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3 by Zontar22

I apologize for the low resolution images. Zontar22 never got around to sending me better ones.

In this one the nurse on the right is about to insert the electro-ejaculation probe. As part of the rules governing castration by chemicals, they must send his semen for analysis, so it can be compared with a sample taken in a week’s time, to ensure the chemicals have fully dissolved the testicles.

The doctor will inject the chemicals directly into the testicles. The chemicals take several hours to break the testes down into harmless mush, which is absorbed by the body. The rubber mask helps keep in place the mind control helmet, though which he will be brainwashed.

For purposes of furthering the population, sperm will only last so long when frozen. To allow fresh sperm to be used, some males are not simply castrated. Their testicles are harvested as working organs and are kept alive to produce sperm.

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At long last…this country has so many beautiful women of all ages.
(and young ‘studs’ as well) . Believe me i’ve been there…

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