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Males forcibly tied down and relentlessly milked by a machine is my ultimate kink, its this genera or lack of that actually got me into castration fantasy. Guys being milked by machines isnt super obscure but enough so that the lack of erotic stories and media eventually brought me to sites like this and EA.
Initially turned off by the idea of a guy getting his balls removed, the milking machine stories brought me in and quickly something clicked in me, despite being gay myself the thought of another male being eliminated from the gene pool and turned into a bitch coupled with stories of males being attached to milking machines and drained until literally dry from ejaculating repeatedly (intensely so pleasurable its painful and torturous) before having their manhood usually chopped off during their last orgasm (that is already a dry cum) just about makes me shoot prematurely.

Sadly we need more Male milking machine stories and Male milking machine and castration stories, Iv almost read everything I can get my hands on without paying so far.

Thanks, I did not find Judy’s Jewels to be badly edited myself, then again I am a horrible writer. Both your story and their version is great.
I think it was other people who wrote the other stories in the series, sadly the only other one with a milking machine in the story is the prologue with the hired guy.
I have enjoyed perusing the site, still am, you have a vast amount of content 🙂 I have written, or more so started and half written some stories myself, always terrified to post them since I know my English is horrible and punctuation almost non existent if even properly done, perhaps if I finish some Ill toss them over to you and if you like them (can of course edit them… hopefully fixing my mistakes, lol) perhaps this can be a trial outlet? 🙂

Well hello I’m a male dealers in Las Vegas I would love to lay down and be hooked up to a milking machine I’ve become one of your slaves on the farm you can find me at XXXXXXXXXX a tall white guy patrolling at midnight would love it if you come take me away

EinecScheinkadtration würde ich auch echt sehr gerne mal erleben, von der vorbereitung bis zur Kadtration. Vielleicht werde ich hier ja fündig und mit dem Mrlken auch. Bin für jeden Hinweis dankbar.

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