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WhiteRabbit – “Calming Therapy 2 – The Calming of Richard”

Dr. Bernice lovingly administers her therapy to her troubled ex-husband.


“Hello, Bernice.”

“Richard! What are you doing here?!”

“It’s a bit of a story. Got some time?”

Dr. Bernice looked at her schedule, and sure enough it read “New referral appt: R. Blair.” She had not expected it to be her ex-husband.

“Yes, yes. Come back to the office.”

A few minutes later they were facing each other across Dr. Bernice’s desk.

“So, Bernice… what have you been up to? I see that you have your own practice now; I thought you were working with the Center for Compassionate Adjustment.”

“I still do from time to time. I left on good terms to start my own practice, and we refer clients to each other occasionally.”

Richard nodded. “I suppose that you are surprised to see me.”

“Yes, that would certainly be true. Um… why exactly are you here?”

“The truth is… the truth is that I think I need some help. Bad. You remember my moods?”

“Yes, I certainly do,” Dr. Bernice said dryly. “Your ‘moodiness’ got us thrown out of several apartments and almost cost me my career after you started showing up drun—“

“I know, I know. And you remember I really tried to straighten up, both before and after you left. Group therapy, solo sessions, drugs, and of course enough self-medication to put me into several rehab programs. And I’ve still never managed to hang onto a job or a relationship for very long. Now I’m starting to have problems with the law. I finally ended up at the Center with another therapist. They were nice enough, but in the end he suggested coming here, so here I am.”

“Richard—you know that I can’t have therapy sessions with you. You’re my ex-husband, so it would be unethical. Not to mention my own feelings, which I assure you are still conflicted, even after all this time.”

“Bernice, I’ve tried everything else that I can think of. I know you are really good. Most of all, I trust you more than most people… you are the only one who I would do this with.”


“Yes, you. I’ve heard a bit about the special treatment you offer and I know it’s pretty harsh, but I’ve run out of options..”

“Do you know what it entails?

“I have a pretty good idea. I’ve had some samples frozen, just in case.”

Bernice was silent for a time, weighing the options. On the one hand, she felt that she shouldn’t, because of the multitude of ethical and personal issues. But she also knew that Richard truly needed help. From her past experience with him, and from the referral file that she was now leafing through, she could see that it was only a matter of time until something very bad happened, with Richard being either the perpetrator or the victim. The legal section of the file contained several suspended sentences and probation records, while the medical records noted both erectile issues and elevated PSA levels. And she sincerely doubted he would let anybody else carry out the type of treatment she was sure he needed so badly.

Bernice stood up. “Lets give it two weeks. If you still feel the same way then, we can start to discuss some treatment options.”

“Thanks, Bernice.”

* * *

It was a Saturday morning a few weeks later at Doctor Bernice’s office. The place was deserted except for two people in the examination room, one of whom was nude and leaning on his elbows over an examination table, while the other was carefully placing needles.

“Okay, Richard—I’m nearly done. I’ve run serum tubes to both testicles. I’m now inserting the last one through your perenium into the prostate. That will probably hurt a little, but I’ve numbed it at best as I can. Are you sure that this is what you want?”


“Then I guess it’s time to start the preliminary serum flow. Be careful—some patients report dizziness when it first enters their system.”

Dr. Bernice paused with her hand over the button that would start the serum pump. She had mostly put her personal feelings aside so far, but this was it—pressing the button would begin the unmanning of her ex-husband. She knew intellectually that over the long haul he would probably be much happier, better adjusted, and healthier. But emotionally…

“What are you waiting for, Bernice?”

With a sigh, she pushed the button.

“So… exactly how does all this work?”

Dr. Bernice suspected that he asked the question more to distract her than because a lack of understanding, but she was grateful for the diversion nonetheless. “Well, as I mentioned earlier, there are two parts to the process. The first part of the treatment, which I just started, is the “pre-serum.” It is a cocktail consisting of a strong vasodilator, an anticoagulant, a muscle relaxant, and a light analgesic. The first two parts open the blood vessels up fully and make sure no blood clots form. The other components are to make sure the patient is relaxed and comfortable.”

“After a while, though, the main serum starts to flow. The serum does most of the real work of the treatment. It is derived from proteins found in certain reptiles and polymerizes the glandular tissues it touches, but nothing else. It also breaks down in the body so rapidly that it doesn’t spread or cause complications. When the process has fully run its course, the man’s urine and any remaining semen will be pink.”

“What’s with the three tubes?”

“Originally there were only two, one for each testicle. However, sometimes I add a third to include the prostate in the treatment, especially if there is any indication that it could be a problem area. Treating the prostate also provides a cushion in case, um…”

“In case a man’s balls manage to survive?” Richard asked gruffly.

“Um, yes.”

“How can you tell when the pre-show is over and the main event starts?”

“Um, well, most patients report a feeling of cold, and then warmth, in their scrotu… um, sac.”

“I just felt that, so I guess it’s really started.”


Dr. Bernice watched the slow but steady drip of fluid, with each drop removing a tiny amount of Richard’s troubled manhood. The pre-serum had opened the testicular blood vessels up, allowing his testicles to fully accept the drug which now bathing them. She looked at his smooth pink scrotum, so large and soft and vulnerable. Reaching out, she cupped it in her hands and felt the warmth as her serum silently began to ravage the oversized but defenseless balls inside…what Richard used to call his “babymakers.”

“What are you doing…?”

“Shhh… just relax. I have to make sure that the serum has completely spread throughout the tissues.” Dr. Bernice began to gently roll and caress his testicles.

“Are you sure you need to… uh!” Richard let out an exclamation as his ex-wife surprised him by sliding his penis into her mouth. Dr. Bernice continued to fondle his testicles with one hand, while she unbuttoned her blouse with the other. Now she was naked from the waist up, exposing a pair of heavy, mature breasts that she normally hid from the public beneath conservative clothing. Indeed, they jiggled and swayed softly as she gently but insistently sucked on Richard’s penis and slowly massaged his sweet, dying balls.

Richard and Dr. Bernice both knew that her ministrations, especially of his testicles, were accelerating the quiet destruction going on in his sac, but he would not—could not–have stopped her actions for anything. Instead, he merely gripped the table so hard that it creaked as the sensations washed over him: he was looking down as a an attractive topless 40-year-woman with long dark hair and huge pale breasts sucked him and fondled him while her concoction slowly cooked his balls and prostate. Indeed, the thought of his strong, busty, and articulate ex-wife gently and permanently unmanning him, even as she slowly and lovingly pleasured him with fingers, lips, and tongue, was proving to be too much; he could feel the pressure slowly building, pushing him closer and closer to the edge of… of… surrender? passion? orgasm? Whatever it was it was starting to bubble up and…

“Oh!” Dr. Bernice pulled back slightly and continued her soft handwork on his smooth cock and balls as he began to ejaculate. Now it was Richard who spoke: “Oh, Bernice!…that feels sooo good…. please don’t stop. Oh honey… Ohhhh… Ohhhhhhhh….” Dr. Bernice smiled tenderly as Richard gasped and spurted, covering her soft, full breasts with pink cum in her ex-husband’s final act of love as a full man.

Both of them remembered the morning vividly for quite some time afterward. In later weeks, as Richard’s dangerous passions faded in the wake of his calming, their shared morning of unconventional love helped them rekindle a friendship that both had thought lost during the course of their short and unhappy marriage.

* * *

Sometime later Dr. Bernice was discussing her feelings about Richard’s castration with her lover and confidante, George. Like most of her lovers, George was a bit nervous and high-strung. Tonight, however, he listened intently as she told the story, though as she came to the end his initial comment was rather difficult to interpret:


Actually, it was more of a moan combined with sigh, rather than a clear statement. The doctor suspected that George’s situation may have had something to do with this; during most of the tale he had been kneeling on the bed naked, rear-end in the air, with Dr. Bernice reaching deep inside of him and gently massaging his prostate. She herself wore only a pair of black-high stockings and heels as her finger simultaneously soothed and stimulated George. Now, as she reached the end at the end of the story, George began to orgasm violently, spurting long, gooey ropes of cum again and again as she rhythmically stroked his testicles and penis with her free hand.

“Oh Georgie… I see you liked the story…It seems to have made you so excited…That’s it, sweetie… let it all out… that’s it…. that’s a good boy… just let all of that sweet boy-milk out…don’t hold it in… let it go… that’s it, sweetie… empty those big sweet balls for me, honey… good… good….Shhh… just rest now, sweetie…let me hold you in my mouth as you get soft… mmm….”

After a short clean-up, Dr. Bernice’s boyfriend lay beside her while she gently stroked his hair. George always produced a lot of cum, but tonight it seemed to go on even longer than usual. As she watched him doze, Dr. Bernice wondered if, or rather when, George would request the calming serum for himself. He was openly fascinated by the process, and for some reason it seemed that sooner or later most of her lovers desired it. Her serum therapy allowed their nervousness to be almost literally drained away, much as Richard’s dangerous chronic anger had been. She sighed and snuggled up next to George and began to drift off herself as she imagining what it would be like to feel George quivering against her…hearing him moaning softly… her whispering soft encouragements…seeing his huge final load of warm pink semen pumping into her loving, waiting, hands… tenderly relieving him of his anxiety and his manhood at the same time…

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And another ‘Happy End’ i would say-
Once again my appreciation of how i love
these stories.
I hope for more ….. Regards Julia

Thank you for those stories, I really enjoyed them. Would it be possible to know who wrote those two stories, and if this person wrote more?

Thank you,


It’s possible. Go to and look in the archive under that author’s name.
Contact info may be listed for them. Also, you can post to the forum there for more info.

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