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“Neutering The Pet” by Anonymous

We’ve decided on neutering for you,” Mistress Claire told her pet, smiling broadly as she did so. A lovely 36-year old blonde, she shared ownership of the slave with several girlfriends who, like her, were married and young mothers.

“Thank you, Mistress,” the slave answered obediently and almost in a whisper. He had hoped this moment would never come, but Claire had long ago made it clear that this treatment was necessary.

Actually, the women had decided on this a year earlier, using the time since to locate a female veterinarian and to intensify the slave’s Feminization and obedience training through ever longer and more extreme stays in dog kennels.

It was felt that these activities would speed the pet’s adjustment to the neutered state.

“Have you any questions?,” the Mistress asked in a gently feminine voice.

“Will you do it?” he asked.

“No, I’m afraid it’s beyond my skills, but I’ll assist the veterinarian if she’ll allow that. The procedure is complicated and best left in the hands of a professional. She’ll ensure that it is done safely and all but painlessly under local anesthesia.

“I’ll take you to the veterinarian tonight and after you’ve been neutered you will remain in her kennel overnight for observation. I’ll stay with her and, if all goes well, bring you back here tomorrow afternoon,” the Mistress said.

“It’s to be done tonight?” the slave asked in amazement.

“Yes, we’ll be leaving in a few minutes, actually,” the Mistress replied.

She had mercifully left her announcement to the last moment to spare her slave the anxiety that might have arisen from too long a period between the sentence and realization of castration.

The Mistress knew the slave would willingly, though perhaps not eagerly, accept her decision and so was confident in making the final arrangements.

“You will strip now,” the Mistress ordered.

The slave was only dressed in the normal “serving” attire of bra and panties and instantly removed these to stand naked before the Mistress.

She quickly locked the leather dog collar and three-foot chain leash around the pet’s neck and pulled the lead taut with her left hand. With her right, she lifted the Kali Chastity, a fearsome metal band with 120 internal spikes now secured by another padlock tightly around the slave’s penis.

He sucked in his breath in pain as she tested the security of the Kali, which was designed to punish erections or even “impure” thoughts or any other arousal in response to women. Even during the brief periods that the device was not in place, the slave could not sustain an erection so there was no chance of ever having sex with a woman. That was forbidden, anyway.

In contrast, submissive sex with men was viewed as “natural and proper” for the pet by Mistress Claire and her girlfriends, so the Kali was removed at such times to permit arousal that the slave was, in fact, embarrassed by.

The Mistress now ran her fingers gently over the slave’s balls, causing a pleasant sensation and helping to calm her pet.

Then she took an overnight bag with her things and a fresh bra and panty set for the slave and gently led her pet by the leash through the door to the garage. She opened the rear hatch of her sports utility vehicle and motioned for the slave, still naked, to climb in. A big woven wire dog pen was anchored there.

“Into the cage with you,” she ordered.

The slave was then harnessed within the cage for safety in case of short stops and the door of the pen was closed, but not locked shut.

“Rest now. It’s about a two hour drive to the vet’s country home where the procedure will be done. She’s waiting for us there,” the Mistress said. With that she placed a thin, white cotton hood over the cage.

This cover served to help keep the pet warm during the journey, to hide the pen’s contents from onlookers through the windows and prevent the slave from learning the location of the Surgical Mistress’ home.

The slave tried to rest during the trip as the Mistress had ordered, but his mind raced with thoughts of what would occur in just a few hours. While the pet accepted that both the neutering and the Mistress’ decision to order it were entirely proper, there was fear of the actual procedure.

Finally, the vehicle pulled to a stop at the destination and the Mistress removed the hood and opened the cage. She had honked the horn twice upon their arrival and the veterinarian now came out to greet them.

Stepping to the ground, the pet immediately assumed a position on all fours while Mistress Claire held the leash gently in her hands. The house appeared to be located on a farm in the country with no other buildings around, so the slave’s nakedness would not shock the neighbors.

The Surgical Mistress was an Irish lady of 26 with a cute turned up nose and model-like features. She had long black hair and wore a white silk blouse and short, black cotton skirt. Like the pet’s owners, she was happily married but had strong feelings for others of her sex.

“Welcome, Claire,” the woman said with a smile, “it’s so nice to see you again.”

“Yes, and I’ve brought a friend with me this time,” Claire answered.

“How lovely,” she replied, as if she had no idea why the pet was brought to her.

With that, the two women kissed in greeting, first on the lips and then more intimately. Claire was surprised at how forward the other lady was since she hardly knew her, but she was pleased that they would become much closer later that evening.

“Let’s go to the examining room,” the veterinarian said, leading the way there.

Now, turning to the pet, she said: “You’re to be neutered tonight. How do you feel about that?”

“I know it’s necessary, but I’m a little nervous,” came the response.

“Well, that’s natural, but there’s nothing to worry about. It will all be over before you know and afterward you’ll be calmer and even content in the service of women.”

Mistress Claire smiled in satisfaction at the words.

Picking up a riding whip, the Surgical Mistress tapped the Kali Chastity with its harsh spikes locked onto the penis. “Does it hurt?” she asked.

“Only during erections,” the slave responded.

“Well, you’ll soon be less troubled by those,” she said.

“Can the pet function with women?” the lady asked of Claire.

“I doubt it, but we don’t really know since we have not permitted sex with women in nearly 10 years and never will. The pet does suck ‘cock’ and receive it anally, if you’ll forgive the vulgarity,” the Mistress replied.

“How delightful,” the veterinarian said with a smile and then, turning to the slave, she asked: “Do you like taking it up the ass?”

“Yes, Mistress,” the slave was forced to answer, giving the only response permissible to such a question since it was seriously punishable to imply that sex with males was in any way objectionable. After all, the Mistresses had ruled that this was the only form of sexual activity appropriate for the pet.

“Once you’re fixed, sexual thoughts of women will be less prevalent and sex with men even more satisfying,” the Mistress said.

The next 15 minutes were spent getting a medical history, doing a basic physical and checking for any allergies to antibiotics or various anesthesia drugs.

Finally, the veterinarian said “I’m afraid the Kali band must be removed for the procedure and remain off for a few days after.”

Claire then unlocked and removed the device, placing it into her pocketbook.

“Would you like to watch the procedure?” the woman asked.

“Of course I’d love that if it would not trouble you.”

“Not at all. You’ll simply have to wear a mask and surgical scrubs as I do for sanitary purposes.”

“That will be fine. Thank you.”

“I must now ask you formally. Do you accept neutering?,” the lady inquired.

Once the Mistresses had issued the neutering sentence, the slave could not escape it unless they changed their minds. However, declining the procedure could bring a delay of one month at a time with automatic rescheduling until it finally was accomplished. This option was not explained to the slave since immediate agreement was fully expected and obtained.

“Yes, Mistress,” the slave responded, faintly.

“Very well. Let’s proceed,” she said, motioning for Mistress Claire and her pet to follow her into the operating room. The lady now removed her blouse and skirt, preparatory to donning her surgical clothes, and she pulled down her panties.

“You may kiss my sex now in thanks,” she said.

“Thank you, Mistress,” the slave responded, bringing lips tentatively to her pubic mound and then, fearfully, to her outer labia.

The act highlighted the superiority of the female’s sex since the genitals of the lady surgeon and the Mistress would remain intact while those of the slave would shortly be sacrificed for the pleasure of women.

Mistress Claire then presented her own sex to be similarly kissed in respect, spreading her legs slightly so that her nether lips were partially open.

The slave noticed in kissing her that her pubic mound was damp, betraying her sexual excitement at the prospect of the pet’s castration at her command.

The Mistress herself noticed the slave’s mild erection at the sight of two lovely young women and their pubic mounds. She smiled, but grabbed the balls and squeezed painfully to punish her slave’s improper behavior.

“I’ll miss these,” she said, “but not as much as you will.”

“Actually, you’ll still have them to play with,” the Surgical Mistress said, casting a knowing smile to Mistress Claire. The slave did not quite understand the meaning of this, but it would become clear shortly.

With that, she gave the leash a gentle tug and urged the pet onto the operating table. It was lightly padded and covered with white plastic, a new sanitary sheet. Hands were secured with leather straps to the sides, the middle was similarly immobilized and the ankles restrained at the base of the table.

A white cotton screen was then moved into place at the level of the pet’s chest, blocking the view of the surgical field.

“You’ll be more comfortable not seeing the action, but I’ll describe the procedure at various points,” the veterinarian explained.

The two women then left the room briefly to wash thoroughly and put on their surgical gowns, gloves and masks to ensure sanitary conditions.

“I’m going to shave your balls first and then apply antiseptic to the area. Hold very still as I work with the razor. We don’t want any accidents,” the Surgical Mistress said, quite seriously.

Of course she quickly realized the humor of her words as she saw Claire’s smile. Nicking the scrotum with the blade would be of no consequence since it was about to be slit open and its contents removed.

“I’m going to inject the anesthetic now,” the Mistress said.

“You’ll feel a brief sting and then a burning sensation as it circulates through the scrotum. Once the area is numbed, I’ll inject the balls themselves with a more powerful anesthetic and the preservative solution.”

She smiled at Mistress Claire and had not intended to detail the purposes of this special solution. However, the pet’s owner asked “Won’t you tell us more about the preservative?”

“Yes, Mistress. Of course. The solution has three tasks. First, of course, it’s an anesthetic. However, the bulk of it will preserve the balls since your Mistress wishes to display these to her girlfriends in a jar. The preservative must be injected while they are still within the body for complete circulation. Once they’re in the jar, they will appear forever just as they did upon removal.”

“One side effect of the preservative is that it destroys the function of the testes, so you’ll be chemically castrated even if your Mistress decides not to proceed with surgical removal of your balls.”

“There’s no chance of that,” Claire assured her.

“Very well. Let’s begin.” With that, she gave the first of several injections to numb the scrotal sac.

After a few minutes, the anesthetic took effect and the Mistress announced: “I’ll now inject the preservative into the balls. We’ll then wait 10 minutes until you’re fully numb and chemical castration is complete. After that, I’ll begin the formal neutering procedure.”

With that, she made several injections into first the right ball and then the left. There was an immediate burning sensation, but no pain.

“How does it feel?” the Surgical Mistress asked.

“It burns a bit,” the slave answered.

“That’s natural and to be expected. It will quickly subside once the preservative has fully circulated and the chemical neutering is complete.”

The Mistresses then made small talk as they waited for the anesthetic and preservative to take full effect.

Finally, the Surgical Mistress announced: “I’m happy to report that you’ve been neutered. Ordinarily, chemical castration is at least theoretically reversible, but given the action of the preservative, that does not apply in your case.”

“I mention this only in passing since you are to be neutered in traditional fashion anyway in just a few moments,” she continued.

The slave felt pinches and mild pressure as the Surgical Mistress worked, re-injecting more anesthetic at points as she did so. Finally, a two-inch incision was made at the base of the sac and the right ball and its tubule connections were brought out for surgery.

“I’ve exposed the right testicle now. Do you feel any pain?” she asked.

“No, Mistress,” the slave answered.

The veterinarian now began the procedure in earnest as Mistress Claire looked on in pride and amazement. The Surgical Mistress described only the highlights of the operation to the subject, not wishing to cause undue concern.

The surgery, which took 1-1/2 hours, was far more complex than Claire had imagined. However, she was grateful that the woman she had selected to neuter her pet worked so carefully and methodically, with comfort and safety foremost in her mind.

First, the right testicle was squeezed out through the incision, still attached by vessels and tubes at the base and a ligament that had to be broken down to exteriorize the ball completely. The fat around the spermatic cord was then carefully scraped with the scalpel to allow for tying off and suturing.

Next, the spermatic cord was clamped and sutured both above and below the pinched off portion to prevent bleeding when the cord was cut. Finally, the cord was severed and the first testicle fully removed. The end of the cord was then checked for bleeding and, when the Mistress was satisfied all was well, it was released back into the scrotal sac.

The process was then repeated on the other testicle and the sac sutured.

The neutering concluded, the Mistress released the slave from the table and Claire handed him a pair of white cotton panties to wear for the night.

She then led the slave down the stairs to the basement dog kennel and opened one of the cages. “Get in. We’ll come for you in the morning so the veterinarian can check that everything is all right. Then we’ll go home.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” the slave said to Claire, and then, turning toward the other lady, said, “Thank you as well.”

“It was my pleasure,” she answered. “Rest now. You must be tired. I’ll check you tomorrow for signs of swelling or infection, but I don’t expect any problems. It all went very well. I’m sure this is something you’ve secretly longed for. You should be grateful to your Mistresses for giving you your wish.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the slave replied, again giving the only response allowed but not entirely certain that the Mistress was wrong in her assumption.

As the slave rested in the cage, feeling mild twinges and “phantom” pain in the balls that now resided in a new home, the two women spent the night in each other’s passionate embrace. Their ardor was fueled by basic Lesbian attraction and sexual excitement heightened by the pet’s neutering.

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