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“Susan’s Pet” by Anonymous

Summary: Susan is a domme and he is her pet boy. Like a responsible pet owner, she had him fixed.

Susan had been my Dominatrix for a year. I agreed to be her pet boy, and I did everything she asked. Susan wanted me to become her gelding. So one Saturday we went to a medical facility run by some of Susan’s friends. They spoke with me and I told them that they should do whatever Susan said.

The doctor had me strip, examined me briefly, then had the nurse lead Susan and I to the operating room. The nurse had me lie on the table. Soon I was strapped down with my legs up, feet in stirrups, ready for the procedure. The nurse was a cute redhead, perhaps 25.

She positioned herself between my legs and said, “This will feel very cold at first!” She began swabbing my balls. She next swabbed my cock; the cold surprised me. I flinched. The nurse said “We have to make sure you don’t get excited, so I need to medicate that too!” As the cold gave way to numbness, my cock and sac shrank small and tight. The nurse took note of this and said, “Good! Now I can get started.” She applied shaving cream to my scrotum. She looked at me and cheerfully said, “So! Somebody’s getting fixed today!”

I replied, “Yes ma’am!” Susan had instructed me to address all females as “Ma’am”.

The nurse asked Susan, “Are you just neutering your pet boy, or will you turn him into a girl ?”

Susan replied, “The main reason we’re here is to get those nads off of him, but I also don’t want anyone mistaking my gelding for a full-fledged male. He’ll be feminized enough. Since I don’t want my gelding interested in females, the doctor has had me watching him closely. My boy tells me what kinds of women turn him on, what states of dress get his attention, what he fantasizes about – all that male stuff. We will use this as a baseline to see how well the neutering is working.”

The nurse continued to hold my shaving-cream covered sac while conversing with Susan. I could feel her handling my balls; only the skin was numb. I should have been getting hard, but I couldn’t. My cock was tightly shrunken and numbed by the anesthetic. She gently massaged and rolled my balls. It was a pleasant torture. I wondered if she was aware of what she was doing.

The nurse looked at me and said, bluntly, “How are you doing here? Am I doing this right?”

I didn’t know what to say. I hesitated. Susan said, “Answer the lady, sweetie! Does that feel good?”

I replied, “Oh. Yes, ma’am! That’s very good!”

The nurse stopped, then gave my cock a few tugs. “How are we doing here?” she asked.

“Numb” I said.

She then shaved my sac and cleaned me up. It seemed like she was taking her time and trying to handle my balls as much as possible. She prolonged the ‘torture’ as long as she could.

The doctor was a good looking blonde, probably not much older than the nurse.

She announced, “You’ll feel a slight jab”. I felt the needle go through the numbed skin and into the middle of my sack. Now my balls took their turn feeling cold as the doctor finished the task. The cold soon gave way to numbness. The doctor jostled my sac around. “Anything?” she asked.

There were only vague sensations. I said “No, ma’am, not much of anything.”

The doctor said, “Do you feel this?”

“No, Ma’am.” I replied.

Faintly, I could feel tugging at my sac. Sometimes I felt a soft pinch. Something was definitely going on down there, but I didn’t feel much. Was she injecting more anesthetic? Were they shaving more? I guessed that they were making sure the anesthetic really took hold. I continued to feel the doctor tooling around as she conversed with me.

She explained, ”Susan says you like girls a lot. She doesn’t want that and I agree with her. I want to make sure you understand that what I’m doing will make you forget about girls. When you go to the beach again, you won’t react to half naked women. They will no longer stand out sexually for you. Eventually, you won’t even remember what sexual feelings were like.”

I replied, “Yes, Ma’am. That’s what you’re supposed to do.” Susan wanted me neutered, therefore I would be. I needed to say no more.

Susan was standing near the doctor, watching everything. She said “My boy saw a lot of pretty girls on the beach yesterday, didn’t you dear?”

Yes, ma’am!” I said.

She continued, “Do you like your nurse, sweetheart? Did you enjoy her hands on your balls?”

Yes, ma’am!” I said.

Susan continued, ”Boy, be honest, did she arouse you?”

Yes ma’am”, I admitted.

Susan said in a firmer voice, “Boy, apologize to the lady!”

I told the nurse, “Ma’am, I’m sorry for getting aroused.”

The nurse replied, “Apology accepted!” She then displayed one of my balls. They had removed the first one.

Soon the second ball was removed and the doctor began stitching me up. The nurse put the ball in a specimen jar with its mate. The nurse topped off the preservative and sealed the jar. With a smile, she handed the jar to Susan, saying, “I believe these are yours!”

Susan returned the smile and accepted the jar, saying, “Yes they are, thanks!”

The doctor soon stitched me up. The nurse was standing beside me. She looked down and said “You’re going to feel a bee sting for a second.” I felt a jab in my bottom, but it didn’t bother me much. I was getting tired.

“What was it?” I asked.

The doctor replied, “Mostly estrogen, but with a few other things. It ensures effective neutering, and promotes female secondary characteristics. This will get you started, then you will see me once a month or so. You’ll also be taking some things at home.”

Susan looked down at me, smiled, and patted my shoulder. “Tits!” she said. “Some firm little “B” cups for my little gelding! I’m sure you’re going to like them, dear. You’ll get smoother, rounder, and no one will mistake you for a male.”

I must have fallen asleep. It was hours later. Susan and the nurse were helping me to stand up. I was groggy and the two women helped me dress. Instead of offering me my undershorts, they fitted me with some silky panties. The nurse noticed my bewilderment and explained, “the panties are less irritating to the incision.” Some full-length hose came next, “to improve circulation”.

They put me into a red skirt, cut above the knees. The doctor explained, “Pants would put pressure on the incision.”

Finally, Susan said, “Now, as my girly little gelding, I want you to be modest about your breasts. Here’s a little something for you.” She helped me into a delicate blouse, cut between the waist and breast line. It would have just covered my breasts, if I had any.

Very nice!“ said the doctor.

Susan seemed satisfied with the procedure and took her new gelding home.

Two months after my surgery the neutering had set in. I no longer had erections and my penis was getting smaller. Sure enough, when Susan took me to the beach, bikini clad females no longer drew special attention from me. Before I was fixed, good looking women caught my eye. Now they were just members of the crowd. This was fascinating to both Susan and myself.

Susan took me to the volley ball area where we watched an all-female game. Of course, Susan had taken me there before. There were always plenty of delicious women to feast the eyes on. Susan gave me some time to enjoy the view and then said, simply, “WelI?” I told Susan that the girls were not exciting me. I suggested that the teams had changed. Susan said, “Gelding, dear, in the past you were too busy looking at tits and ass to notice the faces. The girls are the same. The only thing that’s changed is you!”

Susan gave me what she now refers to as, “The Hot Tub Test”. Before I became Susan’s gelding, she would often invite her friends Liz and Connie to come over and use the hot tub with us. Sometimes we would just relax and converse; other times we played like kids, splashing each other and generally carrying on. Often the play became sexual to some degree. I couldn’t be in the tub with these three for very long without getting a throbbing hard-on and blue balls. One day Susan told her friends “go ahead and take care of him”. Liz and Connie were great, and the next time we got together in the tub, the anticipation of a possible fling intensified my desire. Susan allowed us to go at it on two other occasions, but usually Susan had me abstain. Of course, Susan wanted to see how badly I wanted her friends.

Several months after Susan had me fixed, Liz and Connie joined us in the hot tub once again. The girls were interested in seeing how Susan’s gelding was turning out. We were always nude in the tub, so it was easy for them to find out.

Liz said, “Your gelding is going to be a cute girl!”

Indeed, my breasts were coming in nicely and my figure was becoming very feminine.

Connie added, “I like the way he’s disappearing!” referring to my shrinking penis. Not only were erections a thing of the past, but my cock was one third of its former size.

Susan let more than half an hour go by and then asked me, “Do you need the girls to take care of you tonight?” After the question sank in, I suddenly realised that I did *not* need the girls to take care of me. I was having fun with the water, oblivious to the charms of Susan’s friends. The neutering had worked; I was definitely Susan’s gelding now.

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