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“Hanging On” by Kortpeel (excerpt)

“It’d be nicer for both of us when your urges are gone. Why not let me organize you a preliminary interview with a specialist who does this work.”

Jane had become a very strong minded woman and moral rectitude was her forte. She’d always been into good works like visiting the aged. When she made a pronouncement on what was right or wrong I was inclined to take her seriously. She explained to me that lecherous thoughts were just as sinful as lecherous deeds and that she was perfectly aware of how my mind worked. “Simply looking at another woman with lust in your heart is both a sin before God and an insult to me.”

A week later Jane and I were knocking on the door of one Dr. Mary Smith, specialist surgeon. She was an attractive older woman and this appointment was at her home. She led Jane and I into a comfortable chintzy living room where she put us at ease and established first name terms. Then she explained the consequences of the procedure. The main thing apparently was that I would completely lose interest in sex. Apart from that, nothing else would change except that I’d stop going bald and would probably live longer.

According to Mary An important benefit was that without testosterone in the body the risk of prostate cancer is virtually zero. That was how she came to be in this branch of surgery. Orchidectomy for prostate cancer is a regular every day procedure. She realized that it would be a valuable preventive measure: “If you’re going to lose them after you get cancer why not have them out anyway and avoid the cancer?” It made sense.

“Now as to the procedure itself, would you care to see what actually happens?”

She led us through to her private operating room. There was a raised frame arrangement in which the patient knelt on all fours with his legs apart. Thus presenting his scrotum at working height to the surgeon who stood behind him.

She showed us a video of what would happen. With the patient in the frame, settled and comfortable and strapped in for safety she would inject some local anesthetic and while it was starting to work she attached an artificial vagina to the penis. The guy in the video had a mighty hard on. The artificial vagina ran slowly to maintain arousal but not enough to ejaculate. “I call it the milker,” she explained. “It isn’t very professional and you wouldn’t get it in a regular hospital but I think it is nice for the patient to have one really good ejaculation as his testicles come out.”

The video showed her make two small incisions in the back of the patient’s scrotum. She popped out the testicles, stretched the cords on which they hung and anchored them while she tied off each one. Then she increased the speed of the artificial vagina until the guy creamed. As he did so she quickly cut the stretched cords which immediately retracted into the scrotum. It took a further few minutes to suture the incisions , a wipe around and that was it.

The guy stayed in overnight and went home the next day.

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