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“Castratrix Quarterly” magazine cover by Cait B

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Boa noite. As castrações são somente com burdizzo ou cirúrgicas também ?
Tenho interesse nesse assunto.

Also, you’re the creator of this great website!

What is the next back issue of Castratrix Quarterly about?
Neuter your pets!

You go to a psychologist counselor and tell them you have strong male-to-eunuch trans needs. And you specify that you would prefer a woman surgeon to perform the surgery.

If what you want is a BDSM dominatrix that performs castrations as part of a domination scene, these are thankfully very rare as they are invariably butchers that can result in great harm and even loss of life.

good to know there are not too many butchers around, best do what admin suggests but the fantasy is still very real!

Yes, I’m always interesting in new artwork.
And I recognize that image, it’s from a famous video of a real surgical castration. And I’m pretty sure it would violate my hosting service’s no-violence prohibition. Artwork violence is OK, photo/video violence is not OK.

Good pickup!, yes it is from a very nice clip that I thought you would be familiar with. Thank you I will send through some of my other work that sits better in the artwork violence framework. Really love this site, keep up the great work.

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