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story text

“Are You Trans?” – femdom castration fantasy

Main characters:
A fat old man, big bottom, sagging belly, drooping man-boobs.
Christine, a lady surgeon, sharp and brisk.
He gets a referral to a surgeon to remove a small cyst on his bottom. When he gets to the clinic he is surprised to find the surgeon is a woman.
After she greets him she looks him over and says, “Are you trans? With your womanly physique you certainly look trans. I’m very pro-trans. I provide counselling for trans people on the side. Here’s my card.”
She’s very forceful and persuasive. He feels lost in life. He hopes she can give him purpose, direction.
In the weeks following this first meeting he finds that her words stay with him and her face haunts him. He decides to take up her offer and calls her at home.
Later, at Christine’s home he meets some of her lady friends and some trans people she has helped. One of the trans people strips and shows how he’s been altered between his legs. He speaks highly of Christine and expresses his gratitude.
Christine: “You can be like they are. You’re already 99% trans. Let me help you go all the way and perform the finishing touches. Only two little glands stand in the way. Come to my clinic and let me and my team take care of you.”
On another occasion she made him strip while they discussed it.
Christine: “Just look at your little peeny, how it’s standing up so stiff and oozing. It shows how excited you are about it, how natural it is for you, how much you need this.”
Her eyes looked into his, they seemed to bore into him, to see his soul and to grasp it and hold it firmly. The feeling of being totally dominated made him shudder and gasp. He felt her smile with smug satisfaction as he helplessly ejaculated without being touched. He fell into a semi-conscious swoon.
“Let me clean that for you”, she whispered, and he felt her gently cleaning up his sticky mess with some wet wipes.
He fell into a state where he trusted her unconditionally, like a child trusts its mother. He felt a feminine urge inside he had never known before. It was an urge to make the transition. He surrendered to a submissive side he had always repressed. He called to make the appointment for the operation.
After the operation, he began to notice a disturbing change in the way people treated him. He was no longer treated with deference and respect for his maleness and seniority but instead they ignored him and brushed him aside like he was just some faceless pile of blubber bumbling around foolishly.
There was a special party at Christine’s house, thrown to welcome him to her group after the operation. He asked her if she was proud that he had chosen to be trans. He was stunned and shaken to the core when she laughed, “Trans? You’re not trans! You’re just a sexless little eunuch. Ha ha!”
“But… but… but…” he stammered, getting red in the face.
“Shut up, you silly eunuch,” she said. “It’s time you learned your new role in life. I noticed that you looked at our friend Helen with distaste on previous occasions, so I think I’ll start you with her. Now get down on your hands and knees and crawl over between her legs with your tongue out. She’s not wearing any panties.”
Burning with shame and humiliation he did as he was told. Christine produced a large paddle and began spanking him hard as his tongue worked on Helen’s musty old genitals. The other guests watched and laughed.
“What kind of man would let a woman take his family jewels, his very maleness?” Christine laughed. “What a weak, brainless little sissy you are!”

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