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TJStill Multi-part photo captions

Please note: the use of the elastrator in these photos is simulated through photo manipulation using a tool like Photoshop.

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TJStill haunts this forum thread:
I’ve collected quite a few of his images. 150 I haven’t posted because they’re too gory/violent and another 150 because they’re strictly maledom.
I could probably post the gory/violent ones if I cleared them with my hosting service first. They’re mostly photoshopped photos showing elastrator banding. I’m just too lazy and I’m not that into photos or banding.

Thanks for posting the link to the thread at the DS. I have personally posted near 3000 photoshopped images. There is a mix of toons, 3d art and photos. I do quite a few banding images because it is easy and I am no photoshop pro. I do pride myself in keeping the mix eclectic so that everyone is catered for.

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