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“Neutered by the Vet” by Martha Z. Kleine (foreshadowing excerpt)

She smiled. “Good. We’ll get you a nice docile gelding and we’ll go nice and slow. I can lead your horse for you if you like.”


Nancy grinned. “Castrated male. Remember? They’re much better behaved and far less unruly than stallions. I personally geld all our male horses, some as foals, some when they were too old to breed. Once their hormone levels have dropped they are far better socially with other horses. Stallions really need a confident and experienced handler. I could put you on a stallion, but I think you’d end up on the deck with a broken back and I’d end up rolling you down the aisle in a wheelchair. So, yeah. I think I’ll put you on a gelding.”

Dave shuddered visibly. “Fine, if you think it’s best. God! All this talk about castrating animals and then your dad. Now horses! It’s been like castration city these past two days.”

Nancy grinned and winked at him. “Well, you are talking to the castration queen! I’ve neutered eight cats in less than an hour before. I’ve done standing castrations on horses, where we sedate them, give them a local and whip their balls off where they stand. I’ve also done recumbent castrations where we give ’em a general. I prefer recumbent to be honest. Some horses seem a bit attached to their testicles and try to kick me as I cut their balls off.”

“I’m not surprised. I think I’d try and kick you!”

She laughed at this. “Oh, I’d have to sedate you first! I’ve never castrated a human before. It’s funny, I’ve done SO many species! But I’ve never castrated a human! Perhaps you could volunteer to be my first? It never did dad any harm. I’d have to bank some of your sperm first, of course, in case I wanted babies one day.”

“No thanks, Nance. Can you handle a stallion?”

Nancy shrugged, then paused thoughtfully. “Of course I can! I prefer a gelding though. I like my animals calm, docile, and easy to control. I suppose that means I like my animals castrated!”

“As long as that’s limited to animals.” Muttered Dave.

She laughed and they walked to the stables.

Nancy stopped and looked at the row of five or six horses peeping over their stable doors. She eventually took Dave’s hand and led him towards a mottled grey horse with a timid disposition. “Hmmmm, I think I’ll put you on Felix. He’s very docile, he’s an absolute sweetie. Well, he is now. He was quite a rambunctious fellow before I gelded him. Honestly, if there ever was a good advert for castration, Felix is it.

Dave marveled at the obvious nature of the horse, which seemed totally submissive to Nancy. “Is this the one that kicked you?”

Nancy shook her head. “Oh no, Felix was such a sweetie. I think he knew it’d be good for him. He seemed quite frustrated before. He was very good. He only needed mild sedation and a local. He stood very quiet and still and allowed me to remove his testicles without any fuss. He was completely accepting.”

“This is Piper. He’s my absolute favorite.”

“Gelding, as well?” Dave asked.

“Of course!” she tutted. “We keep mares and at least one stallion, but we only ride geldings. Mares are okay as long as they’re not in heat, but if you want a nice, obedient, easy-to-control horse – you want a gelding.”

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That’s a popular story. I think I can see two reviews from you.

Shaun Green Jan 05, 2018
Shaun Green rated it it was amazing
Loved it. Great story. Proper story too. At the end she almost convinces you that is WOULD be a good idea to get your vet girlfriend to neuter you…. Almost that is. Despite the quality of the scene, erm… No thanks. Good fantasy though.

Sabrina Aug 03, 2017
Sabrina rated it it was amazing
Great new story. I think there’s more castration in this one than any story I’ve read. Fantasize about having your balls whipped off? This story for you! ^_^ …more

Violet Reigns Mar 01, 2021
Violet Reigns rated it really liked it
Expect a slow burn with this feminization novella. Not a criticism. I enjoy a plot that’s prepared to take its time to unravel, even if the title and subtitle acts somewhat as a spoiler. As a story, I think Neutered by the Vet is done well. Dave’s journey towards the inevitable is shown as both a physical and psychological transformation, the latter of which is often overlooked in erotica. The reader is simply left to wait for the titillating parts of the story, which happen quite late in the bo …more

Chester J. Mar 16, 2018
Chester J. rated it really liked it
Scary chastity
This one had me squirming, but it was still somewhat titillating. I do not think I would like this in real life.

Auntcassie1 Dec 16, 2018
Auntcassie1 rated it it was amazing
Best femdom castration fantasy ever! Given me 59 orgasms so far. A sequel would be most welcome.

Michael LoCascio Apr 27, 2021
Michael LoCascio rated it it was amazing
A Dream Comes True
Let me say that I an neutered and I am quite happy. My wife wanted it an I did it. I think this book was great and well written. The only thing I wonder about , what if Nancy wasn’t rich? Once again, A fine book and easy read.

Mike SIMS Oct 24, 2018
Mike SIMS rated it it was amazing
It’s the destiny for all “men”
It was so realistic and yet immensely exciting
Can’t wait for more. Is there more in this series.
No need for a chastity cage anymore

Aunt Cassie Nov 13, 2020
Aunt Cassie rated it it was amazing
Best femdom castration fantasy I’ve ever encountered. It continues to be arousing even after much time has elapsed.

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No, none of the summaries seemed promising. This team of writers are lesbians I believe and they write
to please men and since they don’t get off on the fantasies themselves they don’t work that well.
The only other one by this team that has some heat is “Anita’s Tale: The Sperm Donor” by Sabrina
Jen Mountford.

If you want me to review stories you could send me zip files of straight stories from the Eunuch

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