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KathleenK’s Greatest Snips

Summary: A couple enticing emails by the notorious KathleenK, the castration queen.

I have played many scenarios, I find I like longer and longer scenes (like real life?). I like the preparation for castration.

I like to draw it out as long as possible; it can be a beautiful torment. Even start days before hand and mark your castration day on the calendar. Draw your attention to it every day. You’re one day closer to being my eunuch. Like if I was doing your scene I would want to be the one that shaved your scrotum. All the while I would talk about castration, how much I like it, the different ways I might do it, maybe tracing lines on your scrotum where I might cut you, maybe use a Magic Marker to mark the place where I will cut, things like that.

My younger sister and I were raised on a ranch by my older sister. She taught us how to castrate. Each late spring/early summer we would have to round up all the males on the place and castrate them (except for a few used for breeding). We raised mostly cattle, with some horses, pigs, sheep, etc. Most of the castrations I did were on year old animals but each year there would be a few adult bulls and stallions that I would castrate because they did not breed well or were no longer used. Of course, all adult males on the ranch that are not good for breeding are castrated as soon as possible. This makes them gentle and easier to handle, much less dangerous; it is a rather obvious transformation they go through. This is one of the things that fascinates me about castration, and believe me it works on men to if they do not load up on replacement hormone therapy. No one would ever tolerate stallions except for breeding, never for riding especially around children (and us defenseless females!). I first started castrating when I was going through puberty. That is when I got hooked on castration, as is the case with most castration addicts. There was no stigma attached to it. It was simply work that had to be done. Vets were very expensive and hard to get; no one hired them to do simple castrations. I found it very exciting at the time and still do. We used to giggle about it and fantasize about cutting our boy friends, teachers, assholes, etc.

The first time my husband met me I was castrating an adult bull, I was wearing shorts and a halter, my future husband got an enormous erection (and I think he ejaculated in his pants but he would never admit it). I have not done any recently. Love it though, you should experience it sometime if you have not already.

You asked how we got bulls to stand still for castration. Well, this was certainly not what you would call consensual castration. When we castrated adult bulls we used a special pen that was designed especially for handling cattle. The whole process of castrating an adult bull was very thrilling for me. Bulls are very dangerous and have killed people. They weigh 1500 – 3000 pounds and are all muscle and nervous energy. They usually do not like for people to herd them about and pen them up in tight places. They seem to sense they are in danger and do not like it, snorting and panting and bellowing and pawing the ground with their hoofs. They try to ram the corral to get out, its like a small car hitting the corral, except no metal to metal of course, but it shakes everything violently. The pen was very strong, made out of welded pipe. It was a pen that narrowed down to a funnel at one end. At that end it became a narrow passageway that only one bull could pass at a time, the width could be adjusted easily and quickly. At the very end was a gate, it could be closed (and opened to let the new steer out), it had and opening that the bull would always poke his head through trying to get out. This opening was hinged so that it could be opened wide, once the bull poked his head through a lever was pulled that squeezed the opening shut tightly on the bull’s neck. Now the bull can not go forward or backward. Then the passageway is squeezed tight against the sides of the bull. Now the bull can not go forward or backward or to the left or to the right. Then another pipe gate is slid across the passageway just behind the bull. This gate prevented the bull from kicking — the Castratrix. I could now approach the bull safely from the rear with my little black bag (A purse you think? Full of little dainty girl things? Lipstick and perfume? NO! NO! NO!). The bull could hardly move, but 2000 pounds of shear muscle and energy could rattle the cage violently. It was frightening to stand inches from such power. Now the fun can begin. After I had laid out my little black bag on a little shelf to the side. I would reach between the bulls hind legs and take his scrotum in my hand and gently stroke it, then an amazing thing would always happen, this thrashing monster would always calm down!!! I had his attention! Well you asked how we got them to stand still for castration, that’s it. I will not waste your time or bore you with the rest!

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Kathleen k are you a actual person or is this just story’s we grew up on a 15.000 acre dance in feed out over 4000 steers

I’m already on estrodial and spironalactone. looking forward to having boobs and shrinking testicles. penis looks like a button. No ejaculate when I cum. So much fun. Would love to have a pink satin maids dress on at a party, band placed over testicles and a vote as to whether I should be castrated or not. What use do I have for them so make me a sissy faggot

I still enjoy reading about castration, my young wife and her lover insisted I be castrated when I retired from the Marines as Jim her lover no longer wanted to share Joan’s sexual charms now that I was home permanently. They said I too would be much more content after my castration as I became frustrated when I was only allowed to watch Jim breed my wife and now I can accept my role as their castrated Eunuch Sissy. They castrated me 10-29-11. I am now much more excepting and content to give oral sex to them both. jerrie

This is something similar to this. Wife had her husband castrated because he had to have sex day/night but she couldn’t do it. In a few weeks, he was in a female Dr Office and castrated. He was actually so happy. Would love meeting you about this to learn more of your relationship.

I would enjoy hearing from other castrated Eunuch’s and if there is a group that meets to discuss the joy of castration I would like to join in the group. jerrie, My Email is: XXXXXXXXXX@?????.com. thank you.

If you want to talk to other eunuchs I suggest you get a membership over at the Eunuch Archive,
They have a very active forum there and some of the admins there are eunuchs.
Please don’t post personal contact info. I will not allow it.

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