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TJStill Multi-part cartoon captions

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Ball-busting fetish stuff disguised as a women’s self-defense blog. If Google/Blogspot gets wind of what this really is they’ll delete you for promoting violence.

violence? its women’s self-defense (it’s not my blog, i found it)
they don’t till today…
if i understand you. you did not love my idea to use the stories from there for your art?

I think there’s too much emphasis on ball-busting for this to be a legit blog. I don’t care. It’s just that my own blog on blogger, that I had for 7 years and had 4 million page views, was deleted by Google/Blogger because it was too violent.
As for your suggestion, Kendra, I don’t deplore it, I’m just not wild about it. I’ve never really been into ball-busting and pain. I do have some ball-busting and CBT images posted here but there are a small minority.
I appreciate your interest and your suggestion. I’m sorry I can’t be more enthusiastic.

So this is how it’s going to be when i try this on my way to transformation .Marvellous cartoon Kendra. I will be so much happier as a female.
No more annoying erections.

Yes, one way to get the testicles out of the scrotum during surgical castration is to push them out by stretching the scrotal skin so that the testicles pop out and the other is to finger the testicle through the resulting incision. Both methods are interesting and the idea of a woman’s finger searching through an empty scrotum is exciting.

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