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“A Simple Procedure” by Katherine

Until about 2 years ago I knew little of castration but events certainly changed that. I am 41 and my husband is now 44. He is an associate professor at the local university here. One day, and totally by chance, my sister and I saw him having lunch with one of his graduate assistants. From their demeanor, and the fact that they were sitting next to each other in a booth, I realized this was more than a casual lunch.

For over a month I felt extremely depressed. My sister suggested seeing a therapist or confronting my husband but I felt myself paralyzed. Finally, however, I did see my doctor and confided in her. After listening to my situation she asked me if I would be content to have my husband be a eunuch. She explained that a simple procedure would make him uninterested in his “friend” in particular and sex in general. I hesitated at first but then realized it was a solution to my problem. I am not a very sexual woman and do love my husband and his companionship. I agreed.

About 2 weeks later Charles and I arrived for his “check-up”. I had told him Dr. Gold felt it was time to check him for his risk for prostate cancer and that she could lower that risk if necessary. After joining them in the consulting office I watched them go into her examining room. I felt relieved knowing Charles would no longer cheat on me.

Dr. Gold later told me of the procedure. She examined Charles and then told him she needed to further examine his genital area. She had him place his testicles and penis through an opening in a screen and then explained she was going to give him an ‘injection’ to facilitate the exam. It was a local anesthesia. Once he was numb she quickly cut open his scrotum and professionally removed his testicles. He had no idea that he was being castrated. After the procedure she told him he might be sore for a few days and suggested he stay home from work and let me tend to him. She also told him his risk level for prostate cancer was zero now.

I waited until we were home to tell Charles he was now a eunuch. At first he thought I was joking but when I told him I knew of his affair he realized the truth. He was too shocked to be angry. I told him I did not care that he had no testicles and that now we could be true friends and companions. He cried a bit but let me tend to his sore, and now empty, sac. His friendship with his graduate assistant ended almost immediately.

It has now been close to two years since my husband’s castration. We are very happy. Charles cannot become erect anymore and has no interest in any woman but me. His penis has become quite tiny (Dr. Gold did not tell me that) but I actually think he enjoys letting me see it. At night I stroke it and though it stays soft and so little I think he enjoys it. At times he happily satisfies me orally.

I hope other women will realize a simple procedure can make their husbands calmer and uninterested in straying. I am so happy to have my husband castrated and in many ways feel that day I saw him with the other woman was truly a blessing.

Thank you for reading my story.


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Yes I was castrated years ago by a bad accident at work no ball sack just a thing that hangs between my legs waste of time

I have always dreamed of being surgically emasculated as a toddler …. by wetting the bed on sheets of rubber wrapped in rubber panties …. question am I the only one?

I was castrated 10-29-11 and now my penis is very tiny and it is difficult to masturbate to orgasm but I do enjoy being a castrated Eunuch. as I live in a nudist resort and have had my groin tattooed to show all when I was castrated …10-29-11

How do you find someone? My prostate was removed 2years ago, I’m frustrated all the time, would be greatly to think about sex all the time it you could. Help I would appreciate

I feel with you, Dale. Already many years my cock didnt get hard enough for my wife and so it was a right salvation for me, when my dead nuts were knocked and pulled and cut out. I m a happy and proud eunuch now. You can reach a castration by killing your eggs with alc-injections. No pain but very exciting. After 8 times filling up they were hard, numb and dead…

I would have removed her eyes and cut her open and took her ovaries then divorced her!!! Cause I’d never of cheated on my wife if my wife did that too me she’d probably be tortured to death by my own two hands!!!!!!!

Isaac: Either you’re some kind of smart-Alec troll or you’re incapable of distinguishing fantasy from reality. Please don’t post any more of these ugly comments.

I was castrated 1. Dezembe last year after a ladder-qurash in summer and chronic inflammation of my eggs. At first i wished silikons in my sac, but in the hospital they werent available. And today i dont wont anything in my empty sac. Im proud as an old gelding (have made 4 childs long before) and mean, it is the highest male state. And in shower or saune i show proud my castration-scars and empty sac. What i never had thought before…..

Eggs can be transplanted from the donor. Operation is complex, but done. However, the potency during transplant is not always restored.

Testicular transplantation is possible. Moreover, it allows to refuse hormone replacement therapy. But the transplanted organ can produce the donor’s genetic offspring. Without the consent of the deceased, this would have created problems, which the medical team wanted to avoid from the beginning.
A testicular transplant would effectively make the deceased not only a donor of body parts, but also a donor of sperm.

if my wife did something like this to me i would end on the evening news and not for anything good either. i would end up doing life without parole. Like setting her on fire

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