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Milestones: Underground Comics

Here’s another milestone in my castration fetish.

I began collecting ‘underground comics’ when I was 17. By the time I was 19 I’d collected over a hundred. These comics were famous for their outrageous, no-holds-barred graphic sex. But of course I was too weird and kinky to be turned on by them. There was only one story in one comic that had the right power dynamic for me.

A Piece of the Action

This story appeared in a comic called “Good Jive”. It was written and drawn by a Black dude called Richard ‘Grass’ Green. When I was 18-19 I masturbated and ejaculated to this story so many times.

It’s a five page story and I’ll show the climactic 5th page below. The story is pretty basic but it effectively sets the stage for the climactic ending. Here’s the summary:

Two young hippie buddies, one White, one Black, are given a mysterious box to deliver to a scary mansion. A small group of jaded male perverts led by a sexy dominant woman await the delivery. The package contains an amazing new strap-on dildo. All the perverts as well as the two hippies immediately drop their pants and eagerly offer their butts for penetration. The dominant lady tears off her clothes and joyously pegs one of them.

Here’s the final page:

I love how fiendishly intense the dominant lady is. How she calls her little harem of submissives “such little boys looking for a new thrill, a bigger kick” and joyously yells out “come to momma!” when she’s pegging them. And I love how silly with pleasure the pegged guy is. And that “she gets her rocks off too”.

Grass Green passed away in 2002. God bless him.

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