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“The Pet Groomer” by first timer

Summary: Dominatrix wife employs a grooming service.

In the middle of the month, I knew immediately the sound of the beep beep horn from the pink van coming up the drive. It was Tosha coming for my monthly grooming.

My cock reared with my balls pulling up at the same time!

In the basement working out keeping myself in shape for Donna. I was eager to feel Tosha hands handling me again. She was an absolutely professional groomer and she liked her work. Unlike the service before that Donna had employed for my grooming. “Kathy’s Male Cleaning Services!” She was very rough always fastening my testicles to the table with a strap to hold me steady while she would business like clean and service me! Even Donna didn’t like her after one incident when she said. “Why don’t you let me castrate him next time? He really doesn’t need those big old things hanging off him like that. Plus everything would go a lot quicker any easier if he was castrated!”

I knew she was gone after that! Donna loved my big balls! She loved to showcase then to her friends. Plus her philosophy was. “What was the point of being a dominatrix if you couldn’t dominate a male with balls! That was the whole concept! Once you physically deballed a male he has an excuse doesn’t he? But if he still has his balls hanging between his legs. Well it’s an absolute surrender to the females superiority over him isn’t it”? The logic was flawless as was she. Donna had taken me by the balls years ago molding me into her husband slave and I was proud at being owned by her wearing her brand on both butt cheeks P.O.D. Property of Donna.

Her voice came from upstairs! “Get your sorry balls up here asshole! Tosha’s here!”

Being a Italian woman Donna wasn’t to be trifled with as I knew all too well. I sprinted up the stairs with my big hard cock wagging back and forth in front my balls bouncing in all directions like a dog eager for attention. In the living room running up to my mistress and Tosha breathing heavily my heart pounding.



“Yes mistress! Sorry mistress!”

“Get down on all fours and show mistress Tosha your balls from behind. I want to show her your whole scrotum!”

Doing as ordered I went to my elbow spreading my knees exposing my big dangling scrotum to both!

“Tosha I want his entire body waxed especially his groin area and scrotum. I’m having a little party tomorrow night and I want him looking good. If you know what I mean Tosh!”

“Exactly Donna! I know what you want. Leave it to me!”

Hearing my mistress Donna’s high heels click clack away, looking up at Tosha smiled down she motioned me to standing. I towered over her! My 230 pound muscled body was in stark contrast to the slim blond blue eyed 110 pound female. The top of her head even with my shoulders! If a space alien were to have glimpse this scene they would have concluded that I was the superior being and she the subservient. They would have been wrong of course. Not

knowing that the big dangling sack that hung between my thighs was the great equalizer between our sexes!

Tosha gripped my cock in her small hand lifting it reached under with her other gathering up my big loose scrotum examining it’s hair growth pleasantly saying. “Well now big boy! We’re gone a get you all cleaned up. Inside and out. Aren’t we”?

Feeling my cock swell. She squeezed it playfully giving it a little twist giggling! “Now you just behave your self or Tosha might have to give your big old balls a good spanking won’t she? Now won’t she? Yes she will she’ll just have to give your balls a big old spanking!”

God she was so young, pretty, and charming. An absolutely natural dominatrix who easily brought out the subservient nature of the male to the female! I wanted to please her! Eager to obey her smallest command hoping that someday she would wear my balls as some type of jewelry or just taking them for her own pleasure! My secret fantasy was to have her castrate me as my ultimate tribute to her and all females in general!

She pointed my cock in the direction of the kitchen where she had setup her work station slapping my ass hard! “Get in their big balls! Tosha’s got her work to do! She’s gotta make her big boy pretty!”

Amused watching his big silly floppy hanging scrotum swing back and forth into the kitchen she followed. He knew the procedure getting up onto her portable stainless steel grooming table. Got on all fours spreading his knees into the appropriate slots and waited. Under him the table curved into a oblong basin with drain, various hoses running underneath to the kitchen sink. At the back corners by his feet stood two upright rods with solution bags and tubes hanging from them!

Feeling Tosha’s hand stroke down over his scrotum then gently patting it saying! “Do we need to strap you Bill”? “No mistress!” “I didn’t think so big guy! Your such a good boy aren’t you? Well aren’t you!” “Yes mistress!”

“I like grooming you Bill. You’ve got such a nice big prominent sack on you! A lot bigger then most you know! Most of the ones I do are either little or skinny hanging things. You should be very proud at having such a big full manly sack on you. It’s so aesthetically pleasing for a woman to see a male with a big hanging pouch like yours you know! It makes us feel more womanly somehow seeing a big heavy scrotum hanging off her male! You know that”?

I was swelling with pride as she spoke. Then hearing a click of her attaching a anal nozzle and taking hold of one of my balls holding me steady shoved it in business like giving my ball a little squeeze said. “Good boy!” Next she attached something new around my scrotal neck. It was a fat heavy ring which slid down resting on top of my balls. She saw my expression and said. “Oh you’re going to like this! Its something new I’ve just got. In fact you’re the first one I’m trying it on. It’s called a testis oscillator it sends high and low frequencies through your testicles which keeps you stimulated and happy makes everything go quicker and easier. Half the time the instructions say for grooming males!”

Suddenly a pleasant moan escaped from deep inside my throat. She giggled clapping her hands together like an excited little girl saying. “OH WOW! It works! Wow! It really works!”

Her hands when to my balls feeling them seeing if she could feel the vibrations squealing with delight! “I can feel it Bill I can feel it! God this thing really works!”

She was so happy and I was happy for her to! My cock was stretched down under me swollen pulsating hard as I started grunting! A little surprise as her enema probe pushed out falling to the table. Looked under at my cock watching it discharge a steady huge long thick rope of cum into the basin listening to my now long low straining grunts she immediately switched off theĀ testis oscillator!

Trembling weak drooling from my mouth and cock she started hosing off my body with a find spray of warm water saying! “Sorry big boy! Didn’t realize how quick the oscillator ring worked! God it could have killed a weaker man!”

Chapter 2 Potential gold mine

Tosha realized immediately the potential money making opportunities of the Testis oscillator and her final words to me that day were. “Bill would Donna consider selling you? You know I could make a small fortune selling these things! But I would need a male with really big balls like yours to give presentations! You’d be perfect for it!”

Donna did sell me to Tosha. The price never being mentioned but rumor had it at 20,000. This was something unheard of paying 20,000 for a male. Especially a male with oversized testicles which were considered at that time completely un-vogue by the ladies. But my new mistress. Mistress Tosha knew different. She knew that what was once vogue would be again with a little tweak here and their and she set about changing that with a presentation on the home shopping network!

*** The Show ***

So Tosha you’ve got a special type thingamajig for us girls to use on our males? So exactly what does it do”?

“Well Carol its called a testis oscillator, and if I may! I’d like to demonstrate it on my man for you and the home viewing audience if you don’t mind!”

Well sure Tosha! Bring him out! Lets have a look at him.

With that cue, I came out naked deliberately bouncing on my heels as we had practice making my big heavy balls do the same. The hostess Carol laughed in surprise looking into the camera saying. “Well now you don’t see testicles that big on a man anymore do you? He’s a real specimen isn’t he Tosha”?

“Yep Carol he’s double grade A for sure isn’t he”?

“More like double grade AA to me Tosha! He’s got some serious balls on him, girl!”

It was kind of a joke at first but I could sense a change in her attitude! Seeing little admiring glances in her eyes at my balls and at Tosha as she ordered me up onto the table into position on all fours I smiled waiting.

“Ok Carol what we do is fasten this adjustable doughnut around the top of his scrotum. Not to tight, just tight enough to let it slide down on the top his balls like this!

Carol reached under sliding the doughnut up and down demonstrating for the camera with a big smile! Then mouthing. “He’s a big boy!”

Tosha picked up the remote pressing it for a second. My cock jutted out under me bigger and harder then relaxed limp!

“Wow Tosha that’s impressive!”

“Carol the batteries are incorporated into the doughnut rechargeable for up to a 1000 hours. Plus there are 15 different oscillating frequencies or settings. You can prolong ejaculation forever or bring him to his knees squirting more sperm then you would ever think possible that he could produce!

“OK Carol stand back a little more! We wouldn’t want you getting splattered with his cum! That’s a nice outfit you’ve got on I wouldn’t want to ruin it!”

Doing as Tosha asked stepping away she watched wide-eyed. As did millions of other women at home! The phone lines were smoking with a director giving Carol the over the head sign! Way over the head sign! She nodded then watched as Tosha gave the testis oscillator full power!

Letting out a deep grunt his cock bolted out huge under him as his entire body jerked tense! His balls pulled up lifting the doughnut collar with them! Than dropped with a grunt he let out a jet of sperm with such force it splattered off the table in every direction! Grunting again he duplicated it and a third time until Tosha satisfied with her demonstration turned the testis oscillator off!

“Holy Smokes ladies! I’m getting one of these for my men! Plus finding a couple of new ones with testicles like Tosha’s!”

Chapter 3 Living in luxury

Well big balls were in vogue again just like Tosha knew would happen! She wrote a book. “Her Big Balled Male”. Which became a best seller. At book signings I would stand behind her with my balls draped over her shoulder with the lead weighted scrotal ring on them! ladies of all ages complementing her on how nice and big they were. But the most excited were the really young girls at seeing them! Some of their questions were to say the least extremely embarrassing to me. They wanted to feel and weigh them asking her how could they make their slave boyfriends have bigger balls like mind. Tosha would say. “Its all in the book girls!”

Talk shows were the worst! Inevitably I would be handle by the female host as she would described to the audience their weight texture and smoothness while asking Tosha questions as to why in the past males with big testicles were frowned upon? Responding Tosha would say! “Well in chapter 12 I describe the historical femdom awakenings as related to the male. In as such first and I must say and understandably so at the time. Of considering a male with big testicles a symbol and focal point of a natural female reaction to pass male domination! Relating testicle size to an inner psychological fear which today we realize was just the opposite! Males with big balls were in all reality the ones less threatening, being that they were so prominent and exposed to the female we all use their testicles to discipline them so it’s reasonable conjecture to conclude that the ones with the biggest balls are naturally the most submissive!”

At the end of this interview Tosha gave a demonstration of the Testis oscillator on me! Clearing the coffee table with me getting on top on all fours with the host Diane Sawyer watched intently then helping Tosha fasten the doughnut ring around my big hanging scrotum saying while giggling! “May I Tosha”? Indicating to the remote control. “Of course Diane he’s all yours!” Looking over at both women sitting back comfortably with their long legs crossed. I suddenly felt the doughnut come alive with my cock stretching down hard under me! “EWWWW!!! Diane let out as a big jet of cum shot out under me! OH god! Shut it off! Shut it off! OH God look at him! He’s cumming all over the place Tosha! Both were

laughing hysterical at my ball draining discharge onto the top of the coffee table. Both fumbling with the control making a show for the cameras in mock innocence trying to turn it off! Meanwhile I was grunting out load after load of sperm until drained then I started dry humping in front of millions of females viewers!

What little dignity I had was drained out of me that morning on Diane Sawyers coffee table! Reaching back between my thighs grabbing the doughnut trying to pull it off in humiliation and anger only hurting myself being that my balls were to big to slide through. Frantically fumbling in embarrassment fingering one ball pushing it through then the other it dropping to the table with a thud. I ran from the studio crying to a roar of laughter from everyone their!

Later backstage Tosha found me leaning against a wall weeping holding my balls! “I’m very disappointed in you Bill!” Pushing my hands away from my balls she attached a choker for the first time around my scrotums neck with a leash attached tugging me hard to follow. Outside to the limo she slapped my balls hard got in then yanked my tethered testicles in beside her! I screamed in pain and shock! This was the first time she ever deliberately abused my

balls like this!

“How dare you!! How fucking dare you!!! You sorry fucking big balled bitch!! How dare you embarrass me in front of millions of women like that!!! I should castrate you for doing that do you understand me? I should cut your fucking big sorry ass balls right off right now!”

“I’m sorry mistress! Please mistress Tosha it’ll never happen again mistress!”

With that, we rode in silence!

Chapter 4 Changes

Once a pampered pet I was now just part of Tosha’s stable of big balled males! Four in all including myself kept immaculately groomed with our big dangling scrotums always on display for what was now a cowgirl dude ranch of sorts!

Tosha was given a doctorate in Female societal evolutionism! She used the moniker to the hilt. Starting the “Big Danglers Ranch!” “A place where mothers and daughters could bond in the female experience!”

In reality it was nothing more then a male whore house under the pretense guise of educational experiences for young girl under they mothers guiding hands!

I was very popular amongst the mothers and daughters. They all knowing me from Tosha’s books and such! I was so tired of being handle by women and girls with their mothers invariably holding my cock up so their daughters could fondle my heavy hanging scrotum to their delightful squeals of amazement as to their weight and softness!

I wanted to be castrated! Preferably by a woman! But I would do it myself if I couldn’t persuade a woman! I wanted Tosha to castrate me! But I knew she wouldn’t because my balls still attached to me were worth money to her!

Pondering I read her book again! They it was! The answer in her own words in chapter 14. “Necessary Castration of Your Male!”

“Rarely will a male with big testicles need to be castrated. Being to the size and vulnerable nature at having said testicles! But one must never underestimate a male with large testicles and its tendencies towards a female sexually especially young girls. If an big balled male shows aggressive behavior towards a female he should be castrated at once!”

“Well tomorrow’s another day!”

My cock was hard very hard! Abnormally hard as I waited! This would be it! I hated myself for what I was about to do! But this was the only way I could think of to end my misery! I would rape a mother’s daughter in front of her and Tosha would castrate me like I always I wanted her to do!

It was a sunny Saturday morning mothers and daughters were coming down from the house after breakfast to inspect us as usual. Giggling and laughing with the young girls sprinting out in front excited! Tosha and their mothers pleasantly chatting from behind in the warm morning sun! Seeing Tosha’s eyes glanced at my big hardon curiously she sensed something. All the other males cocks reared up as the girls got closer a smell of primordial danger, a rutting bull in heat flashed in her mind instinctively she knew! As did the mothers!

Not only was I castrated that morning but also Tosha’s entire stable of big-balled males!

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