I remember:

Early on, the two boys are in a big shower room together. The shy one gets an erection while looking at the bold one who laughs and points it out causing some embarrassment.

Later that night, the shy one is lying in his bed in his single dorm room jerking off and thinking about the bold one when the bold one unexpectedly lets himself into the room, comes over to the bed, bends over, reaches under the covers and takes over. The shy one is embarrassed and flustered and starts to object. The bold one says, “If you don’t like it, do it back to me,” i.e., as a sort of tit-for-tat revenge. The bold one opens up his PJs and his stiff cock “towers in the dark”. With a frightened gulp the shy one reaches over and grasps it. They stroke each other and cum while looking into each other’s eyes.

This breaks the ice and they become good friends and start getting together regularly. The sex play starts with mutual masturbation but soon progresses to sucking each other off. The bold one is fairly experienced but the shy one is a total virgin and the feel and taste of the bold one’s cock in his mouth the first time he sucks it is intense.

For some reason the bold one has always been in the habit of spitting out the cum he receives. So the shy one flaunts his new-found boldness by swallowing the other’s cum.


This one is a silly, totally implausible sexual revenge fantasy. In it a gay guy manipulates a verbally abusive construction worker into having sex with him. Here’s what I remember:

The gay guy walks past a construction site every day on the way to work and the workers always shout verbal abuse, especially “cocksucker!”

One afternoon the gay guy runs into one of the hunky construction workers after work. (I’m going to abbreviate these two characters, GG and CW, in the re-telling below.)

CW tells GG that he’s married with children and doesn’t get much sex from his wife and he expresses interest in what kind of sex gay gays have. GG proposes showing CW a gay porn film he has back at his apartment.

GG plays the gay porn film. CW becomes aroused and demands a blow job. GG insists they get naked first. GG starts sucking CW’s cock while they’re lying on the floor in a 69 position. The porn movie is left playing. The visual stimulus of the hot oral sex happening on the screen combined with the thick luscious cock dangling in his face causes CW to tentatively start sucking on it and he winds up swallowing GG’s cum.

Things progress such that CW wants to learn about anal sex so he ‘demands’ GG finger fuck his ass. He keeps ‘demanding’ that more fingers be inserted until GG ‘cunningly’ substitutes his own cock. CW doesn’t realize what’s being done to him but he gets into it and cums at the same moment GG is cumming in his ass.

When it comes time to leave CW is quite meek and subdued and he thanks GG for what he’s been shown. As he leaves GG looks at the departing CW and smugly thinks to himself, “cocksucker!”

Forgot the Title

Don’t remember much about this one. It’s about a teenage hustler who lets older men suck him off in movie theaters and highway rest areas and picks their pockets as well.


I made a point of leaving this book in an out-of-the-way closet in the family summer cottage just to annoy my mom. But she got her revenge by handing me a copy of the issue of “The Atlantic” that featured a long excerpt from James Dickey’s soon-to-be bestseller “Deliverance”. This excerpt included the infamous hillbilly anal-rape scene. She told me she thought I’d be interested. Miserable old witch.

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