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Letters to Mistress Sandy from Dominant Mystique magazine

Summary: Many women count on Mistress Sandy’s sound advice on how to handle their submissive male slaves. Mistress Sandy seems to think that it’s generally a pretty good idea to have your slave castrated.

Dear Sandy,

In a recent letter to you, Mistress Pat said she would like to castrate her slave and asked for information. I am replying because I castrated my slave five years ago. I can tell you eunuchs do indeed make the best slaves. I am 42 years old, my slave is 47. I love him in my own special way, but the real reason I married him twelve years ago was to make him a slave. He is my second husband and my third slave. I suppose Mistress Pat wonders about sex. When I want intercourse, I strap a hollow dildo over my slave’s cock. Then I can fuck him for hours without having him spoil my fun by coming too soon, or not being ready when I want more. But I love cunnilingus more. I taught him the fine points of eating pussy, which is really an art. I trained him so well that he got to loving it, maybe because I often rubbed his cock until he came while I was still coming. Sort of a Pavlovian conditioned response.

I taught him to develop a high tolerance for pain. Sometimes I actually come just from making him suffer. His money, which of course is all mine, along with all that lovely money my first husband left me, was enough for me to make him quit work and be a 24-hour slave. This took quite a bit of doing, but his whole attitude cried out for it. He is totally submissive by nature, as I believe most males are, if handled properly by a dominant woman. I won’t try to describe his months of training, but I am proud of the job I did turning him into a true slave. The only thing I didn’t do was brown showers, which I think degrade a Mistress more than the slave. Eventually, I allowed him to come only if his face was in my pussy. I didn’t want him squirting that gook inside me.

Well, let’s get to the point. He began to get pushy about wanting sex, and I got tired of being responsible for his orgasms. I began to resent them. I decided to castrate him. He screamed bloody murder when I told him I was going to cut off his balls, but I could easily tell that secretly he was fascinated. My cunt used to drip just from thinking about such incredible power over a human being, assuming slaves are human, which is quite an assumption.

Here is what finally happened. I took him to a clinic in Mexicali I had heard about, but they refused to castrate him. They said there was no medical reason for it. My story was that he had testicular cancer and was told castration would ease the pain, but they didn’t believe me and still said no. Finally, I was able to talk with the lady in charge. I told her the truth. I showed her his brand, his “slave” tattoos and his cock and nipple rings. I had ordered slave to tell her how much he wanted this operation, and he begged for it. She finally agreed that with a doctor’s certificate stating slave had terminal cancer, she would do it. We went home and arranged for a forged letter, which made it all legal. That, and five thousand American dollars.

They removed his scrotum along with his testicles. There is no real change in his voice. He gets a fairly decent erection once in a while, but it doesn’t last and leads to nothing. There may be little less growth of facial hair. I don’t know about his body hair because it has all been shaved for years. He gained a little weight, but he has not developed breasts or curves because that requires female hormones. I thought about giving him those, but I think I prefer him this way. It’s fun to play with his useless cock as it dangles there all by itself. Sometimes I suck it just for the hell of it. I can no longer whip his balls, but I can still torture his cock. Even today, I still get excited by rubbing the scar between his legs where his balls used to hang, and relish the awesome power I have over him, power which made him not only willing, but eager to sacrifice his manhood for me. This power over inferior males is what makes us Superior Women tick, isn’t it, Sandy?

I must tell you, this is probably the most satisfying thing I have ever done as a Mistress. I no longer have to be concerned with his orgasms, but he can fuck for hours to give me mine. He seems to be happy as long as I let him eat my pussy, which I make him do almost every day.

I certainly am not crusading for wholesale castration of slaves. To qualify for castration, I believe a slave should live for at least two years as a full-time slave. He must accept wholeheartedly the fact that he and his whole body, including his balls, belong to his Mistress. I ordered slave to write his comments. I gave him my word that he could say anything he wanted without punishment. His feelings are of very little concern to me, because frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. He is only a slave.

SLAVE’S COMMENTS: Most people would be surprised that I am happy as a eunuch, probably happier than my Mistress realizes. All my life my cock got me in lots of trouble. In a way that’s hard to explain not having balls is a kind of relief. It eliminates many terrible days and nights of sexual frustration. Naturally, I still think of the “good old days” of sticking my cock in a woman and pumping my brains out, but as I look back, it was such a temporary blast that I don’t see why I ever thought it was such a big deal. Even when I had balls, there was nothing as wonderful as the delicious taste of her feminine juices and her golden nectar, and I still have that. Losing my taste buds would be a lot worse than losing my balls.

My Mistress is the most wonderful woman who ever lived. Being a slave is the best thing that ever happened to me. I had no idea I was submissive, but I love her with all my heart for seeing this in me. I am needed, wanted, cherished and loved in a way ordinary males can’t begin to imagine. She expands my universe far beyond its limited horizons. Others could never understand the great emotional fulfillment I get from living only to serve my Mistress, to suffer for her and to give pleasure. I think you have to be a real slave or a real Mistress to understand this. Most people write us off as perverted or crazy, or both. They just don’t know how wonderful it is to be loved and owned.


Mistress Carol

Dear Mistress Carol,

Power is what makes the world go round, and if it happens to be in our hands (as it rightfully should be) – all the better. I would love to see pictures of his ball-less and hairless body. If you don’t want to show his slavish puss, just send photos of his crotch. What a turn-on it must be for you!! I envy you.



Dear Sandy,

Recently I have read several articles by dominant women who show an interest in having their male slaves castrated. After owning several slaves, I would like to give my reasons for keeping my slave’s balls intact.

Firstly, a male’s cock is his most prized possession. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching the look on my slave a face, when either my girlfriends or I make fun of his hard-on. After two years of being laughed at and hearing how small it is, he is now embarrassed to take it out of his pretty panties. I like to make him kneel at the foot of my bed while I use a vibrator to satisfy myself. He must then say how sorry he is for not being able to satisfy me.

Secondly, I have a very good job and don’t need my slave to support me. I do however enjoy the extra money I make by renting my slave to other women. He cleans a woman’s beauty parlor once a week, and the homes of several other women. He is also rented out to private female parties. Several women pay me to have my slave serve them orally. After talking to my clients, I know I would lose most of this income if he was a eunuch.

Thirdly, there is no better way to punish a slave than by inflicting pain on his genitals. There are many clamps, weights and other devices especially designed to torture a man’s genitals. I enjoy chaining my slave to my X-frame and covering his cock and balls with twenty or more clothespins. The look in his eyes and his pleading for mercy tell me he is in real pain. Same slaves will disobey their owner on purpose because they enjoy being whipped but not too many will displease their owners if they know their precious balls will be hit with a crop or penis whip.

Finally, when you train a new puppy, it must be rewarded at appropriate times. Training a slave is no different. Giving a slave permission to jerk off is the reward he will want most. He will work very hard to please you if he knows sexual relief might be his reward. If he has earned it, my slave is allowed to masturbate once a week, usually on Saturday night. He must kneel and beg for permission to cum. One of my girlfriends is normally present to add to his humiliation. When given permission, he must cum on a mirror which is on the floor in front of him. He then must lick the mirror clean, forcing him to humiliate himself. I believe without the urge to have sexual relief, a slave would be difficult to train. While I have never owned a eunuch, I think the best slaves are the ones with their balls intact.

Thanks for the useful publication.


Mistress Martha

Dear Mistress Martha,

You, too, have a point, however, not all pleasure is derived from orgasms. The satisfaction a eunuch can derive in his brain from the pleasure he gives his Mistress can, in fact, supersede any momentary gratification he gets from an orgasm. It is my belief that over the long run, emotional happiness from giving the one you love pleasure, is far superior to any other, and can be strived for just as much as one would strive for physical release.



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I like both side if a mistress let’s a slave put his cock inside of her once or twice a year for a few seconds he’ll never forget what he’s missing but if he never gets to feel her he’ll get okay with it where’s the fun in that.

Absolutely right, but never, never, let him come, it spoils the entire purpose. It has been seven years like this and although at times I feel like I cannot take it any more she is right and I know she is right to do it.

Unfortunately, this fiction will very soon become a reality. Women very quickly and confidently capture superiority in all spheres of public life. And especially in sex. Now they are precisely dictate men the rules of behavior in bed. The satisfaction of the sexual interests of the woman is the main and the only one advantage of a man, without looking at his personal satisfaction and desires.

I totally agree 100% with Mistress Sandy and Mistress Carol. In order to
have the best and most obedient slaves they need to be castrated. My dream come true would have been for a beautiful Mistress to have me
castrated. Whenever i would mention this to any of them they just thought i was joking. I wish there was a law where every dominate woman could have a castrated slave. [ text deleted ]

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