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Backstory for Zontar22 images

Back in the early 1900s, the Women’s Suffrage movement, in Britain, where women wanted the vote, there was not only the public protest etc. but a secret group, known as The Sisterhood, were operating behind the scenes. They wanted more than just votes. They didn’t even want equality, no, they wanted a Female Supremacy!

Over the years, women got more equality with men but The Sisterhood were still at work. Over the years, women of The Sisterhood were in positions of power and influence. Their agents infiltrated government, the military and the police force. They rigged elections and assassinated male candidates.

Eventually they were in a position to control the whole of Britain, Europe and the US. Laws were introduced to prevent males from holding positions of power and certain jobs.

It was decided that many problems in society were caused by males and the root cause was the hormone Testosterone. Testosterone become a controlled substance and as it is naturally occurring, and made in the testicles, a law was passed where every male over the age of 16 must apply for a Testicle License. Various forms had to be filled in and males had to have a sponsor, such as a wife, who wanted them to retain their testicles, in order for a license to be issued. 

All males who were refused a license by the Testicle Licencing Authority, had to be castrated. These images show the doctors and nurses who work in the Castration Centres. The main company that produces the equipment is Castratech. Castratech is owned by members of The Sisterhood, of course.

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