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“Incident in the Brambles” by Kortpeel

[Note: All characters are above the age of consent]

Summary: Caught in the shameful act with their pants down, our lads pay the price.

It had been quite a good bike ride. Afterwards me, Dave and Rodney went to our usual spot in the brambles for our after-cycle-ride group wank. The brambles were in a forest on a private estate and we had no right to be in there. That had made exploring the grounds all the more exciting. The brambles was a thicket of blackberry thorns and we’d found a way through it to the grassy clearing inside. That was our secret place. No one else knew about it, not even the owners of the forest.

A wank is necessary after a longish cycle ride. I think it’s something to do with the way that your prick bumps and slides about over the saddle. We settled down in our private place, got our shorts down and exposed our pricks to the warm afternoon sunshine. That alone was enough to get a good hard on.

Rodney leant back admiring his boner. He had a big prick with a slight upward curve to it. Quite ugly, I thought. Dave’s prick was dead straight but it had a waist around it two thirds of the way along. It looked like it would break off at that point. We reckoned it was from wanking so much but Dave insisted that some pricks were just like that. Mine was just an ordinary prick with a slight downward bend to it and it was the only prick of the three that had been circumcised. Both Dave and Rodney teased me that I’d had the best part cut off. I didn’t know about that but I did wish that all of my prick was still there.

Me and Dave waited for Rodney to start wanking. We gave him a few strokes start and then we started too. Rodney is a slow wanker and it’s better to wait for him before rather than after you’ve come.

I thought about how nice it would be if Betty Enwright who lived in the next road from us were giving me a wank. Her lovely soft female hand gently working my prick would be- Damn! I came much too quickly.

I lost interest in the proceedings, pulled up my pants and started to crawl back through the brambles. I planned to wait for the other two by where we’d left our bikes.

“And just what do you two think you’re doing here?” The loud female voice made me freeze. I looked around and through the brambles I could see a woman dressed in a riding outfit, jodhpurs, jacket and leather boots. She was standing over Dave and Rodney brandishing a riding crop. Instinctively the two stood up. Rodney bent to pull up his pants and got an almighty thwack across his buttocks from the crop. It made even me wince. Dave just stood there, knock-kneed with his hands covering his prick.

“Put both hands on your heads,” the woman ordered. Rodney obeyed hastily. Dave was a bit slow to uncover his prick and the woman gave a swish of her crop to hurry him up. He instinctively moved his hands out of the way and took the blow on his cock instead. That certainly cured his boner.

For my part I kept dead still and hoped that she wouldn’t see me in the brambles. I was nervous but nowhere near as scared as Dave and Rodney who were trembling with fear.

“First of all,” the woman said in a clear upper class voice, “You are both trespassing. You have no right to be here. You could go to prison for that.”

She paused to let that sink in. I could see that Dave was clenching his buttocks tightly. I think Rodney was too.

“Secondly, you were both playing with yourselves. Don’t you know that is a disgusting and degrading thing to do?”

Both Rodney and Dave nodded, eyes downcast and unable to look her in the face.

“I can’t hear you.” There was menace in her voice.

“Yes miss,” Dave and Rodney mumbled.

“And do you know that little boys who play with their wee-wees never amount to anything in life?”

“No miss,” they both muttered.

“Well, it might be too late to save you both from becoming ignominious failures but I shall try. It will hurt you a little but I’m going to fix you both so you stop wanting to play with yourselves.” She paused. “All right. Get your clothes off.”

I watched as the woman removed her riding jacket and rolled up the sleeves her blouse. She was quite awesome in her white blouse and lacy cravat, tan riding breeches that fitted so snugly around her slim waist. Her riding boots that fitted tightly around her calves suited her too. And she was tall, much taller than Dave and Rodney.

The two of them looked so stupid standing there, naked apart from their shoes and socks.

The woman had a black leather bag with her. I saw her take out a syringe, fill it with something from a little glass container then she turned her attention to Rodney. “You boy, you can be first. She took hold of his ball bag and gently worked it with her fingers.

“What’s your name boy?” As she spoke she injected Rodney, into his balls it looked like but I couldn’t see exactly where.

“Rodney, miss”

“All right Rodney. Just stand quite still for a minute.”

She did the same to Dave and having her play with his scrotum restored his boner, even with the red welt on it. That done the lady examined his prick and saw the wanker’s waist on it. “My word! David. You have been giving it a pounding haven’t you? You really do need to be fixed quite urgently. You’ve been doing yourself serious mischief here.”

“Yes miss,” Dave said.

From her bag she took a kind of a big pliers gadget except it was a bit more complicated. She fitted it around the neck of Rodney’s ball bag. Rodney just stood there, legs slightly splayed and quivering with fright. He still had his hard on though.

“Tell me if it hurts but whatever you do don’t move,” she told him and squeezed the handles.

Rodney gave a sort of convulsion as she squeezed. His face twisted up and his eyes watered freely. Then he relaxed as she continued to squeeze, looking at her watch to time the duration of the squeeze.

“There. Now you’re half done. Just once more and you’ll be free of those disgusting habits and thoughts.”

She carefully repositioned the pliers thing and it happened again. Rodney gave a twitch as she first squeezed and then relaxed.

“Just stand quite still for a few minutes Rodney. Now it’s your turn David.”

I suspect that Dave’s mind was fully occupied dealing with the pressure on his anal sphincter. He didn’t seem to react much as the lady repeated on him what she’d done to Rodney.

“All right David and Rodney. You can put your clothes on now. And you can thank me for stopping you from having those depraved thoughts and from wanting to play with yourselves.”

“Thank you, miss.” They both seemed a lot more relaxed now that the worst was over and there was no need to be scared. They were going to be crawling out of the brambles soon and I didn’t want them to see me. I ignored the scratches as I wriggled silently into a denser patch.

“You may go now. And don’t let me catch you in here again.”

They were both dressed and more than happy to leave. They crawled out through the tunnel in the brambles, luckily without seeing me. I stayed put, waiting for that woman to get clear. She just stood there as if waiting. For what? Why didn’t she leave?

Then, to my amazement, she undid the hooks and zips on her jodhpurs and dropped them, her knickers too. She backed up to the brambles, close to where I was hiding, got into a crouching position and pissed. I had a worm’s eye view of her arse as she let flow. A lot of it went onto my face but I was too intrigued by this rare and mysterious insight of how a woman pisses to worry about it. Funny how the stream comes out backwards.

From her bag she took a tissue and wiped herself. Then she pulled up, zipped up and hooked up, rolled down her sleeves and put her riding jacket back on. She left the clearing by a different route, I’ve never figured out how. I heard the thud of her horse’s hoof beats fade into the distance. It dawned on me that the only reason she’d come here in here in the first place was to find a place for a pee.

Luckily my bike was still where I left it. I was scratched and bleeding and smelling of piss but it didn’t bother me as I rode home. I was thinking about Betty Enwright and wondering how I could get into her pants.

Well I got to know Betty Enwright a lot better and I did get into her pants. Extremely pleasant it was in there too, except for her remark afterwards “Your prick isn’t as big as Rodney’s is it? You don’t seem to go as far up.”

It turned out Betty knew the woman who’d cured Dave and Rodney of wanking: “Yes, that must have been Doc Janet. She’s a vet. She says all men are much better off for being gelded. And she’s gelded a lot of the men around here.”

“Don’t they mind being gelded?”

“They don’t seem to. Too bad if they did, I suppose. But perhaps they do think they’re better off for it.”

I’m not sure that Doc Janet isn’t right. Betty’s pregnant and I’m buggered if I know what to do about it. Dave and Rodney laughed like drains when they heard. They didn’t give a damn’ that I was worried sick, the smug bastards.

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