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WhiteRabbit – “Calming Therapy 1 – The Calming of Steven”

Steve undergoes treatment for his anxiety problem, under the caring hands of Dr. Bernice


“That’s it, Steven. Just relax. Your scrotum should be mostly numb now. Just nod for me if it is.”

Steven nodded slightly. He was naked with a newly-smooth scrotum, with small tubes leading into the underside of his sac. His limbs felt heavy, partly because of the muscle relaxants and partly from all of the anti-anxiety drugs in his system. But soon he hoped he would be able to get rid of the latter, because today he was in the process of undergoing calming therapy with Dr. Bernice.

“That’s good … Just hold your legs in that position as while I finish positioning the tubes.” Steven did as he was told. He enjoyed feeling Dr. Bernice’s almost motherly touch, and her kneeling position allowed him a rare view of the valley between her sizable breasts. He hoped that she attributed his partial arousal to the touching, rather than to anything else.

Dr. Bernice stood up, ending his pleasant view. “Okay … we are almost ready to start. Are you sure you are ready?”

“I’m sure, Dr. Bernice.”

“Okay, then we’ll start the procedure now. The needles into the blood vessels that carry the blood to your testicles are in place. I’ll start the serum flow now.” Dr. Bernice reached around Steven and opened a valve. He could smell her perfume as she was near him. He liked it—it made him thing of magnolias and spice–and had come to find it soothing. He also liked the sound of her voice, which he found warm and reassuring in its own right. Indeed, he had liked everything about the doctor ever since he had had his first session at the Center for Compassionate Adjustment some months prior, when he had come looking for a treatment for his chronic nervousness and anxiety. He had come to the Center because he had heard that it offered non-traditional treatments and procedures for people who either had not responded to, or simply did not like, talk therapies and drugs. Many patients liked the touch and bodywork therapies the Center offered, which Steven liked, but mostly he had stayed because of his liking (perhaps almost a secret crush?) on his therapist.

“Now, Steven, here comes the first part of the treatment. Your testicles may tingle a little at first, but don’t worry—I’m right here to make sure that everything is all right.

Indeed, his balls were starting to tingle a bit; his breath drew in. The room also swam a little. .

“Are you doing okay?”

“Yes…just a little dizzy, I guess.”

“Don’t worry—it’ll all be over before too much longer.” Dr. Bernice stepped closer, and put an arm around him to steady him. “The preliminary serum is starting now, and the main part of the treatment will begin soon.”

Dr. Bernice felt Steven begin to relax against her. This gave her a warm feeling; she truly enjoyed helping her male patients become … how to put it?… calmer, more gentle, and more focused. The world had too many cocky loose cannons wandering around causing trouble at home and abroad; this was her small way of helping the problem, while also helping patients gain control of their feelings of stress and anxiety. And, truth be told, she received a certain thrill out of the process, though she rarely admitted it to herself; she helped patients choose between virile unhappiness and… A chime interrupted her thoughts.

“Okay, Steven. The second portion of the serum is starting to flow. What do you feel?”

“I feel like something cool is entering my balls.”

“Good. Just relax…I think you may find it soothing. And they will warm up soon, as the serum begins to work.”

Indeed, he did… though being so close to his favorite doctor was helping too. “Dr. Bernice…”

“Yes, Steven?”

“Do you like doing this? I mean, you really seem to … well…”

“Enjoy my work? Yes, I do. I like helping men such as yourself become less anxious and worried.”

“Thank you, Dr. Bernice. I’ve really enjoyed our sessions together.”

“Why thank you, Steven. I’ve enjoyed them, too. Hmm, let me check your tubes. No, don’t pull back… I can feel them. Yes… here, let me make sure that the serum is getting everywhere it should be…”

The doctor gently kneaded Steven’s smooth scrotum, noting that his already sizable testicles were warm and slightly swollen. “Does that hurt, Steven?”

“No, Doctor…

“Yes, Steven?”

“Please…It feels good.”

“Would you like me to keep doing it?”

His only reply was to nod and to lean into Dr. Bernice more.

The serum was dripping steadily now. The doctor imagined how each successive drop was permanently quieting a bit of the tissue making Steve unhappy and motivating men in general to do foolish things. Her serum was now working on a the man who she now literally held within her arms, his chest pressing against her breasts and his head resting lightly on her shoulder…the same sweet young man whose large, soft testicles she now held in her hand, even as her fluid silently deballed him.

The doctor’s kneading became more caressing, and she was using both hands now. With one hand she fondled his large, doomed balls, which both comforted Steve while also making sure the drug worked its way all through them. With her other she gently stroked his penis, which was gradually becoming more and more erect from her attention. “Shhh…. yes, that’s it. Just relax. Let the serum do its work. Shhh…Do your balls feel nice and warm now? Good…That means its working…Goodness, you’re getting big… Shhh.”

Dr. Bernice continued to gently work her patient’s cock and balls. His penis was quite firm now, and his breathing was becoming ragged.

“That’s it, Stevie… just relax. I see your pre-cum is starting… it looks a little pink… that’s good… it means the serum is doing its job. Shhhh… Yes… yes… you can give it me. Just relax…I promise it won’t hurt… you can spurt in my hands if you need to… I don’t mind. That’s it…just come into my hands. That’s a good boy… yes, it’s okay… Just let it go… So hard and firm…yes…Shhh…here it comes… oh! yes, it’s starting now…out with it …out with it… yes, let it all go…yes… yes… that’s good…let it all come out… yes… is that all? You’ve given it all to me? Okay… good… all done…

Steven and the doctor were both sweating as his spasms ceased. “Shhh…it’s okay…just catch your breath. Is everything okay now, Stevie?”

“Yes Doctor… and I think a little better already!”

“Yes, Steven, I’m sure you do.” The doctor looked at her hand, which held a good amount of pink-tinged semen. “The pink flow shows that the treatment is done; the serum has spread through your testicles and permanently denatured them. And”—she smiled—“I think we have also just helped to rebalance your hormone levels a little.”

Dr. Bernice moved to the sink and began to wash her hands. Fondly she watched Steve’s final offering slide off her hands and down the drain, taking his anxiety problems and fears of responsibility with it. Nearby stood her patient, grateful for having been calmed by, and in, her hands. Further readjustment sessions began to take shape in her imagination…

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a very interesting and for me completely new way of castration with a real test of the effect of the application.Great. I will recommend it to my wife.

If this really exists i ‘ll be the first in line.
An unbloody way to lose one’s manhood ,
and one last ‘leaking’. That would be fine with me.
Calm me too, Doctor

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