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“Dominic’s castration fantasy” from a Nancy Friday book

A young man in his late twenties, Dominic has an innocent face and a nice smile. He’s a blue-collar guy who sees himself as rugged and virile.

I’ve had a lot of girls. I’m always attracted to “take charge” types. My fantasy involves my being the possession of a very beautiful, strong, confident woman. She’s dominant and classy. We live in a spacious contemporary home, which is always immaculate. My duties include cleaning the house, making meals, washing clothes, and giving massages to my “owner”. When she is really tense, I sit on the floor and give her oral, anal and vaginal massages. One day, she comes home raging mad because I have cheated on her with a neighbor. To put me in my place, she has my testicles removed surgically. This gives her much delight.

When the surgery is over, she has me wear short skirts around the house. She has me dress totally as a woman, complete with bra and wig. When she gives a party at her house, she has me raise my miniskirt to show the women “what happens to naughty boys”.

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