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“Changed Roles” by Kortpeel

“Don’t get dressed today. You know I like you being nude.” It was a fine Sunday morning. We had the day to ourselves and I was looking forward to some conjugal companionship. I would have preferred to get dressed, it can be limiting in the nude but if that’s what Carol wanted …

Carol read the paper and had finished it by the time I had breakfast ready. “Anything in the paper today?” I asked her as I served up breakfast for both of us.

“Nothing much,” my wife said. ” Working holidays on Mars are becoming more popular. I wouldn’t mind doing that one day.”

I knew Carol had this adventurous streak and it was only the need to earn a living and pay off the house that was holding her back. I sometimes wondered if she would dump me and the house and go off one day for an adventure such as that Martian trip.

Doris came around later that morning. She and Carol had some business on the go that they needed to discuss. I felt a bit shy having Doris see me nude but of course neither Carol nor Doris thought anything of it. Doris gave me the usual cursory up and down glance and that was even worse. I became aware that my penis had shriveled. Penis etiquette is so difficult for a chap to get right. A full erection is a real social faux pas but almost as bad is the shriveled penis which just looks pathetic. I find it so difficult to maintain that socially correct semi-erection which the magazines always recommend. I brought them coffee and left them to it. I got on with the washing up and making the bed.

While I was upstairs I took the opportunity to rub the contraceptive cream into my scrotum. I had to keep this secret from Carol. She was keen to conceive but I wasn’t ready for a child just yet. It was all very well for her. All she had to do was to carry it for three months and then the fetus would go into the incubator for the other six. Thereafter Muggins here would have to feed it, change diapers and get up in the night when it cried. I certainly wanted children but not yet.

Our marriage contract specified that Carol would have at least one child by me. She was bound to our marriage until that happened. She had an inclination to wander, so by not giving her that child I could bind her for a few years. Then I hoped she’d be more settled.

During our courtship I’d been surprised that she insisted on marrying me because I could see she wasn’t ready to settle down. Turned out she really did like me and wanted me to share her life and I suppose, snap me up before some other woman did. She told me after we were married that I was a really good fuck too. No other guy had ever brought her to the top like I did. That was the nicest thing she could have said.

Generally, I’ve found that a woman likes monogamy and prefers one regular lover. She’ll only stray if she doesn’t get satisfaction. Since then I’ve made a point of giving her the best sex I could manage.

Having some time to myself, I gave myself a body shave. Carol hates me to be bristly and I did a spot of grooming on the hand and toenails. Then I fluffed up the penis just enough before going downstairs to where Carol and Doris were still talking business.

“Would you mind if Doris stayed to lunch?” Carol asked.

I was disappointed. I’d hoped we’d have some time together this weekend. “No of course not.” I said. “Lunch will be ready at one.”

“Yeah great. Look we have to go out to look at something, but we’ll be back in time for lunch.”

“Ok.” What else could I have said?

I wondered what they were up to and whether I ought to take an interest. Sometimes Carol can be really patronizing when I try to take an interest in what she’s up to. She usually tells me that I don’t have the background knowledge to understand. Often she’s right and I don’t. Still, It’s hurtful to think that there’s a whole part of her life that excludes me. It makes me insecure. But what the heck! It was my job to be a dutiful husband and prepare lunch.

I expected them to be late back and they were. It was half past two when they got in. And they’d been drinking. I served lunch and joined them.

“So what did you go and look at?” I asked, trying to take an interest.

Carol didn’t say anything but Doris very nicely explained that there was a piece of land for sale. If they could develop it they’d make a killing between them.

“Oh,” I said. “But won’t you need capital for that?”

“Don’t worry,” Carol said. “We’ve got it all sorted out.”

After lunch, Doris left and Carol was feeling amorous. She played with my penis and got it to stand. Sex at short notice is all right but I prefer a nice long build up so that I can properly get in the mood. However, what Carol wants….

Afterwards she had a nap. I read the paper.

I could see what she’d meant about Martian holidays. People would go there for a minimum of two years and work at oxygenating the planet and creating enough biomass to fertilize the Martian surface. The more adventurous spent their time in space trapping comets and asteroids of ice. They would drop them on Mars to increase the quantity of water there. Apparently ice-hunting in space was the ultimate gung-ho thrill.

Trouble was it was only women who could go to Mars. There was some reason to do with radiation they wouldn’t let men go. I thought that it was unfair and sexist that only de-balled men were allowed. Apparently quite a few guys were opting for castration and going with their wives.

That evening Carol and I got some quality time together. “Don’t you think it’s exciting to create a whole new planet for mankind,” Carol said, referring to the article in the paper about it.

“Well, yes I suppose so.” Not that people needed a new planet any more. Ever since the scourge of HIV had spread across the world over-population had ceased to be a threat. Of course HIV has long been dealt with but the social changes of the last few decades, during which females have become the predominant salary earners in the family, had done a lot to prevent overpopulation. In fact governments are encouraging couples to have more children.

“What I’d like to do,” Carol said with a wicked twinkle in her eye, “Let’s conceive a couple of kids in the nice old fashioned way and then go to Mars. What do you say to that?”

“Well, I’d have to have my balls off. Would you still love me if I did?”

“Of course I would, my darling. There’s a lot more to you than just a penis and testicles.”

Carol gave me a cuddle and I felt reassured and safe in her arms.

“What I want you to do is stop rubbing that cream into your balls and come up with some nice vital sperm to get my eggs working.”

Oh God! She’d known about the contraceptive cream.

She didn’t really mind. She’d enjoyed the sex too. However I did stop with the cream and a year later we had the two children Carol wanted: a boy and a girl.

Meanwhile the project that Doris and Carol had been working on came to fruition and even though it wasn’t an actual killing it was profitable enough to pay off our mortgage and then some. I was so proud of her for achieving that.

By that stage Carol was well and truly bent on Mars. She filed the applications, found out a lot about it and was all ready to go. Personally I’d just have soon stayed in our house and raised our children but it wasn’t an option. I certainly wasn’t going to let my wife disappear off to Mars by herself.

Since we were going only for two years we decided to keep our house and rent it out. Carol organised it with the realtor and for the rent money to go into a growth investment. With a little luck we’d be fairly prosperous on our return.

I’d been stalling on getting the male qualification for the Mars trip and Carol knew it. “Come on old thing,” she urged. “It is time you had ’em off you know. We don’t want to leave it to the last minute, do we?”

Even then I couldn’t have done it without Carol’s support. She arranged for time off so she could look after the children, drove me to the clinic and was there when I booked in. She had to sign the authorization papers too. I was as nervous as hell about it and if she hadn’t been there I’d have fled.

As it was, the clinic people were very nice and reassuring. The Theatre Sister told me that more and more women were having their husbands done these days for compatibility reasons and simply because it was better for their husbands. It saved them all those difficult mood swings. “And it’s not as though you need them any more now that you have two children.” She assured me that I’d be better off for it and after a while I would never miss them.

It’s all very well for women to be so casual about castration. It doesn’t really affect them at all. I don’t care what anyone says: for a man having the balls off is quite a big step.

The Sister discussed the procedure and options with Carol and me. Because we were going to Mars the scrotum had to come off as well. Any males on Mars had to be easily identifiable as eunuchs so prosthetic testicles weren’t allowed. Carol decided I should keep my penis “for the time being” although for no extra charge I could have had a penectomy and a urethral re-route. A lot of wives preferred that for their husbands. When you had a penectomy that was definitely the end of sex, period. With a simple castration you could be fully erectile with hormone supplements. There was nothing against hormone supplements on Mars so that was the route that Carol and I agreed on. I think that she may just have been indulging me.

For the procedure they gave me a sedative which made me drowsy but I did overhear the Sister telling Carol to give me lots of reassurance until I’d properly adjusted to the new status. “They tend to be very insecure for a while afterwards,” she explained.

The actual procedure was no big deal. There was no pain at all but I was a bit sore for a few days afterwards while the cut healed. Carol collected me from the clinic after a two day stay-in for observation. I was healing up nicely and Carol was very good with the dressings and hygiene measures. She was particularly attentive and kind over that period. Even so I felt depressed at no longer having the ability to impregnate a woman. Not that I’d ever be unfaithful to Carol but its nice to know that you are a good boy because you choose to be rather than because you are unable to do anything else.

Doris, when she called round, had a look at my scar and asked me some questions. She was thinking of having her husband done too. There was no real reason for it, unlike with Carol and me. She just preferred him as a eunuch, so she said. I did feel a bit sorry for her husband. Women like Doris need to have a steady man for a life companion, to look after the house and to be someone to come home to. But if that guy is unable to meet her, shall we say ‘romantic’ needs, it is socially acceptable for her to have them met elsewhere. I suspected that Doris was just looking for a little variety in her life.

I cried when we packed up my home and sent all our goods off for auction. How I wish we could have stayed. But Doris was there and she drove us to the shuttle port.

It was only when we boarded the shuttle to take us up to orbit that it dawned on me what a huge life-changing project we were embarking on. Carol felt it too. She took my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Chin up old darling. The next few years are going to be an awfully great adventure. Look where we’re going.”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Second star on the right and straight on ’til morning.”

Carol laughed. “That’s the spirit.” Then she whispered into my ear “And I do love you so, my little eunuch.”

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